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Went to do a Market Research Survey for Pay, I get these once in a while (not enough!). This was interesting because I had to go to the more affluent side of town. Started pinpointing the Outer Limits of Where Jewish People live as I drove the 40 miles or so. 50 years ago they used to live here, until eventually the blacks moved in, then they moved even further in XY direction. Jews may love blacks but they don’t love LIVING with them!

But moreso it was a geographic demonstration of Cognitive Elites and Bigboy Jobs, and obv a little bit of ZOG dashed in as I just described. This is where people with Good Educations and Good Careers Work and Live. Definitely the Top 20%, if you will. Raising their families, perpetuating the cycle of Elite Education and Careerism. (And ZOG, hahaha.) I drove into a more rural outskirt of this “Belmont” to use Charles Murray’s term hahaha and while there were some farms, there were more Housing Developments with RIDICULOUSLY HUGE MANSIONS, not sure if they were McMansions; but HUUUUGE f00king houses on HUUUUGE pieces of land. Houses big enough to house at least 200 hondurans or albanians or blacks or poor white trash. I thought about the Elite Families who lived there: the husbands and wives and x-husbands and x-wives and the educationz and the careers and the children and the boys and girls and teens going off to college, c0q carousel, internships, careers, friends of the family, etc.

I came to the site, a large, well-known Fortune 50 company. A security guard (subcontractor) watched the desk, to get into the proper work area you had to have proper ID. Engineers and Business People, all with Grad Degrees in the field. Everyone under-30 were Asian-Americans certainly with Engineering degrees from elite universities, everyone was making BIG Monay, except for the security subcontractors of course, but they seemed cheerful and chill and were probably doing OKAY at least. (Just pointing out that they certainly did not have LEET DEGREES like the ASIAN ENGINEERS.) And there was little old underachieving lazy loser me doing the market research study because it paid roughly $30 an hour, hell yes I’m gonna do it if the opportunity arises!

I should have Approached one of the under-30 Asians and asked them about their Educations and Internships. Was called in by a 45-year old white guy. Didn’t know if he was Engineering or Marketing, but I assumed Marketing. Real nice guy, SLIGHTLY beta, didn’t seem Scumbag Alpha enough to be Business, but who knows. Forgot to look for a wedding ring. But he mentioned a “brother-in-law” so I assumed he was married. Guys with Bigboy Careers at this company don’t have a lot of trouble Pulling Wives, probably not even the Gameless Asians! (Not that the Wives they’re pulling are not Gold-Diggers, but they can usually get at least a couple heirs out of them…)

Nice guy. Breezed through the study in about 1 hour, got $75. Nice. He mentioned how his BS was Industrial Engineering at a….2.5-Tier Tech University. Not MIT but not so crappy you couldn’t get a GREAT job. “Wow, Nice, pretty hot degree innit” I complimented him. He said there was not a lot of on-campus recruitment for industrial engineers so he went to work in CONCRETE for “8 bucks an hour.” A winter doing that persuaded him to go back to school. He managed to get a Big Company to pay for his schooling for a Masters in STATISTICS at a Univ slightly less prestigious than his undergrad. After that, he was pretty well set. I wanted to ask him for a Resume but chickened out. This little chat got me from the office to the door, and rather than pump him for more Career/Education advice like I should have (I should really be SHADOWING Career Professionals at least Once A Week while I am Underemployed), I thanked him with a firm manly handshake and left, already getting crabby about the drive, as I REALLLLY do not like driving.

I did ask him where he was from, he said from the same general area as myself. Upper Vaisya, no j00z, however at his time it was more upper vaisya, and since then, it has become noticeably lowered due to un-pre-educated immigrants and general Hard Times. Will still take another good 20 years to get totally ruined by blacks though, hahahaha.

He mentioned his brother-in-law who was On The Assembly Line, great lazy loser work if you can get it, but obv that golden goose is long gone. He was “too smart for the line” so he took his buyout money and knocked out a BS in Computer Science at age 42. “It’s never too late!” I affirmed. Now it sounded like he was using the degree in a Good Job with a Good Company. “Good for him!” I said. And I don’t think the guy went to an ELITE University either. “Like a 40 year old Union Shop Rat taking a Buyout can go to a Leet Univ anyway!” laugh the Brahmin ZOG Elites, even though they are supposed to be anti-classist.

Good jobs. Hope these guys have good wives and not total Scumbag Housewives C00nts taking them to the CLEANERS. Raeping them up the 4ss without even the courtesy of a REACHAROUND (was that “Full Metal Jacket”? Prob be using the 4ssraep/Reacharound nomenclature for the next month, hahaha)

Anyway. Not sure if the surrounding gayborhood of Leet Rich Jews and GoodJobbers was technically “Brahmin” according to Moldbug’s definition, but if MY hood is “upper vaisya” as I’ve been saying, then yeah it WOULD be brahmin. That, or my hood is really Lower Vaisya qua moldbug.

A way I like to look at it: Is the land value / home value / real estate value trending UP or DOWN over the next 30 years or long-term or the rest of your foreseeable life? Are Good Careerists willing to move in and school their children in the schools and live there for 30 years? Or do they know right off the bat they would want to Hyperg to somewhere Better?

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