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here’s another 2-parter. yes the title is a joke as right now I Am “A MODERATE” and here I pretty much kinda essentially basically moderately defend that, hahaha.

on eradica they are talking about the downfall of the manosphere, and of course ryu is saying good riddance to these weak, whining faggots, they will make good SLAVES, if they can’t take a teensy weensy bit of abuse now. And then he linked to Complementarian Loners, who are shutting down, and made some derogatory remark about them being cowards and weaklings too scared or ignorant to confront the REAL Big Picture which is, of course, Race and Jews and Demography.

I was a bit insulted by proxy because I always liked CL and if they’re cowards then I’m a bigger coward. Heh. Ryu might even be better at ruffling feathers than Firepower. However right now I am lucky to read two blogs a day, and those are Eradica and Mindweapons. YOU’RE WELCOME, hahahahaha. I just don’t have the time and energy to read tons of blogs, YES, I have a jam-packed RSS Reader which is PRETTY well-organized.

And then I just learned (well, I was reminded of) that the PUA/Game Blogger Social Kenny has a very big personality and takes credit for getting blogs shut down. I’m not sure exactly what this means. Usually it involves “race-baiting” and “them provoking him first.” Then SK says they are racists and then their site mysteriously disappears or they shut it down. What I HOPE is not going on, and I am NOT saying SK is doing this, and I hope that NOBODY would do this; but Theoretically, you could complain to WordPress Staff that so-and-so is a Racist and made Racist remarks towards a Person Of Color, and that would certainly be enough for a WordPress Employee to Pull The Plug, and immediately Your Racist Blog has been deleted.

This could certainly happen to Widdle Ol Me I suppose. Anyway MY point is, I don’t understand all these people pulling their blogs even voluntarily. Are they too discouraged by hostile comments? Then be a coward like me and close comments, hahaha. Are they discouraged by Decreasing Traffic, that they can’t reach a large enough audience? Well, as some blogger said, you can’t EXPECT to REACH a lot of people with “Red Pill” Material, be it Soft Starter Red Pill of Anti-Feminism, or Hard Final Red Pill of Race Realism or Anti – Zionism. Yeah, you’ll reach the most people doing Straight Game stuff like Roosh, just because tons of 26-year-old Sperg Virgins want to Learn How To Get Laid, more people than are interested in Racialism or even “Men’s Rights.”

But my main purpose for Writing is It’s A Fun Addiction for me. I always wrote a ton before there were even Blogs, ever since I was a Wee One, an ACTUAL Kid, hahaha. It was a Serious Hobby, always has been, always will be; rather than have it be “An Addiction”, I am constantly struggling with it, rather than letting it control me. And when it’s going well, the result is Good Writing and for me, Haaaaaappy Feeeeeeelingz.

I was looking for the implication that The Feds or Jackbooted ZOG Thugs were Throwing Crimethink Blogs into the Memory Hole etc, imprisoning bloggers for Blogging, state police fighting the Free Speech of Citizens, etc. Yes Free Speech is a Big Deal, even in First World Countries like ENGLAND or GERMANY you can get IMPRISONED for TALKING about the HOLOCAUST. Like if I were living in England or Germany I would have second thoughts about even WRITING that sentence!

Ryu said something very provocative commenting on the final entry of CL, telling the authors there that if they were REALLY worried about their Children and their Children’s Futures, they would be worried more about the Country these children will live in. What good is turning inward and raising good children, if they are just going to get Slaughtered By The State?

And then I thought of why guys like Ryu or FP or Chechar are so meeeeeeean to people they probably have a lot in common with, rather than saving this venom for the Real Enemies; and then I figured that it’s USELESS to use Verbal Venom against your Real Enemies – do you think you’re actually gonna Change THEIR minds and convince them of anything? Best to protect yourself against them. (Heh. I “almost” said “and fight them in other ways”.) So it’s better to find the proverbial chinks in the armor, what you perceive as weaknesses on YOUR side, and try to convince THEM and radicalize them. Maybe he’s trying to Shock and Offend them into Action.

Me personally I don’t associate Moderation with Weakness. “Because you’re a Conciliatory Coward who WOULD sell-out your Race just for three hots and a cot, and willingly TIUTA from your Multicultural Marxist Masters so long as they gave you Creature Comforts and didn’t throw you in the Gulag or Gas Chamber!”

