IMMIGRATION POST (ie the immed previous one!) CONTINUED:

MY POINT IS, THE COOLING-OFF PERIOD, which was not Invented by Pat Buchanan but brought to my attention by him, as he talks alot about Demographics and Immigration. When Non-Anglo-Saxon – but still blatantly WHITE – immigrants came to the us in the early 20th century, namely POLES, ITALIANS, IRISH; OR, moreso SLAVIC than GERMANIC, then the old americans looked at these immigrants as poor barbarians, much as I do today with Albanianz. However, at least a full generation and then some, until The Big Immigration Act of approx 1965 which REALLY flung the doors open wide, there was a COOLING-OFF PERIOD where the brakes were put on and this new wave of immigrants became successfully ASSIMILATED into the Melting Pot. And Nowadays, Slavic-Americans are considered just as American and as WHITE as Germanic-Americans.

Not so with the New Immigrants, who defiantly refuse to Assimilate, Speak English, Act American, Act White, Obey The Law, etc.

BUT I think Most of the “Albos” in my area ARE Legal: many of the younger ones do not have thick Accents but CERTAINLY speak Albanian at home with the First-Gen Immigrant Families. My point is, even though legal and english-speaking, they absolutely have an Albanian Way about them that sticks out: Loud, Gregarious, Boisterous, Macho, Crude, Emotional, Clannish (ie hanging out with mainly other Albanians), often Violent. Very “Ethnocentric” or at least Ethnic Pride, namely Albanian Tattoos or shirts or Stickers on their heavily-tinted car windows.

Now I don’t mind a little (or a lot!) of Ethnic Pride, HOWEVER I want to see that balanced with Proper White American Decorum.

We were playing a public team game where one of the teams were suspected of cheating. One of the teams, not regulars to my knowledge, were named as “TEAM ALBANIA” and they certainly looked it, hahaha. But they were the ones that were cheating. I shook my head.

However, to the Albanians’ Credit, some of them are very, very NICE and Friendly to me, with an Outgoing Warmth that I don’t often see from Whites, but which is prob just an extension of their general Emotionality. But I hope they are not just Faking It so they can gain my trust and stab me in the back later, hahahaha. No.

Now, to the crux of the matter: do Albanians act so Albanian because they’re NONWHITE, or because they’re UNASSIMILIATED? I can ask this because they’re really on that gray area between white and nonwhite. VERY “MEDITERRANEAN” looking. (Although I HAVE seen a couple BLOND Albanians!)

And THEN I thought Of John and Jim BELUSHI. I was shocked to learn they were Albanian. I just assumed they were ITALIAN. But they were clearly very assimiliated, with their parents coming over well before 1965, or possibly even their GRANDPARENTS. It was only a generation or two later, after the fall of the Communism and the Balkan Conflicts in the 1990s, that a HUGE SURGE of Albanians started coming over.

Bottom Line: If The BELUSHIS can do it, then so can Today’z Vulajajez. And once they start ACTING more white, then they will SEEM more white. Like the Italians, hahaha.

But the idea of “ASSIMILATION” jives well with My Beliefs that Sometimes Diversity Can Work, when intergroup conflicts are subsumed by a National Identity….which is INHERENTLY More White than the Parent Country’s.

And THEN I thought how Old Anglo-Saxon Americans would sneer on the brutish, New Slavic American Immigrants, and THEN I thought about how Anglo-Saxons acted in THEIR Home Countries vs how Slavs acted in THEIR Home Countries. And how each group is either more or less “White.” Because I’m interested in the Groups Of Whites and their similarities and differences. Like for example Scandinavians are “supposedly” superior to Italians or Spanish or Greeks or Slavs. And me not really knowing What Albanians Really ARE. They’re not Slavs, so are they related to Greeks? (And at one time, Greeks were Blond and looked like Scandinavians, hahaha.)

FULL DISCLOSURE: WHILE I’m Killing My Career and Coming Out Of the Closet like an Uncowardly White Man, I guess I should say that A Major Portion of My Own Personal White Heritage is Slavic rather than Germanic, so I have an interest in that.

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