[OK so the election is over. But here I am on 11/3 scheduling this.  Predicting a “tight race”, within 1%. Maybe 2. Would not be surprised either way. OBV hoping for Mitt even if he is a Huge Zoggy Plutocrat.]

Over At Eradica they talk about the Decadence of the US Military, well, not “Decadence” in the same way Our Wimmin are, but, more in the sense that the soldiers aren’t these Big4ss “HEROES” or “WARRIORS,” “RUNNIN’ & GUNNIN’.” and “Making The World Safe For Democracy” (not that “DEMOCRACY” is the greatest thing anyway!) I really have no place to comment on that OTHER than I’ve gone on record in the past as saying Joining The Military would PROBABABLY have been a Good Move for Me, as far as making me a Disciplined, Responsible, Accountable, Work-Hard, Mature, Alpha Young Man, instead of a Lazy, Entitled Omega PUNK. And, as a Lover Of America and Red-Blooded Patriot, I would idealize the Character and Integrity of our Armed Forces both as a Group and as individuals. But the Eradica Chaps present an alternative viewpoint, that perhaps these soliders are just Punk-Ass Jackbooted Enforcers of Zog, Douchebag Idiots on a Power Trip, pretty much just 4sshole COPS hiding behind a badge, thinking that gives them the right to be Savage. No Honor in other words. AND increasingly bad at physical combat.

My own position is, I’m a bit more friendly to the Military Men; However, I’ve never Been In The Military, so I can’t really say. I’m sure there ARE plenty of Jackbooted Zog Pussy F4GG0T B!TCHEZ throwing little old White ladies over cliffs for Bibi Netanyahu.

Even though I am not a FullBlown White Nationalist, I AM a Full-Blown WHITE, and not ashamed of my Whiteness, and will defend Whites when they are threatened.

My point now is, I shouldn’t take so much pleasure or schadenfreude from vocally calling Wimmin, including White Wimmin, Wh0res. I “should*” be more sad to see them Throwing themselves away, and doing what I can to STOP them, to save them from themselves. If I mate with someone, and Mating Is My Main Goal, then it’s probably gonna be a White Woman, I’d Prefer it to be a White Woman, So when white wimmin are Decadent, I shouldn’t just sit poolside and say “exxxxxxcellent”, I should be trying to save them. Or at least not being so happy about it. But honestly I am NOT HAAAAAPPY about it, folks! This isn’t really “Schadenfreude” on my part, it’s str8-up Schaden!

COWARDICE. COWARDS. YOU ARE A COWARD, COWARD. Heh. These are very offensive words. Right up there with HYPOCRITE and PHONY and DISHONEST and DISHONORABLE and WHINER and LAZY. You don’t want to be a COWARD, to AFRAID to STAND UP for what’s RIGHT, because you’re too attach to COMFORT and SAFETY. But I am a bit of a Coward! It’s closely related to the Laziness.


Robert Stark talks to Mark Weber about CONSPIRACIES. When are they reasonable and when are they just nutty tinfoil hat stuff. Note to self: Listen to this show ASAP.

Also: http://www.phoenixism.net/?p=12266 ; An Unmarried Man / Pheonixism: “THE CULT OF CAREERISM” ; Holy Jeez. I found this article just after scrolling down on his main page after clicking the link to his blog from where he was interviewed by Robert Stark. Almost Exactly the same as “my” “CAREER IS YOUR GOD, CAREER WORSHIP, CAREEEEEEEEEERZ TRYHARDZ”  “theory.” Talk about a Like Mind and Kindred Spirit! I have a feeling this guy’s gonna get Blogrolled just for that one article! Plus He’s Mexican-American So I’m not a Huge Racist, hahahaha.

What I don’t like about WNism is that I’m confident in the power of Nurture to Trump Nature, sometimes. Like the Blacks who turn out just fine, because they were essentially raised as Whites, with White Values. Heh. Looks like I’m defeating my own argument, because I’m still agreeing with WNs that there are inherent differences between Whites and Blacks.

What I don’t like about MRA’s is that it seeeeeeeeeemz “unnatural” for men and women to be Natural Adversaries, to be enemies, fighting each other in a war of attrition, a zero-sum game. In an ideal natural world, women need men just as much as men need women. Men and Women are Complementary. MRA’s being Hostile and Combative towards wimmin will only be as helpful as Feminists being Hostile towards Men. And even if you just Avoid Women, not being hostile, but just saying, Well, because Women suck so bad, I’ll just avoid them, for my own good, yes that will do you more good than associating with unhealthy women, but it will still suck at best, because of Man’s Natural Desire to Be With Women, and trying to drive that out with the proverbial pitchfork just isn’t gonna work. Men will always Want To Be With Women, and when that desire is denied, it comes back up as something more weird. But by all means, if all the women you meet are unhealthy beotchez, Decadent Wh0res, absolutely, then avoid them 100%.

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