But WHY would Moderates be Weak? WHY is it better being mean to people on your side than people not on your side? Because you’re TESTING the people on your side to see if they’re STRONG or WEAK, because you want Strong people on your side, and Weed Out The Weak? I guess that’s the motivation. In that case, I’m not really on the side of the people I thought I was on the side of; Weak People are on No One’s Side.

For example, either Ryu or FP was Talking Smack about Captain Capitalism, and I thought, WHOA the Cap’n is a pretty Kewl Dude, why would you diss him like that? And why do I care so much what RYU and FIREPOWER say in their MEAN COMMENTS and who they like and who they don’t like??

Heh. Prob because like I said, Eradica is one of my top go-to sites. The articles are good and real eye opening. Even sometimes the comments Value Add when they’re not Bashing Other Bloggers who don’t think 100% the same things they do, hahahaha.

continued in part 2…


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Pedestal Porn, Cuddle Porn, Niceguy Nicegirl Porn, Infatuation Porn, not too sure a SHORT name to call this Genre I Created.  don’t normally like using “porn” for things that aren’t Porn, like “Torture Porn” or “Food Porn” but in this case I’ll allow it.

OK. Beta Fanfiction. We all know about Romance and Rip-Chested Fabioz ravishing young princesses, from which “50 Shades” is just the next “logical” (heh) step, only a bit more decadent and modern. Escapist Sexy Luv for Aging Wimminz, where pure virgins are ravished by Dominant Manly Men. It makes perfect sense, I ain’t mad about it brah. BUT I was thinking a Great New Market would be The Equivalent Romance Fairytales FOR BETA F4GG0T WEAKLING LOSER NICEGUYS. Like the Niceguys who think Game is too sexist and No NAWALT I’ll continue Just Being My (Virgin) Self, one day when I’m 60 I’ll find That One Special Virgin Princess who likes me for me. The Nicest, most pathetic virgin niceguys who like watching the notebook and who get a raging hardon thinking about making-out and cuddling and marriage and Being In Luv and Pillow Talk and think Wimminz should Take It More Slowly. So write stories where the hero is a Total Niceguy like that, and he meets The Only Nice Girl In The World he’s been waiting all his life for. Every scene/chapter would be like “Porn” and pure escapism. No tension, no drama, just lush detailed loving stories of them going out on dates and having deep emotional talks and the Climax would be them Holding Hands for the First Time or Kissing for the First Time and it would take like 4 books for them to finally Have Sex for the First Time, and the rest of it is all walks in the park, and dates, and movies, and meeting the families, and talking, and romancing, and picnics, and crunching leaves in the fall, and warm fires and hot cocoa in the winter, and all that. Something very warm and soft and wholesome for Beta Niceguy Virgin Faggots to escape into when the Real World gets too harsh and depressssssing. Guys who are Pre-Game, who refuse to Accept Game, who think “I don’t want the kind of woman who falls for that type of macho nonsense, I want a nice uncorrupted woman”.

Homework: There’s GOTTA ALREADY BE stories like this. Hell I think I even WROTE a few many years ago, I might try to find them. BUT I think, with the right Marketing Push, stories and authors like this could become Big Business. Somewhere in that vast area between “50 shades” and wimminz raep romance or twilight, and career moneymaker PUAz like Neil Strauzz and the guys whose JOB it is to run pickup boot camps and sell DVDs and packages and all that. Gay Emo Beta Male Romance Escapist Cuddle 9000-Mile-High Pedestal NICE GIRL “Porn” could be bigger than THAT and then Mainstream Mediaz would talk about it. So there’s my Value-Add hahaha. This could be my Entrepreneurial Venture for 2013.

Taylor Swift. I am actually listening to TS RIGHT NOW. I had vh1 on in the background while doing CALCULUS HOMEWORK and they were playing a lot of Taylor Swift Storytellers Live At Harvey Mudd College, which due to the overplay, I figured is a pretty new release. At least 35% of Taylerz audience is Beta Faggots, sort of like the ones I described above as the Target Demo for Nice Girl Porn, straightish guys that are SO Faggy and Romantic you can’t even tell WHAT they are, gay or straight. They LOVE Tayler. And they don’t JUST want to Bang Her, No, they want to Court Her for a YEAR and do all those Nice Girl things, and become Monogamously Married before they bang her. You want to see what beta pedestalizing looks like, look at these male fagz who love Tayler Swiftz.

