Would you rather have an 18-year-old girl who’s taken 100 cox, or a 40-year old who’s taken 10 cox? Actually, probably the 18-year-old, because Youth Does Trump All. NO, we’re NOT talking Love And Marriage here.

18-yo big wh0re vs 40 yo unfathomable wh0re, of COURSE you take the 18yo.

It’s a 1/x graph, that’s my new metaphor. Wimminz (Longterm/Commitment) Worth as a function of How Manny Cox they’ve taken. X = c0X.  As you can see, those first two cox are KILLER, then after that, a 5-coq wh0re is a 10-coq wh0re is a 500-coq wh0re. Next time you feel ambivalent about A Special Wimminz, remember the 1/x graph.

MAYBE EVEN 1/(X^2) !!!!

(or, if you’re feeling like a Beta Niceguy Friend, 1/(.5 * X) . Then the graph expands/stretches upward&outward to give higher values for more c0x.  But don’t be That Guy. Don’t be a Faggy Friend Virgin who puts the P on an Overvalued Pedestal! that’s the green graph. can’t remem what the other ones are. red is 1 / (2 * x).  blue 1/x ; purple 1/(x^2))

Gonna stop being so White Knighty. Now the gloves are off! I will call a pig a pig! If some slut shames YOU, you shame her right back! If some slut doesn’t have ENOUGH shame, you ADD shame! NO, you should NEVER Stalk or do Violence against people, but you SHOULD send copies of Compromising Pictures to her FAMILY, FRIENDS, and CAREEEEEERZ! That’s the COST of being a Decadent Wh0re!

You can be Angry and never use violence. You can even be a LITTLE bit HATEFUL and never use violence. (I would describe it as intense contempt/disrespect/judgment. But not so overwhelming that you get out-of-control angry/emotional.)

Observe Wimminz. It will become immediately, increasingly obvious that, in their “Morality”, ANGER and HATE are the WORST possible things (Creepy!), while VIOLENCE is WAY less worse and can ALWAYS be Hamstered Away. (Unless it’s Violence against Nonwhites, notice.)

I don’t have ANY problem with Jewz (or Blax or Wimminz or Mexicans or Hondurans or Laotians or Cambodians or Chinamen or Albanians or Turks or Arabs or Berbers or Pygmoids) AS INDIVIDUALS, it’s only on a GROUP basis that I might have any Beef with the AVERAGE GROUP. But meeting people one-on-one, I don’t care WHAT they are. UNLESS that Individual begins Reverting To The Mean.

It’s ENTIRELY possible that I would like an Individual Jew or Wimminz more than an Individual WHITE MAN! (I just can’t give many RECENT examples, hahahahahahahahahahaha!)

This is what I mean by being a LITTLE Racist and not a BIG Racist.

Melodic Death Metal, not to be confused with MELODETH. Garden of Shadows, possibly Arghoslent? This Garden of Shadows (“Oracle Moon”) sounds immediately pretty t!ts and not faggy at all like that screamy skinnyjeaned melodeth. Talking about Chill Longhair guys that play True Metal that is heavy, epic, beautiful. Much more likely to be over age 30 than under. Maybe even 40. That’s what I’m talking about.

My moral code is very basic: 3 Commandments at the most (FOR MY HEIRS)

1. Don’t be violent (unless self-defense.)

2. Don’t be a lying stealing dishonest j00ing dishonest fake hypocrite phony.

3. Don’t be faggy. (Obv lotsa overlap with 2.)

and if you’re a little bit lazy, oh well, as long as you’re not one of THOSE three. There’s much worse things to be than lazy.

Somewhat want a return to the Old Days where you DID have Smart people in Unsmart Jobs. Then you wouldn’t have to PROVE you’re Smart but going to Zoggige and Getting a Smartguy Job, and you wouldn’t get contempt from the smarts above you and resentment from the Dumbs next to you. Because there’d be Smarts all over, including some next to you. Yes, I know I’m all against integration and mixing and attempts at homogenization, but regarding Smarts might be my big exception: IMHO, (race-segregated, hahaha) societies CAN benefit from Mixing Smarts with Dumbs. IMHO. Although this is not one of my strongest IMHOs.

Are there “Moderate Muslims” who are not Bloodthirsty Violent Jihadists determined to violenty seize power of their nations and then attempt to violently defeat Israel and the US? Are there Jewz who are not Zog? Sure! But seriously folks, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of these “Moderate Muslims.” Why don’t THEY try to seize power and become Anti-Zog Friends to the US?

Is Poker Zog? What about Vidya Games? Blogging? Zog Blog?

Definitely Fagcebook. Zog IS Faggotry.

The Zoggification Of The Family.

When I had the pleasure and privilege of seeing AC in 2007ish and dear old Seth Putnam was still with us, he’d taken to using the term “jewish faggots” multiple times during the show as he was getting Waested As f00k. This is classic nomenclature which I will also be using, and I have a new one: “faggot c0cksuckers”. Anselmo was much more coherent than in his Drug Dayz, in that he was speaking full sentences at a normal speed in normal fluctuating tones of voice like a normal person, but he still has a filthy mouth and talks like a white prison n!ggur, using the word “c0cksucker” several times for absolutely no reason.  So I decided to bring that word back too.  jewish faggot c0cksuckerz.

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