My Most Racistest Hypothesis YET: Regarding my Hunch that Growing numbers of Jewish Girls are marrying Gentile or Nonjewish Men: Maybe it’s a Long-Term White Genocide Strategy where they attempt to “breed the whiteness” out individual white men, one at a time, over several generations. Really very simple: they will have a babies that are 50% white, 50% jewish. The KEY PART of the plan is that THESE children MUST  marry and MATE WITH 100% jews. Then the offspring there will be 75/25. Repeat the process, then approx 88(heh) / 12. You can see where this is going. So the Jews “give up” one of their wimminz now, to effectively erase the white heritage of the white they’re mating with, several generations down the line. This Strategy can Obv work with different races!

But I was shocked to learn there is a LAW on the books in Israel prohibiting Jews from marrying nonjews. Well, not VERY shocked. Just another example of the HYPOCRISY of the Zionists, hahaha.

Kinda like Zogmedia brainwashing Americans that Ethnostates are evil and racist, but what is Israel but an Ethnostate – a really bad, hypocritical, deceptive, dishonest, unethical Ethnostate? THAT’s the problem, NOT the NOTION of An Ethnostate itself!

Greg’n’Kevin (heheh) (Counter-Currents Podcast) were talking about essentially what is/was r-reproduction of nonwhites vs K-reproduction of whites. Prob largely due to the cold, hostile climates whites evolved in: they needed small, strong, self-sustaining groups, ie The Nuclear Family. High Parental Investment. Ideas of Trust and Reputation were important. Quality over Quantity. Whereas in the r-selected, exactly the opposite occured. Just pop out babies like bonobos, and lie cheat and steal, because the only morality is that of your immediate and extended family. But to other families, you could do completely dishonorable and horrible 3g1h things which whites would find nauseating and immoral.

Then they mentioned how the general political climate, even among Mainstream Conservatives, is one of phoniness and distrust; and how a Better Movement would emphasise honesty and integrity and truth-telling and trust. I couldn’t really argue with that, other than to add that maybe you shouldn’t worry about being honest with your enemies or those who are not honest to you.

For example, it’s ok to lie a little to get a Job, or lie a lot to get some Decadent Declining Western Teen Tail.

see what I mean, it’s interesting stuff, even if you don’t 100% agree with it.

Personally, my “weakness” is that I’ve always – WELL before getting on This Racist Kick – been “overly” tolerant of blacks and “underly” tolerant of Jews – and you can still see that.

So now Jared Taylor is speaking at Texas A&M Univ this week. My question is, why doesn’t he speak at a Univ EVERY week, and not wait for Controversial White Student Unions to form, then BRING him to campus, because as we’ve seen, that’s a rare occurence.

Not knocking Jared Taylor, but in My Ideal World, prominent Whites would regularly Go On Tour – like faggy BANDS do! – to drum up support, awareness, education. Because they’re sure as heck not going to be allowed into Mainsteam Media. Ideally, in every US state, once a month, you could go to an event from a prominent White: Taylor, David Duke, Kevin MacDonald, Greg, the VDARE guy Brimelow, Occidental Observer, Council of Conservative Citizens, American Third Position Party, Heck “even” Steve Sailer – there’s no shortage. Bring Bloggers on tour with them: Firepower, Ryu, Horus, damn there’s even less of a shortage of BLOGGERS! I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing ROISSY doing this, even if he is nonwhite – I think he could be a good prowhite nonwhite ally, hahahaha. (this refers to the Rumor that he MIGHT be Jewish)

So yeah. I think the Travelling Event Tour is a very potentially powerful thing, don’t let its value be cheapened by the fact that the main people that go “on tour” are stupid music groups.

I saw Mark Steyn on FNC for 30 seconds the other day, and was reminded of how I had a big mancrush on him earlier in the year and wondered why he was never on FNC. Was he too real and too honest? Was he “not popular” enough? But maybe he’s just another lying Zionist! A “Fox Newz Conservative-4-Dummeez”!  Could be. I still think he’s VERY charming and charismatic, and if I were Virgin Teen Tail, I would want to Spread For Him Before 10 Dates, but if I were Virtuous and Honorable, I would say, You know I have to make you WAIT Ten Dates, Mr. Steyn, and he would say Yes I Know,That Is The Right Thing To Do, and then she would actually be honest and follow through with that promise, that is, honestly wait ten dates, then spread for and commit to him after that, and give him beautiful Ginger Babies.


“Counter-Currents Radio Network”. Sept 2012. I am way behind the times! Seems like Voice of Reason has ceased, it certainly hasn’t been updated since about June. So the volks at CC want to breathe new life into it. Good idea! Interesting comment here on Should The Manosphere be discussed. There aren’t any great Manosphere podcasts or radio shows (well, other than A Voice For Men, but some people might not think that is “Great”) (plenty of Youtube Channels though); and somebody commented that Manosphere is counter-productive and divisive, it’s against the goals of WN apparently, or is at least too anti-women for WN. My position as of Nov 1 2012 is, I am now somewhere between the two, and reserve the right to Ally with Honorable Nonwhites who are not Anti-white; AND reserve the right to call Avg White Wimminz Decadent Wh0res. Avg Nonwhite Wimminz are Decadent Wh0res TOO, but I don’t really CARE because I don’t really want to MATE with them. With White Wimminz, I actually CARE when they Throw Themselves Away because it hurts them AND me. I Dislike Because I Like.

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