Also, remember to check out Harold A. Covington and…. something something Rockwell. George Lincoln Rockwell of the American NAZI Party, hahaha.  Lord there are great debates among White Nationalists and all the “different” writers bashing each other, just like in the Game “community” or the MRA “community.” So by now, I just assume that Each Writer Stands Alone and is Hated by Similar Writers, hated by all except the people who come out and say they like so and so. Not sure if there’s a “rule” that sez if you like Hunter Wallace you’re not allowed to like William Pierce then you’re not allowed to like Harold Covington or Greg Johnson or Kevin Strom or whoever, and there’s a million anti and pro factions I can’t keep straight. Prob bc I’m not intimately familiar with each writer yet. I’m still in the learning process and taking notes. And In my BLOOOOGGGG I offer my NOTES to the world. Real Profound uh?

William Pierce talking about his Rel with GL Rockwell, followed by a notable 1966 speech by Rockwell at Brown Univ.

I used to want to “Build Bridges” in all these splintered “communities”, because it seemed pretty retarded: Like WHITE NATIONALISM isn’t enough of its own unique little isolated niche that it needs all the WNs infighting and saying pick MY WN, no pick MY WN, and HIS WN is FALSE WN, he’s a jew, he’s a traitor, he’s a coward, he’s a fag, he’s a liar etc etc etc. I Don’t Care About All That! But Building Bridges now seems like a Fool’s Errand. Waste of Time. You’d be better off watching 9000 hours of FAMILY GUY on TEEVEE. Can’t We All Just Say We’re ANTIMULTICULTURALISTS and Get Along? I guess it’s not that simple. This is why I don’t allow comments, hahaha.

But sometimes the 455Hole Commenter who gets Banned ends up coming up with a pretty good blog of his own, so that’s good. For people who like reading just for the sake of reading. And that’s just as good as Family Guy, hahaha. Mostly Informative but I won’t Lie, there’s a lil bit of Entertainment in there too.

Now if I were Harold Covington I would record an audiobook of myself reading “The Brigade”. One of my personal pet pleasures In Life is listening to THE AUTHOR read their own writing. Recall I really intended for this to be A Vlog like Bern Chapin but I’m too cowardly to put my voice on the internet, hahaha.

Will now be investigating George Lincoln Rockwell and the American Nazi Party. Which I guess became “The Order”. And I think is now the ANP again. IMHO going around with Big Swastikas and referring to yourselves as Nazis and saying Heil Hitler all the time kinda limits your appeal. I am slowly warming up to Hitler but Heiling The Swastika is still a little MUCH for me.

Heh. I think what I’m looking for is VDARE.COM. Peter Brimelow, Derbyshire, Steve Sailer, Kevin MacDonald, Virginia Abernethy (always undeservingly forget about her), Richard Lynn. They are more against Ridiculous Immigration than Pro  White Nationalism Per Se; and might be WN Sympathizers like me. People that are willing to talk about Racial Differences but….aren’t as “extremist.” Moderate Cowards and Traitors, hahaha.

But I was thinking again. My area, as I’ve said before, and hopefully this is not Divulging My Identity and thus making me a Google Felon (tm Mindweapon) Kareeer-DOA, is A Hotbed of Albanians. We know Albanians are High On the List of Europeans with High Birth Rates. They are also Very Balkan. Also Very Non Slavic. And they are divided into Muslims and Catholics, despite looking the same. AND they look vaguely nonwhite. I guess if we can call Arabs “Caucasians” then we should call Albanians Whites, but….


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