I can’t be a WN right now because even though I am Proud of my White Heritage, I am more gung-ho for America than Whiteness per se, and still have an idealistic hope that whites and blacks and MAYBE a few jews can live together peacefully in an Ideal America. Although the way it is now, Race-Segregated Countries would prob work better than this mess. And that’s how I’m a White Nationalist SYMPATHIZER, hahaha. Plus I like saying words like k!ke or n!ggur once in a while. I think saying them too often & too loosely is not good, but if see a jew jewing the hell outta somebody, hell yes I’ll call them a k!ke. even when it’s a white goy race traitor doing the jewing, haha.

“inspired” by the tim ferriss cameo in the tucker max movie, I impulse-bought “The Four Hour Work Week”. It has been on my Wish List for at least a year, I hear about it all the time, it doesn’t seem to be coming down in price from about $8, Ferriss seems to be sorta Red Pillish re business and careeeeeeeerz and health; so I figured I’d cough up the $12 bucks (shipping) to see what all the fuss is about. I don’t expect to HATE the book, I sorta liked his blog, and if I DO hate the book, then I’ll Complain On The Internet, which will immediately cause Ferriss to stop being 9,000,000,000,000 Times more Rich and Successful and Powerful than me! I’ll be happier if he didn’t go to a Leet Univ…checking wiki…
” Ferriss grew up in East Hampton, NY and graduated from St. Paul’s School. He received a degree in East Asian Studies from Princeton University in 2000 [5][6] (after switching from Neuroscience in an effort to “avoid putting printer jacks on cat heads”) [7]. ”

Hmm not thrilled with THAT, but not so much that I’ll CANCEL my order, plus at least he didn’t go to GRAD SKOOL. Grad Skool is for TOTAL Jewish Faggotz. F00K THAT SH!T. Don’t trust ANYONE who goes to GRAD SKOOL unless their employer paid for it AND they got a HUGE raise directly because of it. Really incentivized the Grad Skool, in other words.

So. I would probably prefer a Black Conservative to a White Liberal!

The BEATLES? How about they change their name to The FAGGOTS – THAT would be a lot more accurate!

Hypothetically, a man might attempt to drive up his baseline of Testosterone by not beating-off like a madman. Assert the Moral Power of the Superego over the Id as Dat J00 said. How long on average does it take for the average man to then have an Erotic Dream, and then Explode all over the sheetz while he’s asleep and has no conscious control? I’d argue at LEAST 35 days. So Get To It!

I just Can’t BE A White Nationalist because I have this Christian Slave Mentality that says we are All God’s Children, black, white or brown. Plus I’m not Morally SUPER-Against Race-Mixing. I prefer to mate with other Whites; and at least 50% of Black/White Race-Mixing is HORRIBLE, but if a White Conservative and a Black Conservative want to have kidz, I don’t have a HUGE problem with it; although note this is hardly EVER the case.

Was listening to William Luther Pierce “Our Cause”. He talks about his National Alliance not being either left or right, but sharing SOME views with the left (protection of environment) and right (kinda traditionalist), with their main thing being a Long-Term Survival Strategy for the White Race. Not looking 20 years into the future but 1000. Supposedly at this scale, you see the real horror of race-mixing. I dunno. I honestly don’t SEE a LOT of race-mixing even in this ZOG day and age. What I do see is people of MultiRaces LIVING NEXT TO EACH OTHER and fighting a lot. And the poorer, darker ones fighting within themselves a lot. Although ZOG is Controlling The Media so that Avg People like me become more Soft on Race-Mixing – I’m playing into their hands quite nicely then!

So I consider myself an ally/friend to the Smarter, more Intelligent White Nationalists, but I really can’t BE one with my soft-on-race-mixing attitudes. Again, I’ll take a Black/Brown/Jewish Rightist over a White Leftist ANY day. I’m still too “HUNG UP” on “LEFT AND RIGHT”, hahahahahaha. However I don’t trust Marxist Jews for Setting up a System where Blacks and Browns and Jews are more likely to be Leftist than Rightist!

And WNs are responsible for some of the most interesting, provocative ideas I’m reading at the moment, even if I don’t agree with them 100%. They seeeeeem more right than left. I guess they are helping me Identify Myself as more of a Rightist than a Racialist. But I DO think race is important and interesting and worthy of writing many books on. AND I think Racial Separatism ala Northwest Front is moreso a Good Idea than a Bad Idea, certainly! And it’s not even That “They’re” too “gung-ho”. Maybz I just don’t want to be THAT gung-ho about THAT. Just a LITTLE.

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