LONG POST WARNING: 1290 Words. You can read just the first 700 if you want cause I don’t wanna raep u. But it honestly Maintains Cohesion for 1290. Otherwise I would have broke it up into two posts.


Outstanding book, book of the year. Maybe. Not really for its writing quality, which IS pretty good, but just for its honest, real-as-f00k red pill tone. This book will elevate Frost to my All Time Faves in the Blogroll. We might not agree on everything, but certainly at least 90%, and I had an increased sense of respect for him after reading this, not that I didn’t respect him already. Yeah, he’s not a WN or a Far-Rightist, but it doesn’t matter because he still has a ridiculously good head (hehe) on his shoulders. He & his writing is INSPIRING and ENERGIZING for me at a time when even WN and Far Rightism is interesting, but not as Energizing. Plus he’s not all about banging tail. Indeed, he’s found a Happy Medium between Total Cynicism and Total Betaness, and, like me, is open to the idea of Monogamous, Old-Fashioned Love & Mother of your Children. (with a Low-Number Woman, OF COURSE!) I would encourage everyone to read his blog and this book I might even borrow out to friends. I like that he spends a great deal of time on Physical Health and Financial Health, and honestly no more than 20% of the (short) book (“read” it all in “Pretty much” one sitting). He provides a rock-solid case for the Paleo Diet, indeed made me want to Paleo-up my diet Immediately. It’s not hard! Just stop eating bread/grains/flour and sugar!

Plus he has a great honest red-pill worldview about how Our World is In Decline and it’s up to us Red Pill Men to recognize this and save it. When a 25 year-old Young Man can give better, sounder, Life Advice that your parents, your teachers, your professors, your managers, your doctors, your scientists, your politicians and leaders, Frost argues, you know the world has arrived in hell. Very powerful book, no political or race talk, just great fighting words on how to fix your life and then begin to fix the world around you, which he would hopefully agree is a good next step, but this book doesn’t really focus on that. Because you do need to fix yourself before you can help the world. He also makes the sterling argument that until you get your Sex Needs Fulfilled, you’re always gonna be obsessed with Pvssy Pvssy Pvssy, and until you get that Monkey off your back with Regular Good Tail Whenever You Want, It’s hard to figure out the path your life should take, because your number one goal before then is always Pvssy Pvssy Pvssy. I can relate, Brother! Plus he has a great red pill perspective on Careeeeeeeeeeeeeeerz and Kolliges and Status and Class, basically boils down to, f00k that stupid sh!t, go  your own way.

Alot of the stuff you can find on his website, but for me IMHO, I like having Books and stuff often sinks in better when I read it On Paper as I’m Relaxing in Bed. Hence why I often Printed Out Blogs. This stuff is so Good it deserves to be printed out. If you’re a Young Man or even a Not-Young-Anymore Man looking for a Role Model of How To Live in this totally f00ked-up world, you can choose a LOT worse of a Role Model than Frost!

Plus he’s very chill and positive and not overly angry. Prob from all his meditation and Chinese Religion, hahaha. No I like Meditation. Frost is right in my W-Haus.

Buy this book, or at least read his website undistracted for a few hours, and run tell your blue-pill friends. I should really move him up to my Blogroll first tier RIGHT NOW.

The ONE SINGLE thing I MIGHT wish were a little different, though, is that Frost was never a Huge Neckbeard Basement-Dwelling Omega Butthurt Creeper Virgin Loser. He stopped being a pot-smoking loser in 7th grade (!!!!) and then COASTED through high school, getting high school tail without being a tryhard, coasting through college getting college tail without trying hard. Most Betas can’t relate to that. And THEN, to top it all off, he got a SWEET, CUSHY GOV’T JOB where he was working UNDER 40 hours a week, great benefits, great salary, and mind-numbingly EASY, stress-free work, where the biggest stressor was, you had to remember to get up and walk around or you’d turn into a fat seacow like everyone else in their cubicles. When, at THAT time, when he had Achieved Full Success, he got a bout of Existential Angst and decided to Change His Life 180. So his QUIT his GREAT JOB, lived in Thailand for a year, and practiced being An Entrepreneur, which he’s still doing, but he’s saved up enough money and minimized his expenses that he doesn’t NEED to work.

Many of us are so bottomed-out and desperate that we would kill ourselves trying to get into the sweet position Frost was in, when he decided to “throw it all away!” And it’s not like he wasn’t getting a Rotation of Tail at that time either!

But, a minor quibble, because Frost can’t help that he was never really a REAL Loser! Plus most Natural Winners become Soft Blue Pill guys in their adulthood, and Frost did the exact opposite, so kudos on that!

Made me want to go out and buy Expensive Organic Steak!

Also presents the interesting idea of, don’t even watch NEWS or read Newspapers. Made me think of how I am sorta getting tired/disenchanted with Fox News. Too watered-down, Zogged-down, hahaha, not Pure Rightist enough. Frost said, just take a couple of hours before voting and then do some serious research, and you can save yourself many hours from watching Negative News every day, and use that time to Make Yourself Better. Not that Your Vote Even Matters Anyway! Just cut out an hour of crap tv watching per day, go to BED one hour earlier, be better rested and healthier.

And then I thought, hell, even SLEEPING would be better for me than watching even Sorta-Right News! For my News Needs, I could go straight to the Ultra-Right and New-Right Editorialists and antiMarxist Bloggers I respect!

you see some herb or wh0re JOGGING, that’s a symptom of total blue-pill slavery. And what about the WIMMINZ who LIKE to Jog A LOT? MARATHONS?? Just lift Big455 heavy weights until you’re exhausted a couple times a week.

So if MEN can Take The Red Pill, maybe WOMEN can eventually take the Red Pill TOO? Perhaps, but they’re DEF on diff time scales. So WHEN will Wimminz decide that the status quo sucks, and then find the Red Pill? Will they ever? Or will they just turn to the Hamster of Eat Pray Love, &Divorce Theft, &Marrying The Gov’t? Will the Gov’t have to stop enabling Wimminz and their Hamsterz BEFORE Wimminz will take the Red Pill? In other words, will Govt Go Broke and Society Go Into Violent Revolution & Nuclear War and by the time Wimminz DO take the red pill, it will be post-armageddon and we’ll all be back to the Paleolithic anyway?

Wimminz prob have an inchoate hunger for the Red Pill right after the Hit The Wall and start getting scared and desperate. Unfortunately, they often take The Coma-Dose Blue Pill and go past the point of no return (Eternal Hamster, Divorce Theft, Materialistic Housewives, Cougards, EatPrayLuv, Denial-Til-Death, Cat Ladies) and never wake up.

Since Men have to Work for Work and Sex, and often run into Big Problems Relatively Early with these things in their day-to-day lives, they understandably WANT ANSWERS. “The” Red Pillz IS those answers. Scary Answers that can be hard to swallow, but you’re ultimately much better for learning The Truth.

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