In my time of sorrow I have decided to grow a huge hipster unemploymentbeard. It gets asymmetrically curly on one side, so it occured to me to use faggy conditioner on it to see if that could straighten it & make look Neater.

SPeaking of Employment, Underemployment, AdultKidz (tm Firepower!), etc, we’ve all seen SEVERAL TV Commercials that Shame AdultKidz who move back home and are such big lasy loser failures they can’t get jobs. The first I recall was a Taco Bell commercial from at least 2 years ago, the “Good To Go” Crunch Wrap Supreme: “Good to go…….gettajob.” Then there was a Burger King one or something about fast food spicy chicken nuggetz, with the AdultKid playing videogaymz in the basement, his parents are about to tell him to Gettajob, but they see his AWESOME fast food choice and decide he’s got his sh!t together after all. The new one is this Tide Laundry Detergent commercial where the parents are doing their AdultKidz laundry and saying it makes them look…dramatic pause…EMPLOYABLE.  I know there’s at least one or two other ones I’ve forgotten.

While I agree AdultKidz DO need to be shamed out of their LazyLoserness And Entitlement, I WAS somewhat offended. A part of me still thinks that if you shell out 9,000,000,000 $ for an education, that SHOULD “ENTITLE” you to a job at least equivalent to what Older Generations would get at age 18 right out of high school or before.

That’s mitigated somewhat by Kidz who CHOSE Stupid Degreez; but THAT’s mitigated somewhat by kidz with Smart Degrees From Crap Skools who can only get Crap Jobz. But THAT breaks down because there are plenty of people who get SemiCrap Degrees from Crap Colleges and get Good Pseudosmart Biz Jobs.

Moral of the story: just get a Biz Degree and Network All The Time so you can make nice with someone who will eventually hire you. F00king Balllicking Faggotz.

Heh. Getting closer to just applying for the Northwest Front already and just be a good honest hardworking White Farmer for the rest of my life. THAT’S NO SO BAD, uh?

Honestly. White Nationalism or the friendlier term “ETHNOnationalism” sounds a bit SCAAAAARY on the surface, but you have to admit it’s a hella good alternative to what we have in The Modern West. HELLA good. Sounds better & better to me every day. But supposedly WN Wimminz are FREAKZ, even more crazy & dark-coq-loving as regular wimminz. So I’m not sure how the Wimminz situation could be handled.

For a while I thought, ok, ez, you simply separate Single Men, Single Wimminz, and “Married” Men/Wimminz Families. Just keep everybody separated. But what might be workable/doable for races seems a bit overcomplicated, separating the sexes of one race. Or is it? Or maybe have the Married Families live in the Main World of Single Men and just keep the Single Wimminz off in their own little coqless world, I think that would be pretty good.

So Charismatic Alphas are invading CHURCH to find Moral, Low-Number Wimminz for LTRs, so that now Betas have to learn Game to Game NAWALTs. Maybe so, maybe so. That actually sounds about right. I aint no Game Denier. Game helps ALL men for ALL Wimminz, High-Number AND Low-Number; and Low-Number Wimminz aren’t gonna be magically more attracted to Low-Number Beta Men. Just because a Wimminz has a Low Number doesn’t mean you can pull her without good game. Maybe this is where I screwed up with the recent Nawalt.

Now that’s a horrible thought for the beta: IF ONLY MY GAME HAD BEEN BETTER, THIS WOULD HAVE WORKED.

Oh well. I did the best of my ability, for what I had at the time, and my attitude/personality is 9,000,000 times more alpha than what it was when I was young. Interestingly enough, my SOCIAL STATUS was Pretty Alpha at that time, but now it’s Omega as Sh!t.

OH F00KING WELL. Life goes on, and I am grateful for my family and friends, and not to have CANCER or be HOMELESS or be in JAIL, getting Raeped up the 4ss by big scary minz with neck tatts. SO WHAT if  Beautiful 18 year old girls are taking up the A and loving it.

Ideally, Minz and Wimminz should support and strengthen and “synergize” (faggy buzzword) with each other in their Traditional Rels. Selling Out or 4ssraep should NEVER enter the picture.

I asked before, where exactly are young betas learning that it’s ok to be a beta? For me, I blame the beautiful, classic Temptations song “My Girl.” You’re IMMORAL if you don’t like this unf00kwithable song; but it DOES present many risky pedestalizing notions that young blue pill men aren’t prepared to deal with.

I grew up with sappy, sentimental Black Motown Love Songs like that (Side Post: but didn’t White Jewish guys WRITE many of those classics? WTF? [edit: I must have written that before I realized how Obviously Jews are Not Whites!] And how can something as Honestly Tender as “My Girl” be Sick Twisted ZOG?). But the hipster SWPL “Luv songs” of today are 9,000,000,000 times worse. So Much faggier. Fagz Respecting Wimminz for being so Strong to Take Trainz O’ Cox. Modern MUSIC is where a lot of betas get it, I’d reckon. And I ain’t talkin about Arghoslent, hahahahaha. (They’ve been around for 22 years anyway.)

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