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Not dumb enough to name the place or date or city or state the concert was in! might be 1000 wds just on this. Great, grand old time. Was disappointed about missing recent Moonsorrow/FinnishFolkMetalFest & hadn’t been to Metal Show in years. Full Disclosure: I’ve been huge DOWN fan since I was a Terrible Teen S’ing Anselmo’s D in Pantera. Release of DOWN II album in 2002 was a huge milestone in my Adolescent Life. By that time Down had surpassed Pantera in my mind, more in my (synonym for “wheelhouse.”) Prob had to do w me also being big fan of the New Orleans / Lousiana metal bands as well: Crowbar, Eyehategod, Acid Bath, Goatwhore, Soilent Green, who remembers the underrated Floodgate? I enjoyed the Pepper Keenan-fronted Corrosion of Conformity a lot. So Down was the best supergroup ever IMHO. Plus I was huge on Black Sabbath and Stoner Doom and Sleep and such. Never thought they would release a second album, so Down 2 was celebration. Saw them a total of 3 times over about 2002-2004. Firmly ensconced in my pantheon and will never be taken out, no matter how many crappy albums they crap out.

Because they’re NO FAKE. Couldn’t be PHONY if they tried. This was reaffirmed by this 2012 performance. If anything, they’ve gained more Magic for me because they’re healthier re drugs and alcohol. Older but more mellow. Kirk was drinking beer which slightly disappointed me because I thought he had quit because he was drinking too much, but he seemed to be drinking in moderation. Anselmo was drinking beers as well during the opening bands. Bottom line is, none of the members seemed visibly intoxicated and therefore seem to have gained the skill of drinking in moderation, for which I applaud them. Of course they prob don’t smoke “down” in moderation, but that’s ok. And I sincerely hope Jimmy Bower no longer does The Hard Stuff, but he didn’t seem like it. He was having a great time and giving off very positive Bower Power vibes.

I wouldn’t have minded just staring at Jimmy Bower all night. My love for him has only grown deeper throughout the years. The common first impression is “he keeps a beat, but nothing special”. And indeed his set is tiny as f00k. Spartan. Maybe you need to actually see him playing, and after that, you NEVER get that image out of your mind when listening to the music after. He is tremendous and is prob the Down Member I gush most loving over. I tease Anselmo for his tuff-guy attitude. Not to say Kirk and Pepper are chopped liver. Heck I used to have a huge mancrush on Pepper when I was in my COC phase and thought he was the most soulful heartfelt singer ever. I like Kirk because he is bald and chubby and short but now he has a magnificent long gray beard, he’s like father time to me, old and wise and chill but you really have to look at his stoneface to see it. It’s almost more about the MEN than the music; I appreciate each of the guys in their own special way; they each communicate their nonphonyness. I suggest you start with Bower because it’s most obvious with him moving his limbs around and making funny faces and howling with laughter and kinda like Animal the Muppet Drummer. (I’ve always wanted to Be A Drummer, and once I finally get my drum kit I swore that a couple of my biggest Personal Drum Influences would be Jimmy Bower and Varg Vikernes.) He makes playing drumz look like THE funnest thing in the world, better than having a 9000-way with 18-year-old virgins & your body covered in Fentanyl patches. If Jimmy Bower doesn’t make you want to play drums, nothing will. (IMHO.) But all the other members keep it real in their own ways too.

When I was a Teen I would idolize them like Godz, but now I see them as Real Men like you or me; men with families and children and parents and fears and worries & problems etc. Looking closely at their eyes and faces and seeing Good, Honest Men, who have certainly had their struggles and who have certainly gotten visibly Old, but with that age also came Peace and Happiness and Wisdom and Maturity and Self-Control. Very inspiring. It doesn’t even MATTER that I can’t remember any of the songs on Down III and IV, or that Down I is 9000X times better than Down II. (And in all fairness, 3 and 4 are prob GROWERS, I can say with 90% confidence.) They’re not the same Angry Young Men who did Down 1 and I don’t want them to be. They looked like they were all Doing Great and I want them to stay that way.

(Well aware I don’t REALLY know them-as-real-people, they could all be longtime child molesters like Dr Melvin Levine MD for all I know. Dirty Jailbird White Trash Junkeez who would throw their entire families under the bus for one hit of junk. But I like to think I can Read People’s Faces pretty good. Of course I realize that Marxism & ZOG has brainwashed entire generations to actually be phony without even them realizing they Are Phonies. More on that later as usual.)

The “New” bass player Patrick Bruders fit in very well like I thought he would. When I was a HUGE Goatwhore fan, I saw that band for a very pivotal, monumental, shows I’ll never forget. Short List of Best Shows Ever. I was mancrushing on Sammy and Ben from GW but Pat seemed the most approachable, and was very friendly and down-to-earth with us, joining us for a “cigarette” outside, giving small talk that was neither spergery nor annoyingly extraverted. I didn’t have a problem with Rex leaving the band (DOWN) because I’m Smart Enough to know that taking care of your HEALTH and your FAMILY comes WAY before touring with a band. (Although I can’t imagine Down with a different drummer!)

