[BONUS HOLIDAY POST: I’ve been saving this one since JUNE, when I hadn’t really “FOUND MY VOICE” yet, haha. On “holidays” I might Purge some of these Old Posts Rotting In My Proverbial Verbal Colon, at the rate of One Per Day. Maybe even more. Expect a Slew during CHRISTmas/New Yearz / End Of The Year.]

Yes I AM “Coming From A Place Of Privilege” here but my Unshakeable Position is that College is Not Worth Going Into Massive (or even minimal!) Debt for.  [Proto-Videos/Blogz/Book-For-My-Heirs here!]Yes there are exceptions. Like if you go into minimal-to-moderate debt for a TOP university and in a TOP STEM field. Then you will 99% Guaranteed a TOP Job and will pay off your moderate debt almost immediately. But for any other reason, think again. Take 10 years to complete undergrad by paying tuition in CASH. Don’t have the money, just don’t take the class. You can’t hurt yourself by NOT IMMEDIATELY taking a given COLLEGE CLASS. It’ll always be there when you DO have enough money. Get as many credits AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE from Cheapo Junior Dropout Loser Idiot Troggy Underclass Loser Community College, transfer to Cheapest Closest Possible University for STEM degree. Obviously if you’re privileged to have more than one of these in your area, do a CBA on the quality / job placement of the STEM programs VS the cost.

You DON’T go to college to “find yourself” or “learn about the world and yourself” or especially not how to “think and write critically.” You can do ALL that on your OWN for FREE. You go to college to learn a Marketable Skill To Get You A Well-Paying JOB, PERIOD, and if you DON’T, you’re an IDIOT who doesn’t deserve a job or to mate.

Not to be self-deprecating because I’mma Bold Alpha but yes that was me too, hahaha, I’m not Picking On You. So now I’m paying a big Karmic Debt, Totally Rebuilding Life from Rock Bottom. Not easy but DOABLE I hope.  Thank God for my 50-18-year-old-girl-Harem which relieves a no-more-than-appropriate amount of Stress, as part of a well-balanced life & stress-relief Regimen, alongside Prayer, Hard Work, Friends&Family, Community Service, Hard Exercise, Hobbies.

Had a Weird Dream that I was GETTING AN ABORTION and whole procedure was happening in a transparent crucible like a dyson vacuum. Only my preggers stomach was transparent too. I could see this hollow tube jabbing in, chopping up from Solid to Slurry Bloody Slurry, and sucking up the bits of Fetus Slurry, as some of it still Dripped and Sloshed around in my “Uterus”. The feeling was Horror and Terror and Torture and O GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE, I just wanted to HAVE SEX ONCE. Then when I woke up I was very thankful I was a MAN and that I would never have to face such consequences. NO I don’t believe even Pro-Abortion women have FUN when they’re sucking the Fetus out; and it prob IS better to get an Abortsch than have a Baby you are unwilling and unable to Raise Up Good. Although I believe the much better option is just to give that baby up for adoption, to paraphrase Raising Arizona, lotta ppl be REALLY HAPPY to get a healthy White baby. (& Who but Professional White SWPL Wimminz get Majority of Abos? #SourceNeeded) Sterile Betas, Barren Old Crones, F4gs, etc.

Is Tom Waits’ “Raised Right Men” a semi-homage to Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand”? RRM uses that “Aussie/Aborigine/Outback” sounding percussive “Doioioing!” instrument (djembe???) also prominently featured in RRH and Waits even says what sounds like the WORDS “Red right hand.” Have NOTTT Listened to TW’s “Bad LIke Me” 2011 NEARLYYY Enough, FOR SHAME! Although I pref THAT Cave song over THAT Waits song. Tho I pref Waits over Cave in General. Although “The Ship Song” is ONE OF THE GREATEST SONGS OF ALL TIME, hahaha. Clear why people have used Cave’s more iconic songs in Big Life Moments like Weddings or Funerals. Of course Not All Cave Songs Are Like That!

Wimminz “Humor” or “Comedy” is almost always based on meaningless, centreless “irony” or SWPL Meta-ness (HT Heartiste).  Or references or meta-ironic-references. The meta is meta, the irony is ironic, it stands no moral, intellectual, or even comedic ground. If it wasn’t as funny as desired, although it will almost get laffs just bc OMG WIMMINZ CAN BE WITTY TOO, then you can just use the Troll Escape Hatch of “I was just being IRONIC, couldn’t you TELL”. Sarcasm has become commonplace that we must ASK if someone’s being SARCASTIC, and they can be sarcastic about BEING sarcastic. In a word: FAKE. DISHONEST.  Yet another glaring example of Wimminz DISHONESTY.

Actually DO wanna see Brometheus.

“Taboo” is another Mainstream TV Show I like. Recently saw one with Isabelle Caro, one of the world’s Most Anorexic Models, filmed shortly before she died at age 28. How MUCH are they Exploiting her, and how much am I exploiting her by finding show fascinating? Any rate it was sad and disturbing and she was UTTERLY GHASTLY, he face looked like a SKELETON, like the Guy In The Bed In “Se7en”. Nightmarish! She was something like 80 pounds at that time. I’d actually heard it on the News at the time, about her Controversial Nude Billboard Photo as an anti-anorexia Public Service Announcement.

Fascinating and sad. Nonanorexics like You or Me just can’t understand, we say “JUST EAT SOMETHING!! D4MN! I wish I ‘could choose’* to eat LESS! Have some of MY extra weight!!”

*See Theodore Dalrymple esp “Life At The Bottom” & his gen theme of ppl Making Excuses, denying their Agency, trying to rationalize what was really their CHOICE into something as uncontrollable as The Weather. Blabla made me do it. All the sudden I blacked out and the knife went it. If I didn’t beat them up I don’t know what I would have done!

Obv I like the Sex Fetish Taboos too, the commerc showed sth called “Puppy Play” which looked like a simple bondage master/slave thing, where one slave dressed up in leather and crawled around on all fours acting like dog. Compare “PONYING” where people dress up as HORSES and it also sounds like a MASTER/SLAVE thing. 50S0G anyone hahaha. Eat a Fat d!ck. But Srsly folks, I would be a Benevolent Master. Good Boss. I ain’t gonna hurt ya…………..MUCH. hahaha.


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