Note to self: There’s GOTTA be FANFICS By Betas For Betas where Average Beta starts a Fantasy Romance with Tayler and they live happily ever after. Be a good starting point for me. Search it, link it, trackback it. I can’t knock it too much, like I said, I once wrote a few chapters of crap like that, many years before Tayler ever existed.

But Tayler is saying to me, now is the time. If I don’t capitalize on my idea, someone else will. Tayler is the Harbinger of Mainstream Beta Luv.


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great search term brought someone here: “MRAs are bitter because women get to choose their mates” . Maybe. You got a point there, searcher, albeit a bit crude. This is why I believe in Game/Charisma: Men must develop and perfect THEIR ability to choose THEIR mates, rather than hang out by the wall at the dance and WAIT to get picked by the Ugly Girl after all the Tall Handsome Charming Athletic Leaderly Charismatic Men have been chosen.

So I might be A Little Racist; But I don’t HATE Nonwhites for being Nonwhite; BUT I might also be A Little White Supremacist and believe that As-A-Group, The White Race is a More Evolved, More Intelligent, More Moral, and BETTER Than the Black Race, but I don’t hate blacks for it, in fact maybe even PITY them for it, and recognize that an individual black CAN be as Good as some individual white; but the main thing you CAN say about ME is that I’m Generally Against Mad Multiculturalism – the state essentially FORCING very different groups of people to live together. I say Resegregate the races and all races will be haaaaaappier. Crack down on Illegal Immigration, even Legal Immigration. Use Our Taxpayerz Money to Monitor and Punish Employers who Illegally Hire Illegalz. The End.

Lights were off at 6:30pm last night! Paleo Bedtime. I established that I need the Upper Limit of Sleep – 9 hours – and will make Big Sacrifices to get it: social life, hobbies, wimminz. Because the sacrifices are WORTH IT, because the cost of not getting 9 hours of sleep is THAT bad. BUT: Morally Lazy Loser Depressed people would want to sleep 24 hours a day if you let them, and I do have a little bit of that. BUT the Greedy Plutocrat Medical Establishment might be lying to you about both Sleep AND “Depression” just like they lie about CANCER! So they can SCARE you with CANCER, make a MILLION bucks off your cancerous body, then you DIE in  6 months or one year or 5 years or 10 years of CANCER, when you coulda just CURED yourself of CANCER with a DR HULDA CLARK ZAPPER and eliminating TOXINS from your diet!

Ok was reading something, possib a comment on West’s Darkest Hour (WDH) that American Renaissance and/or Jared Taylor referred to anti-semites as “DEGENERATES” or “DEPRAVED” or something else that could be construed as JT/AmRen being Soft On Jews. Jewlovers. Shabbas Goys, hahaha. I don’t know. I guess a quick internet search “amren jews” might help.

OK. had a breakthrough. On Day 48 of Rejection Grief. It’s not Grief over REJECTION, THAT probably only took 21 days or so. It’s MUCH moreso a Struggle To Destroy The PEDESTAL. A pedestal that was 100 MILES HIGH. And I can only take 1 mile off it per day. Thus, 100 days. This makes a lot of sense, considering it WAS a BIGASS Pedestal. At LEAST 100 Miles. Proverbially. So yeah every day I destroy 1 mile of it, and that’s nothing to sneeze at… until I remember the pedestal was at least 100 miles tall anyway. Heh. I considered that I might have to increase 100 days to….120 days or so. 4 months. why not.

Chapter 8 For My Heirz: How To Destroy The Pedestal Once You Realize It’s Not Really The Rejection Per Se That’s Crushing You

Uhh take 100 days and at the end of each day cross off that day’s number and say, “I have now gotten one day closer to destroying the pedestal, today I went from destroying the pedestal 50% to 51%, good job me.” Recently I passed day 50 and thought “does that feeeeeel right? does The Pedestal Reeeeeally Feeeeeel 50% gone?” It’s gone a little bit, but not yet 50% I don’t feeeeeel. So: let’s say 30%, that’s closer. 30/50 as 100/x. 30x = 50*100 = 5000 / 30 = x = 500/3 = 166.66667 days To Fully Destroy The PEdestal.  167 days. Yikes. OH WELL. At least I can do Almost The Bare Minimum Of Life, which, while unfortunately does not include Optimal KareeeeeerBuilding, it thankfully includes Not Getting Fired, not dying on the streets, not getting Raeped In Jail, not having cancer or aids, etc etc. NOT BAD UH?

