“Asian Sunshine Girls” (tm Ryu). Mojo likes Asian Girls. I think Koanic Soul likes Asian Girls and was in a longterm rel with one. John Derbyshire is MARRIED for 20 years to an Asian Girl. In “Platform” Houellebecq goes out of his way to show how Asian Girls are way better than Western wimminz. The whores are better looking and more fun & the nonwhores (what nonwhores, hahahaha) are delicate and feminine and PURE and NICE and low-number; etc etc. I suppose I understand, but Asian Girls could NEVER do it for me the way White Girls can. Maybe that’s my loss. Heh. Maybe NAAGALT. And some are just wagebots stealing yr kidz jobz!

The good news is, many young men are Taking The Red Pill at an age MUCH younger than I did. Men in their late teens, early twenties, even young men still in HIGH SKOOL. This is great. At the very least, finding out your Old Worldview was Wrong, and then Forming a new one can take up quite a few valuable moneymaking years during your twenties, when Ideally, you’d have your Solid Adult Worldview by Age 18, because that’s when you become an Adult. None of this Adultolescent AdultKidz (tm FP) stuff. Yes I am one, but I don’t LIKE it! If it’s not ZOG, it’s at least Marxist as hell! (I might start using “ZOG” less and “Marxist” more, simply because “Marxist” might be more effective in Persuading people who are on the fence, but think “ZOG” sounds too “scary.” If you think I’m Selling Out then, maybe you’re right. I just wanna TRY IT OUT. It’s not like a c0ck ravaging my 4ss that I can never take back!)

I UNDERSTAND that Females “Develop Quickly”, because they have such a brief window of peakness, which comes SO early. I just don’t agree with the concept of the Slut PHASE, or all these marxist “PHASES” “Normal Kidz” Must Go Through. For argument’s sake: by the time the Girl is 13 she’s Starting Out with Heterosexuality which usually takes the form of a Full-Blown Monogamous Exclusive Long-Term Relationship with their First Schoolgirl Crush. Nothing Wrong with that, in fact, I’d say THIS is the ideal. If more girls got MARRIED to these boys even at age 13 – YES! EVEN AT AGE THIRTEEN! –  the world would be a better place.

But then they HAVE to go to Kollige to work on their Careeeeeerz and they decide to be serious about THAT but to have Fun Experimenting and Meeting other people for the NEXT FIFTEEN YEARS, Blowing RIGHT through their Actual Peak; becoming less and less of a good longterm mate with every single c0ck they take; becoming less loving and relationship-worthy. Wimminz should NEVER have S outside of a committed, longterm, monogamous Rel. NO EXCEPTIONS. Otherwise they’re a WOMB JUDAS. UTERUS JUDAS. JUDAS UTERUS. Selling out the very essence of WHO and WHAT they are. Birth Control has NOTHING to do with it; HAVING a UTERUS has EVERYTHING to do with it.

Use your BRAINS; stop THINKING with the RIVER OF TOXIC WASTE that has become your Cvnt!

(Damn, I need to get rejected by Nawaltz more often, this is some INCENDIARY Blawgggggggging, hahahaha. Nawaltz, take a number and queue up, I know there’s a lot of You!)

NO, B!tch, I’m not “BITTER.” I sometimes have a slightly bitter MOOD sometimes; AND I would much rather be a full-blown 100% Bitterman than to be a Decadent, Stupid, Filthy, Venal, Horrible, Disgusting Womb-Judas! Jesvs Chr!st!!!

I absolutely encourage all bloggers to Grecycle(FP) “Womb Judas” or “Judas Uterus” or “Uterus Judas” and really make that go viral; if you’re a Real Niceguy(tm) you can “cite” it with a little (tm BKC) next to it, hahahaha.

When Men get Rejected, it builds character and strength; when Wimminz get rejected, they go on an even bigger-than-normal c0k BENDER and it destroys their soul and character and mate val. BIG Difference. Men turn to their Harem for Physical Relief; Wimminz BECOME PART of A Harem. Not good for them!

Engineerz can’t get jobs because they can’t communicate their ideas/work. COME ON. Something is REAL fishy there. Silk Purse Outta A Sow’s Ear (FP). Are they Too Spergy to get jobs? You can communicate a Technical Idea perfectly fine and still be a Sperg. Are they trying to Dumb Down the ideas to get money from Dumb Rich Investors? Where’s all these Dumb Rich people so I can gettajob from THEM.

Say most Smart Career-Worshipping Tryhards DO realize Kollige is a Scam. But they realize there’s NO OTHER WAY to become a doctor or a lawyer or a pharmacist or an engineer or even a teacher or businessman. Trade School is simply not an option if you want one of those jobs. There IS NO WAY to Scam The Scammers, in other words.

Unless you can successfully falsify Entire Educations and getawaywithit! Again I Wonder about what really goes on in Background Checks. Never did one. Probably had them done on me. But how could you permanently alter that to say you went to Harvard? To Clear a Felony off your Record? It seems that if it were possible, people would have done it. It’s not EASY like an immigrant buying a fake passport/citizenship, hahahaha.

Mindweapons, baby, mindweapons. It’s not just a smart blogger.

Not sure if I am a melonhead or a thal; my body/skeleton/skull doesn’t seem very thal but my brain sure as f00k is.

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