[To Mindweapon: I have not forgotten about You! I am not consciously/intentionally blowing You off, and your email gave me A LOT to think about, which I can’t even begin to respond to all of it in a week. But I have neglected the Common Courtesy of Politely Acknowledging You, so please accept that at least. I don’t want to be like the Narcissistic Teen who never Calls/Emails people back! I appreciate your initiative, action, & network-building, this is a great example for Men to follow! Unfort I am not a Full Man yet, still in the process of struggling-to-become.]

Half Sigma makes an interesting argument (link) that The College Degree itself is no longer a great demarcation between Prole and Elite/SWPL/Bourgeois/Brahmin/UpperClass because Proles gotta get a Degree eventually to make a Good Prole Living. Nope, the demarcation is, do you complete your degree BEFORE AGE 25? ( see also “Graduate Degrees and Class.” (Hahaha now maybe HS will blogroll me. But I feeeeeeeeeeel I don’t read him enough, hahaha.) )

I know Firepower makes fun of Half Sigma, and perhaps this age-25 thing isn’t Totes Original, but I still give HS credit for spoon-feeding me it! Plus it captures the whole Leet Univs vs Fourth-Tier Sewers distinction as well. I’d wager less than 1% of Bachelors Degrees grads from Ivies are over 25. Over 23 even. You get one shot. Plus I like how HS watches and comments on Real Trashy TV and its Implications. Really Spellz it out for Idiotz like Meeeeeeee.

Ryu apparently did an interview with Robert Stark of Voice of Reason Radio, which in general is something I should be devoting more time to.

Heh. I’m SYMPATHETIC to major PARTS of WN, although not being a full-blown self-identifying WN. Yet. hahaha. Remember, my big weakness is that I would “sell out” heart and soul and race for a Good Job and Good Tail – I might not even CARE about race if I were a “winner” like that. Although I would still prob care about Rightism and America and antiMarxism! It’s the Marxism, not necessarily the JEWS, even if Marx was a jew and ZOG USES Marxism to powerful effect!

Like I’ve said before many a time, I don’t have a problem with Individual Blacks, or Wimminz, or Brahminz, unless they’re directly rude and obnoxious to me. And honestly it’s Wimminz who are the Most Obnoxious to me in my Daily Life, but that’s prob because I encounter many more Wimminz than I do Blax or Brahminz!

Been enjoying the Aug 2012 Christian vs Game Discussion, involving many: Dalrock, Vox, Mentu, GBFM, commenters. Someone ought to Edit A Book, hahaha. Basically, don’t expect Wimminz In Church Or even Christian Pay dating sites to have low numbers. And the rare 1% who DO, expect them to be gamed out from under you IF you’re a Gameless Beta. It is now Beta Men who are the Virginal Brides, and Wimminz who are the Promiscuous Cads with Male Harems. The Roles have changed.


For the benefit of The World And My Future Heirs, I will continue to Chronicle The Experience of Huge Rejection And Debilitating Depression in a NORMAL, HEALTHY, MORAL way, to serve as an example (FOR MY HEIRS!) of how this SHOULD be done.

Distraction and mind-numbing can be helpful just to pass the time, but DO NOT use drugs, alcohol, or, as Wimminz do, Promiscuous Sex with any number of Takers. Just sit there in front of the Boob Tube. This is if you’re too drained to do something actually useful, like Strength Workout or CareeeeeeeeerBuilding. Find a Banal TV Show that puts you to SLEEP and then Sleep Away the Time. Time is your friend. Time DOES Heal All Wounds. Pretty much, hahahaha.

You will have MUCH LESS ENERGY than normal. Just Sleep It Off.

Of COURSE you should not see the person WHATSOEVER! They’re DEAD TO YOU, remember? Delete phone numbers, texts, emails, fagbook, notes, pictures, DELETE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. You are not going to have contact with this person for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Take some Time Off Work if you can afford that BOURGEOIS LUXURY, and just spend the entire day in BED. Thankfully my job is not demanding and I can still go in there and put up a convincing front. This is really only relevant for the First (Hardest) week anyway.

Now, I have a Calculus 1 test coming up and some homework, but I’ll just half-4ss it on the day before it’s due; copying the majority of the homework from the Solutions Manual, and since it’s not Rocket Science, just Natural Logs 101 and The Chain Rule, I almost “pretty much” know it anyway. I would NOT want to have 20 credits of tryhard hard classes right now, though.

As usual, continue NOT LISTENING to WIMMINZ and anything THEY say. As usual, they are NO help. Listen to your family and friends and those few you actually trust and respect.

Jim Goad paraphrased: “If I don’t work, I’ll starve; If I don’t WRITE, I’ll DIE.” Right on SIR. Heh. yeah I got several Goad books on wish list.

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