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madtrimming o’words, YRWELCOME!

sat down & listened 2 hours of Turner Diaries. Very gripping. Could make great movie, hahaha. Dr Pierce helluva guy, helluva writer. Smart as whip. Great speaking voice. Oration. Got 25% thru. They are planning Blowing Up An FBI Building, hahaha. extremely extreme stuff in here, surprised ZOG let Dr Pierce Live, haha. also writes about purging COWARDS &WEAKLINGS &TALKERS and other guys LIKE ME from The Organization because they do no good. Talking &saber-rattling; when it comes right down to it, they “MEEKLY SUBMIT.”   hit real close to home.

“Shabbos Goy” is goy does work for Jews on sabbath because jews forbidden. what Pierce/Turner referred to the Sheriff Cook County as; ultimately (SPOILER!) assassinated by The Organization. book very extreme: violent, throats getting cut, people’s skulls cleaved in twain.

Instead of KareeeeerBuilding, PumpingIron, WorkingRetail, or somethingProductive, I’ve spent large amounts Thanksgiving Dayz Off by: Listening “My Awakening” &”TurnerDiaries” &sleeping. Pierce seemz extremist as f00k, while Duke as a peaceful nonviolent moderate, much more like self. But it’s impossible not to be gripped by Pierce’s book. Being shocked by its extremism is something everyone can Profit from IMHO. also mixes in prescient and profound stuff alongside  throat-cutting& hanging &terrorism &blowing-up Zoggovt Bldgz &making bombz &attaching landmines to grenades to create Supergrenadez &blowingup the FBI &cutting Jewz throatz ear-to-ear & grimly accepting they must kill many innocent white wimmin &children to achieve greater good, because too far gone to avoid collateral damage, and it has to be done, and separates men from traitors, who deserve nothing more than execution. Holy Sh!t. If I wasn’t on A List YET, I sure am now!

On warning saying Turner Diaries ILLEGAL some countries, be careful.

example of memorable bit, turner commenting on big picture,&  boil-the-frog approach by which The System enslaved its citizenz

Pierce obv very powerful &talented writer &speaker. but me personally I’d be executed like the economic-minded Conservative, because I was a self-centered conservative & vnot true REVOLUTIONARY, did not follow The 14 Words with Religious Fanaticism. Moderation is Weakness, which is slippery slope to treason. Kill Moderates.

White Nationalists, rest assured I’d be Executed as A Cowardly Nonviolent Conservative Talker by The Organization in “Turner Diaries”, so, don’t get the wrong impression of me. I would be Totes Hanged as a Traitor Coward on The Day Of The Rope! (more later.)  Maybe I can’t be a “White Nationalist Sympathizer”, even IF I “prefer” to mate with whites, even IF I “prefer” a segregated, nonmulticultural society. Nope, I have to put up or shut up, by doing violent revolutionary actions.

While I enjoy partaking in powerful and provocative literature, &I believe The World Would Be a Better Smarter Place if Everyone Read The Turner Diaries For Themselves, I have to take break when I realize it’s calling for my death &calling me a coward & traitor, so then Iturned to the more Kind &Gentle Dr Duke, hahaha. skipped to Jewish Question, which might be his “Jewish Supremacism” book tacked-on to “My Awakening” torrent. starts off talking about how he always respected Jews &how he never HATED Jews, &rejects epithet “anti-semite” being applied to him. But by high school he’d started hanging out in Citizens Council office in New Orleans, &devouring their racialist books. old lady there turned him onto Jewish Communism Connection. DDD incredulous: NO, something THAT ridiculous &anti-semitic can’t POSSIBLY be true, but he did right thing &started reading &researching the topic like madman. Search For Truth. Uncovered Huge Jewish Role in Russian Revolution of 1920s. Bolsheviks etc. How Jewishness is more than a RELIGION, it’s a RACE, unlike Christianity. How you can be a Jew even if you’re a huge atheist. Trotsky’s lunches with Rothschild, Rothschild’s gigantic financial pressure on Russia, etc. presume more talk on Jewish participation in Gulags &Holodomor etc, where so many gentiles died, makes holocaust look like gentle summer breeze hahaha.

