I used to think being BORING was the worst thing even, worse than being STUPID, or IMMORAL (not that I cared AS much for Morality back then, in those Daze Of Decadence!) Now, as a Grumpy Old Man, I LOVE Boring, Especially wrt Murdererz. Because the more BORING they are, the less likely they are to be Decadent Murdererz! A BORING Woman is a Woman who hasn’t rode Manny Cox, doesn’t WANT to ride Manny Cox! A Woman who goes to bed early, doesn’t “GO OUT” or “DANCE” or “HAVE FUN” or drink etc. GIMME BORING ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

Lena “Sex And The City 2012” Dunham, who I Luv To Diss, yet I officially enjoyed her movie “Tiny Furniture” and I look forward to having a Marathon with her HBO show once the DVDs are released (computer crashes too much to watch shows/movies on computer, prob bad motherboard). She makes decadence and decline and immorality very entertaining! I would hang out with her just to get easy bangs from her Hotter Friends, maybe even give her a single Pity Bang too, hahahaha. Then I’d feel shame for Participating in this Immoral Decadence, and be done with her. But she is valuable for Holding Up a Mirror, without herself fully appreciating her own unconscious honesty. Yes, it is Sex And The City for the Millennial Hipster SWPL Generation. My point is, she just came out with that Ridiculous pro-Obama ad, comparing Voting to Losing Your Virginity, and you want it to be with a Real Good Guy, one who Understandz Murdererz. OKAY! Cuz I’m SURE she spreads her uterus and 455 and casts her votes only for Good Guys Gregz!!


Dr Hulda Clark believes most illness, including cancer, is caused by parasites and bacteria and toxins and worms and trace amounts of metals in your body. You can kill the bugs with a “Zapper” and also take steps to eliminate the metals and toxins which get into your body. I looked up “Chronic Fatigue” and “Depression” and lo and behold there’s WORMS that are responsible. WORMS. Now I found out about Dr Clark thru the “notorious” conspiracy website educate-yourself.org but this is the new “kick” I’m starting. It’s more fun and interesting than TV for godssakes. Henry Makow. Illuminati. Zionism. http://www.henrymakow.com/committee_of_300.html  Committee of 300. The 300 core members of the Illuminati, the new world order. bernake, blankfein, george soros, al gore, tons of rothschilds and rockefellers of course, hahaha. George HW Bush but not W. Bill Clinton but no Barry. Rothschild Group is hiring for a FT Admin Asst in WashDC hahahaha now that would be a sweet job to get.

Rejection Day 26: Sad and Demoralizing Dream, very Gloom and Doom sort of Day following. Maybe it Comes and Goes, Ebbs and Flows, Up and Down so you can actually feeeeeeel worse a following day because it’s not a straight constant negative slope hahaha. Googled “business vs engineering” and am today leaning more towards business than engineering. prob cuz I’m not a big tryhard, I hate skool, skool is for faggots. BUT: I’m SMARTER than the Avg Biz Major, and WAY More “introverted” ie Antisocial, Spergy, Creepy, Engineery, better in math. but those arrogant spergy TRYHARD engineers annoy me too. But who’s the bigger FAGGOTS. Probably Biz people. Just cuz I prefer Introverts to Extraverts. Days like this, I take a page from my BUDDY Firepower and say, “Better To Light A Candle Than Curse The Darkness!” (The first time I heard this phrase, it was in that J00movie “Raising Arizona”, which I like very much BTW).

It’s not just that 30 year old murdererz are older-looking and higher-number than Younger Wimminz, it’s that they’re CRAZIER and EVILER. Pretty hard to get all excited over THAT. Now, say what you will about Prof Henry Makow’s Conspiracy “nuttiness”, but he started out as a bit of an MRA and fought the feminist pigs at Univ of Winnipeg, where he WORKED before offending their sensitive sensibilities, and wrote a very Reasonable article about Natural Heterosexuality, and made the interesting argument that Men want LOVE, and Women want POWER, and they enter a very natural social contract to get what they want from each other, make an even exchange. Then Wimminz insisted on making their own power through their careeeeeeeeeeeerz; and now we have a lot of faggy men with reduced power who are more and more desperate for Love but don’t have the Power to bargain for that love, so, a Generation of Fagz. The End.

Note to self, read Makow’s articles on Feminism, Wimminz, Heterosex here: http://www.savethemales.ca/archives-subject.html and then read the Zionist and NWO stuff when in the mood for conspiracy stuff hahaha.

If a Murderer gives you a Hard Time about you reading Racist Websites, or being a Creep, or saying the word “Faggot”, Calmly smirk and remind HER of all the C0x she’s taken of guys who said Faggot ten times worse than you, the cox she’s taken of Racist Bullies who beat-up gays and blacks just because they were gay or black, Wimminz Swooning for Raepists and Murdererz, and then soon enough becoming Murderers themselves and “Rationalizing” it all away. And YOU’RE the “Creepy” one because you call a fag a fag sometimes! OooooKay!

Not a MATERIALISTIC man by any stretch, but the one luxury I Do Demand and Appreciate is a Nice SAUNA or Sweat Lodge. I get a RAGING HARDON just THINKING about a Nice SHVITZ in the SAUNA.

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