I do not understand why gurlz and wimminz HAVE to wear Supertight Pants everywhere as an alternative to jeans or god forbid something even classier and more decent than jeans. I generally dress for Comfort whenever possible, and skin-tight pants are not generally comfortable. Now I understand Wimminz don’t have any DANGLERZ other than possibly distended Beef Curtainz, but they certainly have considerable Thighs, and tight pants would certainly Chafe those! Plus, if I were wearing tight pants, I’d be worried that people would be looking at my Buttocks, and possibly judging how Big or Round it is, and I understand that Wimminz are even more Worried What Others Think Of The Size Of Their Buttz than Men are!

Solution: wear pants that are not skin-tight. The end. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Young Wimminz don’t need “Sexy Clothes” to demonstrate their Sexyness, so there’s an argument they dress like this mainly because of OTHER WIMMINZ. Competing with Other Wimminz for the attention of the Top 1% Alphaest Alpha. Maybe.

Hehehe now I sound like an “Occutard” (tm somebody) with this top 1% business.

Yet my staunch stance against Marxism cannot obscure the fact that there can be complications with Capitalism and Free Markets too, as heretical as it may be to say it. Or maybe that’s just Greg Johnson’s Johnson in my mouth, hahahaha.

And then I start thinking about Greg Johnson’s Sex Life and Love Life and if he’s married or monogamously committed, or polygamously committed, or polyamorously noncommitted, or if he’s a gameless beta desperately looking at Plenty Of Fish and Adult Friend Finder. Somehow I doubt that!

What about guys who ARE in Monog Rels with their Wives or Gurlfranz, but they beat-off to PR0N constantly, and their Gurlfranz are sufficiently unattractive for you to start making a Causal Hypothesis there?

At any rate, I have improved my Mental/Psychological Self by about 5% by switching to Oldies Radio for most of my Car Travel.

Heh. I Cannot Live Up To The Expectations Set By Being A Member of Eradica’s Blogroll!

It’s DEF not a Manly Virtue to be so full of self-doubt. A Manly Man is a Confident Man.

Words and Language are very powerful; whenever we find ourselves talking like a Reality TV Show Wimminz Marxist Trog (“pretty much” “kinda sorta” “um like n stuff” but ESPECIALLY “pretty much” because “even” “Educated, well-spoken” Wimminz talk like that even if they don’t say like n stuff.) I am trying to create a catalogue of other similar SWPL Buzzwords. I’m SURE somebody already did. Not really talking Biz Buzzwords like “Value-add”, although there was this HILARIOUS Amanda Marcvntte article where she whined about Beta Men being too needy and not having any VALUE-ADD for the Wimminz.


Yeah well at least Beta Men treat Wimminz like Human Beings! And they’ve proven that’s more than they deserve! (warning: NOT an endorsement of Violence Against Wimminz!)


Eh, it was ok, esp for the LVT completist/fanatic like me. not even 80 minutes. made for Danish TV, 1988. The video quality was GODAWFUL, needs to be restored or sommat. Maybe B or B-, man that picture was distracting/annoying. Good to know the Classic Medea Story. Need to familiarize self with Dreyer, big influence on LVT and Scandinavian Cinema in general.

“Sucked it up” and spent the big money on Greg Johnson’s “Confessions of a Reluctant Hater,” so expect a post on that.

Johnson suggested that money could be MUCH better used for Education Programs rather than dumping it into a Political Campaign. Like David Duke getting into the LA State House for a term.

OK: The problem with Larry Auster is that he’s too jewish? He was a prominent member of a faction of histrionic anti-anti-semitic paleoconservatives? I think.

Pat, an especially brutal commenter at Eradica, has some Extremely Anti-Semitic Views, but he raises the very cogent & important point of, when are you Running Interference for Jews? AND: Jews have done so much damage already, fact, that there’s NO POINT to EVER saying NAJALT. NEVER defend them even when One Individual Jew DESERVES Defense. Because they’re too far gone, the damage already done, and we must let the Few Good pay for the sins of the Majority Bad.

I can’t rebut to that right now, give me 3 months, hahaha. It’s a point well worth thinking about though, and you can certainly apply it to Any Other Group: Wimminz, Blax, etc. And Wimminz is my personal area of expertise. The corrollary there is, so what if there’s A Few Good Women worthy of Male Commitment, go Your Own Way and don’t seek them out, to Prove The Point that Most Wimminz have Spoiled It for ALL Women.

It’s reasonable to Throw Out the Tiny, Sick, Weakling, Cancerous, Leprous Eraserhead Baby with the Toxic Ocean of Bathwater.

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