Shocking was Duke’s talk on The Talmud and its horrendous view of Gentiles as Animals, best of which deserve death. Rob, rape, steal, kill gentiles, they’re incredibly inferior to jews, &every kind of violence &betrayal is justified against gentile pigs. Duke brought up interesting point: you rarely SEE a Talmud, though you see thousands bibles every time you walk out door, get rained-on with bibles, but don’t even KNOW what the Talmud IS. Because Christians are New Testament &Universalist &catholic &want to evangelize  people all races, while jews are chosen people &wanna keep religion exclusive &secret &exclude inferior gentiles, &not convert anyone. can’t go into BOOKSTORE or LIBRARY and find talmud, gotta go to SYNAGOGUE. OK, NOW can just go on internet. Find English translation of Talmudz with disclaimers that anti-semites like david duke trying portray Talmud as hateful anti-gentile book, hahahaha.

This page tries clear up “kill gentiles myth” haha.

Moses Hess, founder of Labor Zionism; connection between Marxism &Zionism, “two squabbling brothers” who seem different, but always agree in end.


reminded what I said re “two kinds o jews” seemed superficially different, zionist neocons vs israel-divesting cultural marxists. but maybe infact two sides same coin.

Chechar really hypes“Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany” by Thomas Goodrich as one of greatest books ever. Brutalization, rape, torture, murder, genocide of white germans by russians & jews & allied forces in years after WW2. how bad it really was gets sugarcoated by Mainstream Media. And that whites really deserve Retribution or Reparation or at least A Big Apology for atrocities committed against them that were just as bad or worse than The Jewish Holocaust or American Black Slavery. You can buy the book direct from author at very reduced price, I should*do this.

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[BONUS HOLIDAY POST: I’ve been saving this one since JUNE, when I hadn’t really “FOUND MY VOICE” yet, haha. On “holidays” I might Purge some of these Old Posts Rotting In My Proverbial Verbal Colon, at the rate of One Per Day. Maybe even more. Expect a Slew during CHRISTmas/New Yearz / End Of The Year.]

Yes I AM “Coming From A Place Of Privilege” here but my Unshakeable Position is that College is Not Worth Going Into Massive (or even minimal!) Debt for.  [Proto-Videos/Blogz/Book-For-My-Heirs here!]Yes there are exceptions. Like if you go into minimal-to-moderate debt for a TOP university and in a TOP STEM field. Then you will 99% Guaranteed a TOP Job and will pay off your moderate debt almost immediately. But for any other reason, think again. Take 10 years to complete undergrad by paying tuition in CASH. Don’t have the money, just don’t take the class. You can’t hurt yourself by NOT IMMEDIATELY taking a given COLLEGE CLASS. It’ll always be there when you DO have enough money. Get as many credits AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE from Cheapo Junior Dropout Loser Idiot Troggy Underclass Loser Community College, transfer to Cheapest Closest Possible University for STEM degree. Obviously if you’re privileged to have more than one of these in your area, do a CBA on the quality / job placement of the STEM programs VS the cost.

You DON’T go to college to “find yourself” or “learn about the world and yourself” or especially not how to “think and write critically.” You can do ALL that on your OWN for FREE. You go to college to learn a Marketable Skill To Get You A Well-Paying JOB, PERIOD, and if you DON’T, you’re an IDIOT who doesn’t deserve a job or to mate.

Not to be self-deprecating because I’mma Bold Alpha but yes that was me too, hahaha, I’m not Picking On You. So now I’m paying a big Karmic Debt, Totally Rebuilding Life from Rock Bottom. Not easy but DOABLE I hope.  Thank God for my 50-18-year-old-girl-Harem which relieves a no-more-than-appropriate amount of Stress, as part of a well-balanced life & stress-relief Regimen, alongside Prayer, Hard Work, Friends&Family, Community Service, Hard Exercise, Hobbies.

Had a Weird Dream that I was GETTING AN ABORTION and whole procedure was happening in a transparent crucible like a dyson vacuum. Only my preggers stomach was transparent too. I could see this hollow tube jabbing in, chopping up from Solid to Slurry Bloody Slurry, and sucking up the bits of Fetus Slurry, as some of it still Dripped and Sloshed around in my “Uterus”. The feeling was Horror and Terror and Torture and O GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE, I just wanted to HAVE SEX ONCE. Then when I woke up I was very thankful I was a MAN and that I would never have to face such consequences. NO I don’t believe even Pro-Abortion women have FUN when they’re sucking the Fetus out; and it prob IS better to get an Abortsch than have a Baby you are unwilling and unable to Raise Up Good. Although I believe the much better option is just to give that baby up for adoption, to paraphrase Raising Arizona, lotta ppl be REALLY HAPPY to get a healthy White baby. (& Who but Professional White SWPL Wimminz get Majority of Abos? #SourceNeeded) Sterile Betas, Barren Old Crones, F4gs, etc.

