HONESTY: I must Confess that while I never cared about Blog Hitz, I was SURPRISED to see I’ve gotten SO MANY (1200 as of early nov 2012.) 10-20 hits per day. So this has gotten Bigger than I ever expected, AND it seems to be slowly GROWING, which is both Scary AND Exciting. AND I have to Admit that I am taking this opportunity to Fart Around with “Marketing”. IE, if I do such-and-such, what happens to my traffic? For now, that means, how many words do I make the posts, how often do I post the posts, etc. 650-800 word posts on M, W, F, and Sun seem to “cause” slow, steady growth. I really don’t CARE if that growth is reversed, because being A Popular Blogger means one is held to a Higher Moral Standard (hahahahahahaha) of Blog Whory, but I’m trying to pretend I know something about “Web Marketing”, so I can make myself Minimally Average Employable, and add a nice Bullet Point to my REZ. Well, not really, because then they’ll ask OH WHAT SITE WAS THIS FOR and then what.

New Posting Sched: every 42 hours. 4 posts per week on equal/even intervals. 7*24/4 = 42
Mondays 12:01 am
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MARXIST PIG LEFTIST WIMMINZ “JOURNALISTS” at Jezebel / Gawker / Wonkette /Gizmodo / Zog Family Destroyerz Inc, Slate, Salon, NYT, The Nation, Adbusterz, etc: We don’t use our Real Names NOT because we are Anonymous Cowards; we don’t use our Real Names because WE, Unlike YOU, have to WORK REAL JOBS for a LIVING, and we can’t VOICE our OPINIONS PUBLICLY without making ourselves UNEMPLOYABLE PARIAHS!!!

But there are people On Our Side who DO use their real names, You can think of at least 20 examples, and yes, I concede they are more Courageous than those of us who don’t.


NOTE TO SELF: BUY SOME PAT BUCHANAN BOOX. I recall there are great prices at Amazon. (note: just bought “suicide of superpower.” wait n see if Pat is a NeoCon or a TrueCon, hahaha. How Z10n15t is he? Hopefully not much!


weird dream:  way too revealing and boundary-crossing, and Alpha Men do not Share Secrets so Openly, like the F4gg0t B!tch in Jail who Happily Spreads His Buttzcheekz for his Black Masters. “Oooh Yay! *clap clap clap* Time for my daily Fill-Up!”

So I was in a house and there was a party and the girl sitting on the couch across from me was known as a Huge Slut who would take Any & All Comers. I had not “gotten lucky” yet. She did not look too skanky, in fact, she looked young and beautiful, although not necessarily innocent. Had that slutty twinkle in her eyes that let you know she loved a good reaming. I sighed and said something ridiculous like “So when are we going to MAKE LOVE”, and she gave a little flirty token resistance; then I took my Semihard D out of my pants and waved it around saying, “Come on, you KNOW you want a piece of THIS.” Great line & great gesture on my part. Great Game! Then she spread her crotch revealed a very weird, hairy, and foldy/lippy labia. She said she had FIFTY labias. It looked like it. I was just a big foldy fleshy area that sounds absolutely disgusting to describe, but attached to her cute 18 year old body, it was somehow “Sexy.” “Oh Yeah Gimme Summa DAT!” I said, and dove headfirst into this “Hot Mess”. At that point, she Queefed On Command directly into my nostrils, and rather than get upset, I was all excited about it, like “OH YEAH, 18 YEAR OLD PVSSY, SEXY PVSSY-FARTZ, GIMME MORE!”

So, very DECADENT. I try not to be that decadent any more. I think the reason for all this was that the dream girl was based on a real life young girl I had been in Heirmaking Wifemaking Love with many, many years ago. She had been in the PRIME of youth. I regretted Betaing out with her, because had my game been better, I could have “enjoyed more time with her” (BANG BANG BANG) rather than felt like I was left high and dry. Incidentally, she WAS too promiscous, but her looking young and innocent countered that somewhat.


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