[As Promised, here is my “TRENCHANT ANALYSIS” of Election Day and Results.]

So today is General Election day, right now. Kinda surprised how US Taxpayer Party and Green Party get their candidates on, but I did not see Libertarian or A3P, although I knew A3P Miller was only on in like 2 or 3 states. Gotta look into USTPP and see what they’re all about, I know I’ve heard about them ever since I was an 18-year-old moron “voting” for the first time (voting age should be 21, hahaha.) (Unless we lived in a nation where 18-year-olds WERE proper adultz.) (Note for ethnonationalists: Yes I’m aware that Public VOTING and ELECTED Leaders very well might not be part of The Best Type of Ethnostate, and we would be ruled by a Smart, but not a Superrich or Closed, Ruling “Tier”.)

My state is not one of the Hotly Contested Swing States; seems to be leaning Barry. I was watching the recent Frontline where they really went into the backgrounds of both Barry and Mitt. Fascinating. I don’t even HATE Barry. If I went to Kollige with him, I probably would have been in his Clique, sm0king d00bz and talking about social justice and anti-racism and marxism and banging harems of under-22 jewish girlz and smoking more d00bz and banging more under-22 girlz. Heh. I already TOLD you about my Achilles Heel.

But in a few years you Grow Out of that, and a guy with Barry’s Mindset has no business Running The Country. And he murderz Babiez too. Personally. But his mother was a wh0re race-traitor (hehe) and he had no real father, what do you expect. of course he’s got a chip on his shoulder. smart guy though, but too bad we can’t use his smarts for Good.

But I’m not looking forward to Mitt “The T!tt” ‘s (tm Firepower)  Israel-fellating. Here’s a guy who will not stand up to the Jew-Napoleons anytime soon, who in fact will prob be Very Open about his Luv and Support for Israel.

One might have to Interfere rather vigorously to steer The Economy in a good direction, IE, full gainful employment. Locking down Borders, deporting people by the boatload, penalizing employers who hire Illegalz, restricting trade with china, tarriffs, etc.

Heh. “Poor” White Wimmin. They shouldn’t luv Barry so much and be so happy about his victory and be such decadent, promiscuous, sell-out traitorous murdererz. yay yay we’re so haaaappy. I wouldn’t want to associate with those types, I only associate with wimmin if they’re white, traditional, conservative, low-number. Not that I wish wimmin who aren’t any HARM, even if I don’t approve of their lifestyle or stupid beliefs. But yeah. I am just thankful not to be around a bunch of gloating, decadent SWPL careeeeeeer wimmin on nov 7, hahaha.

And I am the optimistic type that beliefs this could be a Turning Point for Conservatives, for them to make their own “political messiah” and not play it as safe and zoggy as Mitt The Tit. Could be the rise of a Young New Right in the US, if our young men such as myself actually get off our 455es and WORK. Leftists have given Activism a bad name by them being Leftists doing gay leftist activism. It’s entirely logical that Rightists could do good Right Activism.

Some talking head, actually I think it was Mike Huckabee and I don’t despise him, said that Mitt and the GOP did a bad job of reaching out to Latinos and Blacks and Nonwhites.

Of course, the Far Right says, this is not our BASE anyway. We don’t WANT that kind of support, we want Those People OUT of OUR country.

But for the sake of argument, what WOULD the US look like with a Powerful Multicultural Conservative movement? Whites and Blacks and Latinos and Wimminz and Youngs and Oldz all wanting the same things? That in and of itself is very hard to imagine. In my ideal Multicultural-But-Conservative World where all People Universally Share Conservative Values, though, it’s nice and fuzzy and christian to think of. But is this easier to accomplish than “simply” deporting / segregating / repatriating? That SOUNDS Herculean, but so does my fuzzy happy christian conservative multicultural universe.

BUT Latinos might be a good place to start, especially if we see 60/40 numbers as opposed to like 95/5 with other demographix hahaha. Like latinos in Cali are different from Latinos in Texas, the latter more “conservativish.”

Really trying to understand WHAT is a NEOCON, WHO is a Neocon, vs a True Con Non-Neocon. I guess how much do they LUVVVV Israel is a key question.

The one possibly positive thing about Barry is that he seeeeemz to Luv Israel less than Mitt. But that’s not enough for the RAFT of other Antiwhite and Marxist things he’s doing.

But wouldn’t Marxists LUV Jewish Supremacy cuz Marxism is Definition Hella Jewish?

YES I’m abusing the terminology here, but hopefully I don’t need to ‘splain this one.

Back on what Huckabee said about Outreach to Latinos and Minos. And isn’t Marco Rubio Good Enough? But isn’t he a Neocon? Isn’t every Mainstream Republican “basically, like kinda, essentially PrettyMuch” A NEOCON?

Would Mitt really be THAT much better than Barry? We’ve got a “Fiscal Cliff” coming up regardless. [Note Nov 10: FNC is really harping on this now as The Weekly Outrage tm Firepower.]

Couldn’t Latinos seek out True Conservatism if they WANTED? It’s not like Latinos don’t have INTERNETZ. I didn’t have anyone knock on MY door and try to BRAINWASH me. (But I have White Privilege, hahaha) I just came to All This Stuff gradually after years of reading blogs’n’books, and slowly pushing in the direction I wanted to go, clicking links, reading, not even really going out of my “comfort zone”, but rather just slowly going where I wanted. Reading and reading, and seeing what I agreed with and what I didn’t. I put forth my own initiative, hahaha. One of the few things I do take initiative on, hahaha. Cuz it’s INTERESTING. DAMN.

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