Is Tom Waits’ “Raised Right Men” a semi-homage to Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand”? RRM uses that “Aussie/Aborigine/Outback” sounding percussive “Doioioing!” instrument (djembe???) also prominently featured in RRH and Waits even says what sounds like the WORDS “Red right hand.” Have NOTTT Listened to TW’s “Bad LIke Me” 2011 NEARLYYY Enough, FOR SHAME! Although I pref THAT Cave song over THAT Waits song. Tho I pref Waits over Cave in General. Although “The Ship Song” is ONE OF THE GREATEST SONGS OF ALL TIME, hahaha. Clear why people have used Cave’s more iconic songs in Big Life Moments like Weddings or Funerals. Of course Not All Cave Songs Are Like That!

Wimminz “Humor” or “Comedy” is almost always based on meaningless, centreless “irony” or SWPL Meta-ness (HT Heartiste).  Or references or meta-ironic-references. The meta is meta, the irony is ironic, it stands no moral, intellectual, or even comedic ground. If it wasn’t as funny as desired, although it will almost get laffs just bc OMG WIMMINZ CAN BE WITTY TOO, then you can just use the Troll Escape Hatch of “I was just being IRONIC, couldn’t you TELL”. Sarcasm has become commonplace that we must ASK if someone’s being SARCASTIC, and they can be sarcastic about BEING sarcastic. In a word: FAKE. DISHONEST.  Yet another glaring example of Wimminz DISHONESTY.

Actually DO wanna see Brometheus.

“Taboo” is another Mainstream TV Show I like. Recently saw one with Isabelle Caro, one of the world’s Most Anorexic Models, filmed shortly before she died at age 28. How MUCH are they Exploiting her, and how much am I exploiting her by finding show fascinating? Any rate it was sad and disturbing and she was UTTERLY GHASTLY, he face looked like a SKELETON, like the Guy In The Bed In “Se7en”. Nightmarish! She was something like 80 pounds at that time. I’d actually heard it on the News at the time, about her Controversial Nude Billboard Photo as an anti-anorexia Public Service Announcement.

Fascinating and sad. Nonanorexics like You or Me just can’t understand, we say “JUST EAT SOMETHING!! D4MN! I wish I ‘could choose’* to eat LESS! Have some of MY extra weight!!”

*See Theodore Dalrymple esp “Life At The Bottom” & his gen theme of ppl Making Excuses, denying their Agency, trying to rationalize what was really their CHOICE into something as uncontrollable as The Weather. Blabla made me do it. All the sudden I blacked out and the knife went it. If I didn’t beat them up I don’t know what I would have done!

Obv I like the Sex Fetish Taboos too, the commerc showed sth called “Puppy Play” which looked like a simple bondage master/slave thing, where one slave dressed up in leather and crawled around on all fours acting like dog. Compare “PONYING” where people dress up as HORSES and it also sounds like a MASTER/SLAVE thing. 50S0G anyone hahaha. Eat a Fat d!ck. But Srsly folks, I would be a Benevolent Master. Good Boss. I ain’t gonna hurt ya…………..MUCH. hahaha.


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makes a meme with only one good macro, hahaha. Hooray 4 ADDultKidz! But seriously volkz, I am pretty PROUD of this one. Yes I INVENTED this meme; it did not exist until I personally CREATED it.

online free version of “Photoshop” which I used to combine the Lenin and Owl photos

Leonard Cohen, now there’s a Jew I do like. Not just like, but LOVE. Not sure how Zionist he is. I know he’s BEEN to Israel, hahaha. Even if he WERE A Zionist I’d still like him, he’s just THAT good. I will be SAD when he passes. If you’re “too antisemitic” to like LEONARD COHEN, GTFO.

But the newz people are talking more and more about “DEMOGRAPHICS” and being more open about how White Men in particular are losing power, so they have to come up with new ways or possibly even a new message (hope not!) to Grow the Conservative Base. Pretty leery about that. I don’t think the message should be softened. But I AM hopeful that nonw’s ARE capable of taking to a Hard Conservative Message! But if they haven’t by now, or in great enough numbers, maybe that’s further evidence that Multiculti is Bad. Humans Were Not Meant To Mix Like This.

