[Full Discl: this post is from JUNE 15, 2012 haha gonna start posting old “lower-quality” posts on…tues and thurs at least, haha.]


“T!T5 & CARNAGE” [did a post round that time on “Game of Thrones” haha], I am SUCH a Value-Adder! That is SO AWESOME! Hire Me! F3ll8 Me!

Wimminz: “No, you’re one of those people who desperately & unsuccessfully tries to Cover Up your insecurities & inferiority complex by being falsely arrogant & egomaniacal & narcissistic! It’s pathetic!”

Yes MAM, I’M Pathetic because I like to give myself Verbal Compliments. And YOU’RE AWESOME because YOU transparently cover up for having no BRAIN or SOUL by spreading your depreciating uterus for every handsome man, then telling yourself you’re too good for him when he Pump & Dumps You! OR Prefers to spend more nights in your Open Relationship with THE OTHER, HOTTER, NEWER, YOUNGER, PRETTIER Wimminz!

Dan Savage: Still processing him. In past, was longtime listener. Even WHEN I was Saving Self From Left. Liked his Savage, Saucy Talk. Obv nothing against Gays! Very Gay-Accepting. More concerned w Savage’s endorsement of Sl00tery, female promis, & “Hook Up Culture” in general, among the Yoof, and laughing away the idea of Sexual Market Value and the Rapid Peak & Decline of Females & Game & AlphaBeta & Status & Effort. In his bourgeois foreverYoung college fantasy world everybody bangs each other equally and is FREE and everything’s FUN, & anyone that FROWNS upon it is WRONG and a homophobe and a EVIL CONSERVATIVE PATRIARCH. THAT’S what I don’t like about Savage. But it’s frustrating bc he’s Smart and Powerful and gives SOME sensible advice. And THEN he says something really dumb, HATEFUL, & PREJUDICED haha. Thinks he’s so COOL and SMART and SWPL and RIGHT and POMPOUS when he starts spouting Leftism. This kinda piety PROB cannot be converted the other way. Just like me haha.

Maybe if he were Younger & Single & Dealt Personally w Wimminz. And not a Flaming Leftist. My New Career Change Objective: Become A Better Dan Savage. Fixing those things.

Grimly drawn to “Savage U” though – him at his “best/worst” dispensing Proud Advice to the worst kind of people: Young & 1%-Privileged Bourgeiversity kids. 19 year olds who think just because they’ve pulled a lot of D!cks into their Holes & got into a l33t bourgeiversity that THEY’RE EXPERTS TOO.

Well, he went to Cornell when I watched, I’m sure he goes to “Party State” schools too. Where the kids are prob even dumber & MORE Promisck.

In this region a certain card game is popular. Never been a fanatic; took real long to Learn it; took a long break from; never SERIOUS about it; but finding playing it now is A WELCOME DISTRACTION from even less productive thoughts. Neutral & Marginally Positive & Strategic, vs Negative Thoughts.

Mysteriously starts Going To Church Suspiciously Near Age 30? TIUTA!

Goes Tanning? TIUTA!

Takes Dan Savage Seriously? TIUTA!

But Again, Honestly, ANYTHING is more INTERESTING than Wimminz. Talk about POLITICS or CARD GAMES or RELIGION or FINANCE at least, if u don’t wanna talk about SCIENCE or MATH.

Best is when Savage tells Young Girls just starting to become Promiscuous to Explore Their Own Bodies & Learn How to Orgasm, because many have never Xasthurbated before. Trying to make it all secularly pseudo-sacred when it’s simply “brrddddddd” (vibrating on cl!t) “gsssssssssshhhhhh!!” no more miraculous than a gut b34ting his m34t. Dispel The Myth!

SearchTerm “mgtow yog sothoth”. NOW somebody’s looking for me! at least it didn’t say “sucks” in there. Thergothon misangry Fhtagn-Nagh Legal Paternal Surrender Lovecraft Finland Funeral Doom Don’t Marry Niko Skorpio Average Modern Western Wimminz

Frankly I’m not much “INTO” Lovecraft. I appreciate the man & his style & how Thergothon has captured his Mythos so effectively, but as I’ve explained, I don’t Read for Entertainment. But if I did I’d read Lovecraft. If A Harem Teen Tail wanted to indulge me in a PostCoital 2-minute Chat about Lovecraft, I would beneficently & magnanimously abide 49% of the time.

Fave Game Wisdom O’ The Post: Spin Plates. Always have more than one Wimminz going. It’s IN YOUR BEST INTEREST. It’s Protection. Backup. Think SHE’s not spinning her own plates? Are you Pedestalizing her so much you think its “disrespectful to her honor” for YOU to spin plates? MAKE HER PROVE IT! Until she proves it, always be working on others. Even if you feeeeeel like you don’t wanna, do it anyway. It’s ONLY gonna HELP YOU in both the short AND long term. Win Win. DO IT. NO EXCUSES, NO EXCEPTIONS. From this one “rule” all other Natural Game practices will flow naturally & you don’t have to remember a thing.  Theoretically yes, NAWALT, Not All Wimminz Will Leave You In The LURCH if you naively put all your eggs in one basket, but that’s some BAD Pedestalitis regardless, man.

“But I don’t want to PLAY Wimminz! That’s UNETHICAL! Not treating them like HUMAN BEINGS!”

Well, why don’t you GET to the POINT where SHE’S treating YOU like a HUMAN BEING before you turn into Captain Ethical. And then you STILL have an Ethical Option, you can still be Honest Enough, don’t HAVE to break the Campsite Rule, don’t HAVE to 4chan pix of her TIUTA if you don’t want. Win Win. Be Interested In YOURSELF WIN-WINNING.

Other thing is Dan Savage SHAMES BETAS just as much as ANYONE else, whether Manboobz or Wimminz (theActual AMWW, not the blogger ha) or Heartiste. Def not MY M.O. . I wanna HELP betas become More Alpha. Inside every Alpha is a Huge455 Beta anyway. Nothing to be ASHAMED of. BETA PRIDE, BETA POWER!

BizIdea$: A way ToMakeItSoThat whenever Fat Neckbeard Variety of Betas “FAP”, they’re EXERCISING/WORKING OUT. Not sure how. maybe weights on arms. or make body thrust into “fleshlight” & wear weights on pelvis. Make carrot more of a Win Win Alpha Momentum Carrot. Because too much of carrot can turn into stick for these types. Or at least loses its carrotness.

“Gonna STICK my CARROT in yer….” carrot?

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