I saw Anselmo’s “wife” in and around the club. Not sure if even 10% of the crowd knew who she was, but I did, bc I’m a Creepy Internet Stalker. I joked about taking a picture with her to use to make Anselmo jealous – get his wife to cheat on HIM with ME (Example of the Friendly Teasing I reserve for Anselmo.) But I do regret not stopping her for 2 seconds when she walked right in front of me. Just 2 seconds! to say “Thanks for keeping him alive, and don’t ever dump him. You two will have beautiful babies IF you start cranking them out SOON, because you’re already almost 30.” That would have gone over well, hahahahahahahahaha.

Notice I haven’t talked about the songs, just the people, because, IMHO, that’s what DOWN is all about. Great people! I just stood there at the balcony right above the stage, about 10 feet above keenan, and just enjoyed staring at their faces as they played, doing occasional bower-worshipping air-drums of course.

Best show I have seen from them, simply because they seem healthier and happier. Last time I saw them was in 2003/4 and they were still REAL GOOD, but not as Healthy and Happy I don’t think.

But now that you mention it, the song selection WAS real good. Got spoiled by a setlist Mrs Anselmo taped down while setting up, but was happy to see a lot of songs from Down 1, and the Absolute 100% Ideal Encore/Closer of Stone The Crow + Bury Me In Smoke, the latter of which was performed in a method that melted my frozen black heart: one by one the DOWN guys switched their instruments with people: Mrs Anselmo and haarp guitar on guitars; haarp bass on bass; (I really enjoyed haarp, very pleasantly surprised there, could write another 500 words!) some unknown guy on drums, probably Crew, just a 40-year old balding dork virgin (as opposed to a tatted metal tuffguy), I really appreciated that! They played the classic closing riff while the Down members roamed the stage and hugged everyone and shook hands with the crowd. far cry from 10 years ago soma’d-out anselmo getting mad and storming off the stage scowling. Beautiful ending to a great show. Real uplifting.

Yeah metal fans are redneck idiots, barely-useful idiots for ZOG, and some people were still S’ing Phil’s D after all these years cuz they were too retarded RebelFlag Faggot PanteraFanz to recognize BOWER POWER,and yeah I listen to way more kvlt and underground and serious Metal these days (“Phil THINKS he’s such a Badass, but does he even KNOW Arghoslent? Clandestine Blaze?”), but I can’t imagine ever stopping loving these guys.

ADMITTEDLY a big part of it is due to the connection I made during my Youth, VERY MUCH like the Connection YOUNG Wimminz can make with One Man, which is why if you want a Primary (Nonlegal!) Mate, make sure she’s a YOUNG VIRGIN. Too Manny Cox spoils a Young Girl’s Heart and her ABILITY TO LUV.

Haarp was very good, also each of them were terrifically Nonphony. (And so was Warbeast.) I really liked haarp’s Everyman look: the singer looked like a typical average overcompensating marine douchebag OR a guy who shaves his head bald because he’s balding; obv the latter is more positive! As a man who’s losing his own hair, who loves male hair, and also wrt the importance of Male Hair in Nonphony Metal, it’s nice to see Balding Men play Nonphony Metal (haarp guy, Kirk from Down.) It’s a part of life. We can’t ALL have luscious thick heads of hair at age 40. But he was absolutely electrifying. immediately intense, nonphony, powerful personality and charisma. Cuz it’s really faggy when metal or harsh music performers act all WEIRD. That’s PHONY, FAGGY, and JEWISH. just act NORMAL. (Note: If you’re in a BLACK METAL band, it’s ok to have a “phony” stage persona.)

Unless you can honestly nonphonily become possessed, and this guy “did” that very well, because that’s just How He Performs, he’s not “getting into character.” And that spirit matches their sound: doomy, sludgy, intense, but not sloppy or messy. Long, Epic Doom/Sludge songs that blow the mind. Sorta reminded of Longer Sleep songs, or Om. Just sorta. Darker. Very tense and dark and anxious. During the second 20-minute song (I think they played the entire new album “husks”) the singer went into the crowd and started a memorable Slow Pit. I think pits are faggy as fuck but this was done right. Friendly pit, the fans were friendly to each other and the singer, prob because the band commanded the unanimous response that they were surprisingly GOOD! So yeah I predict their star is on the rise. I will def be looking into that album. It’s RARE I see an opening band I’ve not really heard and think DAMN that was GOOD. usually it’s the EXACT OPPOSITE, you want to SKIP the Opening Bands. So good for haarp, Anselmo has a good find there.

Great time. Nonphony all around. And although 1% of Hipsterish types might be capable of being nonphony (example: wolves in the throne room might wear flannel shirts and have beards and glasses and be marxist fagz, but their music is still good), haarp and warbeast were 0% hipsterish! so, good on that!

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