I blame being Too Good of a CHRISTIAN, that I always want to turn the other cheek and give The Outsider the Benefit of the Doubt, Another Chance, another Strike. Christian, and Whites are generally pretty friendly, trusting, and welcoming. So How much MORE do True Conservatives have to DO to “win over” nonwhites and women? Maybe this election is Our Wake Up Call: This Is Not Our Country Any More. No Country For Old White Men. We cannot take it back. We do not have and can never get the numbers.

Although I recall hearing Rush say that Latinos do not support the Dems because the Dems are pro-Amnesty/Open Borders, but for the same reason ANYONE supports the Dems: “Santa Claus; they want Free Stuff.” So, theoretically, Conservative Latinos would not be scared off by Immigration-Restricting True Conservatives.

Vincent Gallo calls himself an extremely radical conservative, but his lifestyle as an Artsy-Fartsy ARTIST and MUSICIAN is very faggy. What’s the deal?

What IS THE MOST Conservative and White Nation On Earth? The “Whitest” Nations have become less white, more left. So let’s not look at Scand any more. But what about other “historically white” nations like, and I guess I’m thinking more western europe, like Switzerland or Austria. I feeeeeeeeeeel the former eastern bloc / commie countries are more resistant to liberal policies of immigration. Ukraine? How about Poland? Hungary? Slovakia? You never hear about Slovakia, hahaha. I’m thinking Nonbalkan eastern countries OBVS, hahaha. Maybe I’m just THAT Anti-Albanian, hahaha.

I repent to White Men for being so pvssy and f4ggy and defensive and apologetic with all my “let’s be polite” and “there’s always exceptions” and “we must always qualify with NAXALT” and “I judge individuals individually”, it’s as if I’m trying to WIN OVER nonwhites. That’s the ironic thing, is, I don’t even have a specific or token nonwhite in my friend-radar, and if I did, I would just be friends with them, and not pander to them like a pvssy. It’s like trying to be A Niceguy to pull Wimmin. It’s weak AND stupid AND dishonest.

Day 43 Of Rejection. Why I am still counting? Because it IS a big deal. I wouldn’t still be counting if it weren’t. My current Stage Of Grief is a mix of Anger and Depression. “Man, f00k this, everything would have been right with the world if she had just said yes, she could have made this a hell of a lot easier just by going the other way, then I would have been White Ubermensch, conquering worlds, working hard, doing good, having heirs, leaving a legacy, creating a better world with my K-selected mate, etc.”  These are the Male Committment Chemicals which only get produced a couple times per lifetime to let you know that This Is The One, so that there’s no doubt, no ambiguity, no indecision, no tubby 37-yo broad trying to Hornswoggle you into Marriage because you’re so beaten and broken and beta to think you can DO any better.

If anything, Day 43 is WORSE than Day 21, for example! But I’m still confident that things will be ALL GOOD by day 100. I just wasn’t expecting this peak at day 43. I might still be moping and wailing at day 60. It’s not a Constant Negative Slope of Suffering vs Time, in other words! I wish there were a Scientific Empirical Graph, just so I could know what to expect, and prepare accordingly! For All I know, it could INCREASE thru day 99, then you wake up day 100, and it’s all gone! So prepare for THAT worst-case scenario. until then I’m going to Paleo Bed at 7pm every day.

You know it’s True Pedestal / Luv / Infat / K-selection IF….

…You’re obsessed with HER more than you’re obsessed with YOURSELF, hahahahahahaha.

That’s the thing about us white european k-evolved introvertz, is that introversion can be a slippery slope to NARCISSISM sometimes, haw haw haw. (gotta switch up the style in which I laugh at my own “jokes”!)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Be grateful for your FAMILY, and don’t be a materialistic SWINE going SHOPPING.

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Of course we cannot forget how HW Bush and W Bush, along with Clinton, were Total Globalizerz who sold our nation’s future down the river, doesn’t matter what PARTY they were, doesn’t matter how “RIGHT” or “LEFT” they were. NAFTA, GATT, WTO, all that stuff, huge precipitous decline of america manufacturing and a growing trade deficit and ascendance of china. It didn’t begin all that long ago! Early 90s, late 80s! During Our Young Lifetimes!

Dear Heirs. If more Parents gave their Children a 500 page BOOK, written by the parent, when the child was maybe 1 year away from adolescence, and said read this, this is what I’m TRYING to teach you even if I don’t SAY it so well because I’m TIRED from WORKING FOR YOUR LIVING, then MAYBE the world would be a LITTLE better place. If you don’t have the time or money to Homeskool them yourself, and many don’t. Give them a Book you Wrote, and/or Videos For Your Heir. This is becoming My Blog To My Heirs. Heh. I’ll print out the best parts and give it to them in Book Form. Who doesn’t like books. Besides Wimmin and blax, hahahahahahaha.

