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Equally fascinating is the Undeniable Fact that Tayler has taken more c0x than she can count. Literally EVERY SONG is about ANOTHER C0K which she has been taking since the age of TWELVE. But Betas and even Recovering Betas can easily not-see that because Tayler still has the Gleam of the Prime Of Youth about her, she looks pretty innocent, and, importantly, she doesn’t seem to do a lot of public vocal Beta-Shaming, ie talking about Creepers and Stalkers. When certainly if these Niceguys were to try to “Date” her, she’d think they were Creepers, then go get Pounded Up The A55 by some Emo Faggot, but a Tall, Handsome Emo Faggot who’s banged girls before. But she or her managers are smart to keep her from getting on the mic and talking ill of betas, because that’s A Sizeable Minority of her market. 35% let’s say. In fact, she could get away with a LITTLE Beta Shaming and these self-deprecating betas would just ignore it, or say “yeah, I AM a little creepy”, and still listen to her and fantasize about her religiously.

Case in point: I think she is Attractive, even with her freakishly long arms, although I do have a Tall Girl Fetish; AND I like her Innocent Prime Of Youth Look, such that I started falling under the spell that these betas are in total thrall to; AND I find her MUSIC increasingly catchy, and Storytellers sealed the deal, and now I am listening to a Live 2011 Tayler album on spotify RIGHT NOW. The songs themselves are not filthy or decadent or cvm-encrusted or sassy like other more openly wh0rish female singerz like PINK or Katy Perry. Tayler really works the Squeaky Clean Teen angle well for those Betas “intimidated by a grown wimminz sexuality.”  And would be the perfect soundtrack to these Beta Cuddle Fantasies I mentioned.

The End. And I can’t HATE ON Tayler because I ENJOY the Nice Girl Fantasy too much. I’m still a Nice Guy who WANTS to put Single Wimminz On A Pedestal. WTF. Ultimately tho Tayler, the Known Wh0re, is probably healthier than doing this with Real Life Wimmin. And she adds more value with her catchy songs, hahaha. It’s Happy and Cheerful and I can’t listen to Depresssssive Suiciiiidal Black Metal all day, that can be a downer!

It is funny the beta faggot niceguys in talyers audience would have a much harder time Holding Her Holy Hand, than some More Experienced Emo faggot with a Little Game would have getting into her Stretchy Stenchy Snatch.

looking for that ByABetaMale Fanfiction, harder than expected. Lotsa stuff by Teen Girls writing Twilight/HungerGames/HarryPotter Fanfiction “inspired by” Taylor Swift songs. HAHAHAHA. Not surprising, but DEF NOT what I’m looking for. Hmm. the market may be More Untapped than I thought!

It’s also revealing that Fanfic is not entirely what I thought. While I – or the hypothetical Beta Male Faggot Niceguy in Taylers Audience – would write that Emo Cuddle Nice Girl Porn about him, the nobody, Dating Tayler, all I can find are Mashups written by GIRLS where Tayler dates Justin Bieber or gets Gangbanged by One Direction, hahahaha. Not what I’m looking for. Nothing of the Everybeta meeting Tayler backstage in Nebraska or something where they start an unlikely Perfect Traditional Romance.

Actually I’m surprised that GIRLS are WRITING so much. You usually think it’s MEN who WRITE. Granted it’s all Ripoffs of Girly Books Written By Girls, but still, you wouldn’t think Average High School Girls would be inspired to WRITE ANYTHING, even if they’re just ripping-off the crap they read! And SOME of it probably isn’t totally crappy, Ie these High School Girls know how to SPELL and write a coherent English Sentence!


But Teen Girls absolutely CANNOT write A Taylor Fanfic from the POV of a GUY who wants Taylor. If they do, it’s probably POV of Hunky Emo One Direction Boy or Peeta Katniss or whatevz. You couldn’t make a Wimmin write convincingly from the POV of a PATHETIC BETA FAGGOT NICEGUY if you wrapped it up as a Meeeeeeaningful Careeeeeeer. Now THAT would be TELLING, do a “Psych Experiment” getting WIMMIN to TRY TO WRITE AS NICEGUYZ! They would totes make them out to be creeper stalkerz.

I ain’t HATIN, I’m just commenting on HOW DIFFERENT men are from wimmin; and we should never forget it; and it’s amazing and horrifying when The Media and The Socialization of Skool and Kareer tell us men and wimmin really aren’t that different. BS! THEY ARE WORLDZ APART!

Another interesting thing is that Teen Girls Idolize and Look Up To and Pedestalize Tayler just as much as Beta Niceguy Fagz. But these girls prob have a more realistic notion of How Manny Cox Tayler Takes….AND THEY’RE OK WITH THAT! THEY’RE NOT INTIMIDATED BY THE POWER OF THEIR OWN FEMALE SEXUALITY!

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