Captain Capitalism sez Don’t Try Until You’re 35 (link) (if not my Video O The Week, CERTAINLY My Video TITLE O The Week!) because even if you have a degree, you’ll be a Barista at best anyway, making $11 an hour plus tips if you’re lucky, with a minimum of $25 grand in loans to pay back. So be a Ski Bum or a Beach Bum till you’re 35, learn skills, complete a skillful, useful degree at age 35 and then employers will take you seriously because you’re an Old Adult.

While he does have a VERY good point, I know enough Successful under-35s who did NOT end up becoming Baristas or Boomeranging; Nope, they went to Prestigious Grad Skool or Prestigious Career right after Kollige at age 22 or 21 (because the REAL Smart Tryhardz graduate Undergrad at age 21.) I would like to hear Cap talk more about Prestige Of Skool, Cognitive Elites, And Vaunted Elite Unpaid Internships. IMHO Internships are What Divides Gen X from Gen Y Tryhards; or Gen Y Tryhards from Gen Y Losers. Prestigious Good Internshipz (Tryhardshipz) are what separates the Good College Gradz from the Bad Unhirable Loser College Gradz. It’s like what Cap says about EVERYONE has a Bachelors Degree so it doesn’t Mean anything, so then you have to get a masterz degree, and soon EVERYONE has a masterz degree, so on top of THAT, you have to add an increasing Alphabet Soup of Stupid Licenses, Credentials, Certificationz. And that’s largely true. But right now I’m zeroing in on 21 year olds that Go The Right Way of Good Tryhardships and then succeed right away, vs the 21 year olds that go the Wrong Way of Being Uncompetitive, and become huge Unemployable Virgin Losers or Baristaz.

In other words, I think the situation is EVEN WORSE than what The Cap describes! There’s a Good Track and a Bad Track, and if you miss your one chance to get on the good track at age 18-21, then you blew it, you’re on the bad track forever, and GoodTrack Tryhardships and GoodTrack Companies will “discriminate” against you later BECAUSE you’re Older, and if you haven’t succeeded YET, then you must be one of those Bad Trackers.

Of course, if a well-experienced 35-year-old is willing to work for less money than a 21-year-old tryhard, THEN the older person has a chance, and I believe that many 35 year oldz ARE that “desperate.”

But nothing like getting rejected for FREE WORK because you can’t compete with all the other better-credentialed kidz for FREE WORK, hahaha. It’s amazing that CHILDREN can be so focused on the Long-Term in their Kareeeeeeer that they are willing to cut each other’s throats to work for FREE in the short-term, and that more people don’t say “F00K THIS SH!T”, Drop Out, and Become Losers. It all boils down to Kareeeeeeer is their God and Religion, the Cult of Careerism as Unmarried Man (aka Out n About) calls it.

Where do Kidz get Indoctrinated into the Kult Of Kareeeeer? I would say a large part comes from their Parentz, ESPECIALLY if their Parents are Of A Certain Age and were KareerKultists themselves, although I’d say for Gen Y you have to be More Devout to the Kult To Survive than you did for Gen X. Because the Kult was just beginning so you didn’t have to be as MUCH a Tryhard.

Do the Kidz get some of it from their Buddy Buddy Public Skoolteachers? Probably the ones who show “Academic Potential” do, ie, get A’s or maybe B’s, which should not be THAT hard in Todayz Public Skoolz. And of course at that point these Potential-Showers have to get railroaded into Extracurricular Activities to get into Good Kolliges, just like Good Kollige Students have to get Good Internshipz to get a Good Career at a Good Company. All part of the Kareeeer Kult.

I’m still amazed that I myself had a Good Enough High Skool “Resume” to get admitted to a Good Kollige. When I was in MY Prime Of Youth I was a much bigger Tryhard, hahahaha. Then during my Prime Of Youth I became a Slacker Loser who said “F00k This Sh!t” and then began to waste a lot of Life-Time. Those of us who were Winners in High Skool then became Loserz in Kollige are very interesting bunch, hahahaha.

“RECENT GRADUATES”, that’s the gay f4gg0t4ss term which is really a Red Flag for me. Why the hell would you want less experienced recent graduates vs more experienced nonrecent graduates who are willing to work for “entry-level” pay. Because it just doesn’t matter, it’s meaningless HR BS. Unless “recent graduates” means you didn’t get your “experience” as a BARISTA and went down the Wrong Track, hahaha. which it does mean that. It means you did everything right, and didn’t make the Wrong Turn.

Cap also rephrases the VERY SIMPLE TRUTH (that is very Fun to Repeat, but the people who Need It Most will Never Get It): MEN DON’T WANT TO GET MARRIED BECAUSE WIMMIN AREN’T WORTH GETTING MARRIED TO. If Wimmin considered IN THE LEAST What Men Want Out Of Marriage, and then tailored their (Wimminz) approach to THAT, they’d find SURPRISE! Way more men would want to marry them.

But lemme add to that and I’m not the first: Percentagewize, How many Marriage Proposals By Men are REJECTED by Wimmin? And what’s the REASON for these rejections? (Beta, “NOT AMBITIOUS ENOUGH, NO LIFE PLAN, NOT KAREEEEEEEEEEER-ORIENTED ENOUGH”)

Also, what if the onus were on WIMMIN to PROPOSE marriage? Methinks alot of THEM would get rejected, much as is “covertly” happening now, with men rightfully dragging their heels on proposing marriage to Hollowed-Out Kareeeeerist Krazy Karousel-Ridden Pre-Divorced 41-year-old Skreeching Shrikes! (tm Manosphere)

The Solution is So Simple, I can’t believe anyone ever needs to say it: WIMMIN, MARRY YOUNG, DURING THE PRIME OF YOUR YOUTH, AT 18-22, and TRYHARD to be Innocent and Pure when you do. AND you’ll probably pull a pretty high-quality man too, much higher than you can at 41, hahahaha.

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