Was studying my new favourite site succeedsocially.com when it stopped being my new favourite site because I don’t really care about being social and meeting new people, I care about meeting Nawalt Heirmother Virgin Women between the ages of 18-22, which, by definition, are an insanely small % of the Total Population of Earth. But seriously folks, it is a GREAT site for the Socially Anxious, he does great work. It’s just 3pm and I’m tired and Crabby, hahaha.

More Action. Do Stuff. I Beat Laziness. If NOTHING else, lift weights until you can’t lift anymore. And it doesn’t matter how “crappy” your job is, if you’re getting 40 hours a week, then you’re an honest human being. Any less and you’re not.

When you get to be a certain age, ie an ADULT, it’s acceptable for your second question to be “Is it FULL TIME?” or “How many HOURS per week” of small talk, right after the first question of “What Do You DO” or “Where Do You WORK.” f00king f4gg0t b1ches. That is why I do not like socializing period, in a Polite Society, those would not be Polite Questions. So even if you DO have a Good Job, be sure to PATRONIZE the RUDE people who ask those RUDE questions by just telling them something ridiculous. Can’t remember which Game Blogger suggested this, but it’s a great move. It’s not of the person’s g0dd4m BUSINESS. Tell them you’re an ASTRONAUT or a BRAIN SURGEON or a BIGSHOT LAWYER, it just doesn’t MATTER.

If the b!tches didn’t want to BREAK your ballz, then they’d be LICKING em. PERIOD.

Make Organic Unsalted Butter with W33D and then put it in your COFFEE to make Organic Bulletproof W33d COFFEE.


Dr Pierce is fond of closely associating the Modern Culture of Hedonism and Materialism and Narcissism and Feel-Good as A Jewish Thing, BUT I would also like to note the ideas mentioned by (as far as I can remember reading recently) Greg Johnson, Nydwracu, Mencius Moldbug, (not sure who the Biggest Authority is), that The Culture of Materialism is Actually a Calvinist / Protestant / Lutheran ie CHRISTIAN thing, dating back to the founding of the colonies, the Protestant Work Ethic, Working your balls off For The Lord and producing lots of wealth for yourself.

This is a complicated thing I need to do more reasearch on which. (hehe). I thought Puritans were very against Worldly Pleasures – “If it feeeeeelz good, it’s probably sinful” – contrasted with the “Jewish” hedonism – “If it feeeeelz good, DO IT!” . And Johnson mentions how there’s some misdirected Anti-Semitism here, when this is really ultimately a CHRISTIAN thing. Or did Christians make it, and then Jewz ruin it? I would argue since it’s human nature to be selfish, selfish anybodies could easily take the slippery slope of Protestant Work Ethic, amass wealth, and that turns quite easily into Worldly Greed. So maybe I’ll give the Jews a 40% pass on THAT one, hahaha.

Never Forget: If a Wimminz is Really Into You, She won’t care if you’re UNEMPLOYED, she’ll still make it EASY for you to bang her WITHIN MINUTES. NOT give you Sh!T-Tests about Your JOB.

This, of course, only applies to those unemployed men who also happen to be athletic/attractive AND charismatic, ie, good enough Game to compensate for their Loser Socioeconomic Status of Unemployed. If you’re a fat awkward creepy unemployed neckbeard DWELLER, FORGET about it!

So I finally skimmed thru to the end of “Bell Curve”, cause the middle Third of the book is Real Detail Oriented and Dense and just Fleshing out the Basic Claims made in the First Third; and the Final 2 chapters at least are real interesting in Prognosticating The Future and What Ought To Be. Herrnstein & Murray really hammer home the idea that we should have Equality of Opportunity but not of Outcome; that we need to stop ignoring people’s Differences and seriously talk about them; that we are moving to a Custodial State where the Cognitive Elite run everything incl the State which has to take care of the Unemployable Dumb; that Marriage is very disincentivized as a good Building Block of Middle Class Society; and then a feel-good gay bit I actually agreed with, that most people smart or dumb just want to be Valued and have a Valued Place in Society – in their jobs/careeeeeeerz, in their families, in their communities; with poor dumb black unemployable ghettoes dependent on the state, and rich white & jewish gated communities on the hills above where the Smart and the Affluent increasingly become one and the same; the authors also wisely warn of a New Kind of Racism – a breaking point for white liberals where they can no longer hold back their resentment, dishonesty, hypocrisy towards blacks and dumbs; so yeah If you’re getting bored with the middle of the book, skip to the end and read the last two chapters, they’re A Doozie!

Or: The day may soon come where The White Cognitive Affluent Elite Start treating Black Dumbs with the same contempt they have treated White Dumbs.

Growing Black And White Underclasses: Poor and Dumb.

Would have liked to see a bit more talk on how Marriage Has Become Stupid.

Would like to see how Murray’s later books may act as partially a “sequel/update” to BC. Heh. “Coming Apart” seems to be “Coming Down” in price. [SEE WHAT I DID THERE?] Also I admire the authors for talking so openly about Race. The only others I know that talk about Blacks and Whites are White Nationalists, hahaha.

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