Prairie Little Europe, is that what it’s called? Small communities of Whites helping each other and preserving White Interests, essentially creating their own new white cities in the middle of the plains.


First heard about this in the April Gaede interview on the Stan Hess show. Though I think Prussian Blue is Corny and Retarded, Mrs Gaede’s got a much more interesting idea this time. Not sure if she invented it, but she is active in the Kalispell Montana site.

I guess this is not the first thing of its kind, there are PROBABLY other similar communities in the middle of “nowhere”, it’s not like you see ads saying “WHITES, MOVE TO IDAHO!” on TV, hahahahahahaha.

What to do with the Smart Blacks, the blacks who are just as smart as whites? You could say that they should then become leaders of Black States, but r-Masses (heh) of Black Morons might be by definition Ungovernable, and overthrow anyone who tries to lead them unless it’s a brutal-4ss warlord/dictator, Idi Amin etc. I would not want to force Smart Blacks to become Sadistic Despots. So in my Little Europe, I would allow these Smart Blacks as Refugees. Give them a peaceful place to live. Human Rights, hahahaha. Just use a damn IQ test. OR, see if they have a Recidivistic Criminal Record. EASY.

Heh. Maybe I should move to a town Like Kalispell. I worry that the Oil Towns in North Dakota, though offering SICK money, might also attract ethnic ruffians. Also I HATE the cold. Real Ironic, that, since it’s largely The Cold that helped Whites Evolve Into Whites!

How about Flagstaff Arizona? someplace in Utah? I don’t dislike Mormons per se. Because you know what ELSE Mormons are (not), hahahaha.

LOA, UTAH, BABY. LOA, UTAH. Not too far north, not too far south, SURROUNDED by forests. Didn’t realize Utah HAD so much forest. OK the green doesn’t mean FOREST on google maps, in this case, it means MOUNTAINS. Hmm.

Okay. You can go to a SWPL metropolis to find your mate(s) then bring them back to Loa, Utah to Re-Brainwash them. Good-Brainwash them. Assuming they haven’t already r-selected themselves into Oblivion. And it’s REALLY Presumptuous and Patriarchal and Racist to assume that these young single wimmin ready for the mating will already BE in the Mini Ethnostate. Heck it took me until I was 30 to figure it out, hahaha.

I calculated it would be Decadent and Nonwhite and too r-selected to have TOO large of a Harem, so THREE would be the perfect number of wives. Any less then you lose hand/power/masculinity, any more and then it’s both decadent AND too hard to manage. You have TEN wives, then that’s too much WORK and too much RISK. So try two to four wives instead. GOOD ENOUGH.


Looking for a warm, foresty place, away from the coast. I’ve actually been in that general Appalachian Mountain region and can vouch that it’s very nice. Charleston, west virg. If I’m moving, I’m not moving again. It has to be WARM. WARMISH.

Knoxville, TN. Asheville, NC. Haven’t ruled out Texas, I like Texans. North Texas. Panhandle. Amarillo. Kosciusko, Mississippi. City with a Polish name haha.

Knoxville vs Asheville.

There were some people on the amarillo forum asking how racist the people would be against a gainfully-employed, upstanding citizen black couple moving in. Note, I’m not THAT kind of “Huge” White Racist – it’s not the gainfully-employed, responsible, mature productive law-abiding citizen Blacks I’m concerned with!

actually I need to find a city of autistic, lazy introverts who do horribly on job interviews and are still gainfully employed, hahaha.

Jew Dork Slimes patronizing working family men hahaha

(hope you cannot deduce My Real Name from all that Google-Added stuff in the URL because I just copied the links str8 from the google results page, haha)

I’m slowly pumping myself up for it Mindweapon, hahaha. These mainstream news sources do give “nice” little slices of life. Often addressing my concern about violent miscreants. Not that I TRUST the Slimes, but I’m looking for something that shows these aren’t just a bunch of violent felonz, but honest family men who just want to work and sleep and not get loaded. But I do pity them for their untrustworthy wives back at home, prob complaining about their husbands who have to WORK, and getting REAMED by Alejandro and Letalvis the meter-readerz hahahaha and then STEALING over half of hubby’s HARD-EARNED Oil Field Money. No Thanks! I’d rather keep my money!

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