[Dec 9 2012: Fair Warning: I might slow down on the Strictly White “stuff”, I see it possibly ebbing…AND flowing!]

A few years ago DAVID DUKE was on BILL O’REILLY, (youtube link) and this is perfectly illustrative of Where I’m At Now: Moving Further and Further to The Right, and articulating my Anti-Zionism. I generally enjoy O’Reilly shredding Stupid Leftists, but I didn’t want him to shred David Duke, who I’ve become quite fond of lately, DESPITE his Reputation as a Huckster and a Fraud and a Degenerate Gambler and Bilking His Followers so he can build a new Mansion and being an Adulterous Philanderer etc. Anyway O’Reilly was talking over Duke trying to shout him down as a Horrible Racist and Anti-Semite.


Well, that’s a risk I’m more than willing to take, hahaha. I’m satisfied with Duke’s Distancing from his Klan days and his “excuse” that he was in the KNIGHTS of the KKK, and there are many different unrelated Klan factions, not one big Monolithic Klan, and his faction was a more peaceful nonviolent moderate version, no white costumes or burning crosses, rather business suits and cool headz.


The Occidental QUARTERLY is not the same thing as Occidental OBSERVER which is not the same as Occidental Dissent, don’t see how anyone could get those mixed up, except TOTAL N00BZ, hahahaha. was listening to Harold Covington discussing the factionalization I alluded to earlier. Covington said Greg Johnson had been “fired” from OccQuarterly for a controversial interview Johnson did with Covington. Then there arose alot of Covington-bashing on Occidental Dissent. Heh. At this point I don’t CARE, I don’t comment ANYWHERE, I’m not on anyone’s SIDE, I’m on the Side Of Antimulticulturalists, and I’ll read WHOEVER THE H3LL I D4MN WANT!!

“THAT BEING SAID”, (hahaha) I am coming to a Deeper Understanding of The 14 Words and I don’t believe we should automatically associate 14W with Violent Nazi Extremists. I think if EVERY RACE were to follow its OWN 14W, the world would be a better place, hahaha. Not sure how it got so wrapped-up with WHITE Nationalism, IMHO it would behoove EVERY race.

But Covington got me thinking about a couple things, namely, that His WN Faction is the most prominent one with “an actual plan” for a nonmulticultural ethnostate (more later); AND, that he and WN has been around a WHILE and has Its Own Interesting History which I must now research. Which I am sorta doing with Rockwell and Pierce. I guess it went Rockwell Then Pierce Then Covington and has gone through various eras or generations, and there’s other people I must put in context like Willis Karto or Alex Linder/VNN or David Lane. Heh. I’M DOING A REPORT FOR SKOOL.

Anyway, some of these guys MAKE A LIVING OFF DONATIONS. They Quit Their Jobz and Make A Living Soliciting Donations from WNs and WN Sympathizers who DO Work For A Living. I guess this is no different from any other Nonprofit type Cause or Activism. Anyway. I think we can all agree that once you make that great leap and then you’re Making Your Living Off The Donationz of True Believers Of Your Cause, then that does hold you to a higher standard, and you’ve got to be careful as f00k not to sell out or do anything unethical. I don’t think I’d want that responsibility. And that does explain why there’s so much factionalism and feuding and character assassination attempts.

Also Covington uses the term “faggots” cavalierly to refer to Homosexuals, and Rockwell uses the term “coons” cavalierly to refer to blacks. Personally I would not use these words for those purposes, although I LOVE using the word faggot ALL THE TIME to talk about people other than Homosexuals: Kareerists, Leftists, Marxists, Shylocks, Beta Wimps, SPERG VIRGINS, Zionists, International Banksters, SWPLs, activists, hahaha. Just call em Queers or Pillow Biters, hahahahahaha. It’s kinda like I don’t really like using The N Word to refer to Blacks, unless they’re REALLLLY Chimping Out and I’m right there and getting annoyed. “Blacks” is my preferred nomenclature, and if I want to get “edgy” then I’m ok with “coloreds” or “Negroes.”

to be continued soon in a pt 2 of not necessarily the same or even similar title

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