On thanksgiving and CHRISTmas, I always fail to remember, our Noncollege Town gets flooded with all the Beautiful, PRIME OF YOUTH College Kidz that Come Home From (Getting Pounded At) College. I went out to a local bar/restaurant and there was a table with 20 College Kids, half of which were beautiful prime of youth girls, half of which were handsome, successful, up-and-up boys. People that Go Away To College, like to the Bigger Party State colleges in the state rather than the closer local ones, Living At Home and not being as Promiscuous in Parents’ Basement. The girls were young and beautiful but still Seeeeemed annoying and dumb and chattering and playing with their phones and blank stares and Whorish Fashion… but slightly “Classier” State College Whore Fashion. White, Too! Many of the Local White Girls DISAPPEAR To College right as they’re STARTING The Prime Of Youth, so for suckers like me, they practically don’t exist, hahaha. What’s left are….White Trash and Nonwhites. I’m exagerrating, there’s still a decent number of white girls left, but boy howdy, would their price be driven WAY WAY DOWN if these OTHER girls were still in town! DAAAMN!

What’s it called again when you have No Energy and No Motivation, No Will to Do Anything? The Horde of Communist Anti-Americans Amng Us call it “Depression”, but that’s a farce, fraud, and a hoax! I call it MORALLY LAZY LOSERNESS. DEAD WEIGHT.  IF YOU’RE A LOSER, IT’S YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT, THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE, IS BY BLOWING YOUR BRAINZ OUT!


As I was driving at night I was thinking I didn’t have anything against blacks for not being of my race (WHITE), I just didn’t like it when they got together in huge unruly mobs and CHIMP OUT. Now, we can easily say that, On Average, Groups of Blacks are more likely to Chimp Out than Groups of Whites. My question is, how much LESS did blacks Chimp Out in the Segregated Neighborhoods of the Old Jim Crow Days? My point is, people still obviously segregate themselves. To a large extent. A white isn’t going to choose to move right in the middle of the black ghetto. The worst ghetto black probably won’t show enough personal initiative to go to a gummint worker and apply for a house smack in the middle of a white neighborhood (rather, you can get slightly less-worse ghetto blacks to move in black groups into apartments CLOSE TO white neighborhoods, and there the chimping-out problems start to Creep In like a Cancer.)

For example, you probably won’t see a Poor Inner City Black Thug being “forced into” a neighborhood of McMansions where everybody is White or Jewish AND has a masters or better degree, great job, top 15% income or so, Murray’s Superzip Belmont Brahmin Elite if you will. It’s much more realistic if the neighborhood is, say, Solid Vaisya Working Class, certainly even Upper Working Class. Heh. Yes I am interested in the demarcation between Upper and Lower Working Classes, there’s prob a middle in there too haha.

Maybe I’m getting on a Class Kick again. Remember I’m not even a huge Racialist, even though I have had a bit of a Race Awakening, because I still think Sex, Class, and Intelligence are APPROXIMATELY as Important as Race. But Sex, Intelligence, and Race are Hereditary, and Class is a Function of Intelligence and Family, thus, Class is hella hereditary as well. Hmm. Hmmmmmmm.

I was at a pub drinking a cola and eating a sandwich before seeing a Jewish Singer whom I adore and have no plans to stop adoring, when I was Delighted to see two “Girls” safely PAST The Prime Of Youth ™ in that they were clearing past 22 and Their Skin Radiance/Gleam was starting to diminish…..BUT they were still younger than 30 and very, very physically attractive. Got the Biochemicalz Flowing QUITE Handily. This was comforting because it reminded me I’m not LIMITED to 18-22 Prime Of Youth Girls to Satisfy my Manly, if slightly Decadent, Desires. Wouldn’t MARRY em though!

Gotta research Common-Law Marriage. Since I am staunchly against Legal Marriage. But states have laws saying that once you’ve been with a wimminz X years, then you’re as good as married, with many of the forces of zoglaw behind that. But it differs from state to state, wrt to number of years, and the penalties involved. I guess a good easy rule of thumb is to ALWAYS have a separation after 5 years. Just MOVE OUT. Of course at this point, 5 years is unthinkably long for Committment To Any Wimmin, although The Power Of The Pedestal (not the Pvssy Per Se!) can make a man do funny things with HIS most important Natural Asset: His COMMITMENT.  NEVER GIVE THAT AWAY FOR NOTHING!

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