Not to be too narcississitc, navel-gazing, or F00KING FAGGOTY, but I was very recently (oct 2012) delivered a Huge Jaw Dropping Emotionally Traumatic Stressful SOUL-CRUSHING Life Event when a NAWALT I was in TOTAL Pedestalizing Oneitis White Knight LOVE with TORE MY HEART OUT. She was actually straightforward and honest, perhaps proving her NAWALTness, OR providing my Oneitis, either way, I can’t REMEMBER the last time a WOMAN was HONEST to me about that sort of thing.

Obv I am VERY concerned with Wimminz Morality and Honor and Nonpromiscuity, and I Rationally, Reasonably Chose Her as My One because she, by all evidence, seemed in the upper echelon of morality and nonpromiscuity. Possibly a Virgin; Possibly Asexual; I like the Asexuals; maybe even an unrealized Lesbobo(tm Chapin). But her Undersexedness and Morality understandably attracted me. I gave it an Honest Effort, A Good College Try, To the BEST of my ability. 99.999% of Wimminz prob would have given a Pity f00k by that point, which would have NOT helped me in this case. I don’t respect Pity f00k and the cvntz who give them. I aint no f00king charity case. I have a f00king HAREM I can use for SEX. I was just seeking a more traditional old-fashioned heterosexual monogamous, exclusive, long-term rel. YES I KNOW It’s a stupid thing to Search For, given Today’s Modern Wimminz. I didn’t ASK for this Woman to waltz into my life and be her nonsexual self!!

Enough of that. The larger point re this Blog is, with all my contempt and disgust of whores, the reader would be shocked that I have positive, yet romantic beta, feeeeeelingz for ANY woman at all. So NOW the gloves come off! This ONE Woman was literally THE ONE Woman in my life that kept me saying NAWALT. NAWALT because This Specific Woman I knew was Not Like That. NOW, She may still be a NAWALT, but when SMART MEN are painfully rejected, they say, “Sorry sugar t!tz, but NO we shouldn’t be Just Friends because you just tore my heart out, YA STUPID B!TCH. Have a good life but NO I don’t want to hang out with you and watch you get drunk and f00ked by more alpha guys. I aint that much of a faggot chump.” Adding to her nawaltness was that even SHE introduced the notion of Taking A Break And Having Space, when usually I have to sit the whore down and say “LISTEN, EINSTEIN,” and say what I just said two sentences ago, because they can’t get that through their dumm kvmhungry skullz.

So I will be enjoying my Time and Space, I will remember her fondly for Actually, Surprisingly, NonAveragely doing the Honest, Right, Ethical thing in this sh!tty situation, but it’s also kinda sad because I’m getting older, people my age are getting married like CRAZY, literally getting married LEFT AND RIGHT. Every day there’s a new wedding. Do the men even KNOW what they’re getting into? I used to get NAWALT Infatuation (I don’t care WHAT you say, Marxist Whores, but Nawalt Infatuations ARE True Love! see old post) every couple of years, it would be a big deal, this one was a big deal too; but the time between got longer and longer; first it was twice a year, then once a year, then once every 2 years, once every 40 years, and that brings us here, to me being a 40 year old virgin jk hahahaha. I’m under 40 and I do have a harem of filthy whores for sex….but it’s impossible to feel any old-fashioned family-building Luv for them, like I do with Nonpromiscuous, Nonsexual VIRGIN Nawalts.

So you’ll understand if I’m extra harsh Towards Wimminz for the next 3 months, hahahaha. A guy can “process” “get over” “get through” ANYTHING in Three Months. Cancer, Death of your heir, etc.

But don’t tell me she was “probably a whore anyway.” Probability-wise, yes, most wimminz ARE whores, but I CHOSE Her AFTER I started getting on my Red Pill, MRA, MGTOW, Game, Most-Wimminz-Are-Whorez “Kick”, and she had passed my Updated List of Dealbreakers…namely, phonyness, promiscuity, makeup, sexualized, sexy, trifling, reality shows, democrat, blabla. Honestly though the girl was a Virgin Unrealized Lesbian.

At this point, I wish that she had been. My “Game” wasn’t super tight, prob too much “just being myself”, but I’m pretty b4d4ss, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Yeah, I’m often too much of a NICEGUY (and I’m NOT Nice to Wh0rez, who don’t deserve niceness!) , but I AM Honest,  and DO know how to put forth enough of a signal so I’m not some beta friendzone orbiter faggot. Of course the eternal question is, “WHAT IF I had been MORE ALPHA;” or “When Will she have a FILTHY, WHORISH, One-Night-Stand with an Alpha and FINALLY Ruin Herself?” I guess it’s none of my concern unless she’s bringing home black babies for me to feed!

That’s long enough. Just letting you know I have feeeeeeelings too; AND that I’m enough of a Traditionalist that I still believe NAWALT. Heh. People are replaceable and interchangeable. JK JK JK, that what Wimminz Whores think because they’re SOCIOPATHS incapable of Having Human Relationships; But if there’s even ONE Nawalt in say this Average Vaisya City, there’s PROBABLY one more. This girl was getting kind of OLD too, that’s how SERIOUS I was! She’s PAST her PEAK, yet I didn’t CARE. Nawalt and Infatuation are powerful things that can sustain a Hetero Rel over a LIFETIME and provide the BEDROCK for GOOD STRONG FAMILIES.

I’m WAY more of a Traditionalist than Barbarossaaaa or Stardusk, even though I like them both! But I was thinking Long Term too: love and nonlegal marriage, beautiful, healthy, smart, MORAL White Babies, heirs with a Good Father AND a Good Mother.


This is gonna REALLY SUCK for my Energy / Testosterone Levels next couple of weeks, but honestly I DID want a direct yes or no answer, just to KNOW, just so I could MOVE ON. And so now I can do that. Obv I wish it worked out for the Opposite Option, but A Conclusion is better than No Conclusion, And hopefully I can use that to bounce back stronger after the initial Coma, which I’m NOT looking forward to. But I’m thankful for good friends and family and for a Manosphere of Smart, Understanding, Friendly Brother Men out there. MEN SUPPORTING MEN is a beautiful, Christlike thing. Don’t see that kind of HONOR among B!TCHES.

Good news is, I saw a young girl recently who made my eyes pop out of my head. She would REALLY raise the avg of my Harem. I’m sure she’s a filthy whore who takes lo4ds within 2 minutes and pictures to prove it, but she was young, cute, meaty, great skin. I would have REAL FUN with her, so hope to get that in the rotation, and at LEAST feel less cynical about The Rotation!

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