I had a movie marathon one day and watched this right before watching “Metropolitan.” While it’s easy to say I didn’t enjoy it as much, I have to be honest and say I enjoyed it more than I expected. Although I DID enjoy “Me and You and Everyone We Know” too. Miranda July is one of those Guilty Pleasures I Love to Talk Trash about, like Lena Dunham, but deep down I actually like her. Not gonna say she’s a total innocent though. People like July and Dunham are ruining civilization, ruining Wimmin, so I SHOULD hate them passionately. But I TALK hatefully about them but honestly like their work. WEIRD, MAN. They make movies with Horrible People and indeed similar Horrible People like them and their movies/shows/books/art, but you don’t HAVE to be a horrible person to like them, and, at heart, I believe July and Dunham are not themselves horrible people. (Although Dunham is probably MORE Horrible.)

Despite their characters being Horrible SWPL wh0res, July and Dunham are very different, so I should stop comparing them. “The Future” confirms July as a Solid Sperg Artist. She is Truly Weird and Spergy, and you don’t see many Wimmin Spergs. PseudoSpergs definitely, from Brahmin Pseudointellectual SWPL Wimmin Who Have Social Awkwardness Disorder or Introversion, but these are not true Spergs, they just don’t know how to talk to people. July is an echelon above that, she’s real Art School material, hahaha, but not pretentious to an unlikable degree. All her weird stuff flows together very “naturally, organically,” and kinda reminded me of DAVID LYNCH. It just flows out of her no tryhard, no fake, and since she’s A Wimminz, she gets bonus points for that, since their Default Natural Way is to be Fake As F00k without even knowing or trying, hahaha.

So she’s not so much about Scathing Sociological Critique because she is so antisocial. You get a lot of Weird Sperg Feeeeelings. Feeeeelings because she’s A Wimminz Artist, but Weirdness from her being a Sperg. SPERG HAMSTER, now that’s a helluva Hamster. REALLY Unpredictable. Not sure Game/Charisma really Applies to Sperg Wimmin, because SO FEW Wimmin are Spergs, and So Few Spergs are Wimmin. I kinda LIKE them, although they’d have to be a little less July-y and promiscuous for me to even think about Monogamy. My Buddy Varg Vikernes’s Faithful Wife is a Huge Sperg and I don’t blame him, hahahaha. (But I’m not entirely sure HE is. He’s probably like ME – close enough to APPRECIATE it, but not quite there personally.)

Stuff like the Talking Cat and Weird T-Shirt Dance I can’t even mention without “The Future” sounding horrible, but July makes it work. You gotta take it as a piece of Performance Art, which I acknowledge IS a lot to ask, and hard to swallow, as Performance Art is inherently gay. But July does it well. I probably want to Bang Her even if she is THIRTY-FIVE years old and a CHEATING SCUMBAG in this movie WHO THINKS SHE’S DOING NOTHING WRONG.

It helps to watch some of the commentary, where July makes it more clear that She Is Not Her Character, and that What Her Character Is Doing Is Wrong, and that The Cuckold’s Pain Is Real and valid. Though I only watched about 5 minutes of commentary.

Ultimately not as memorable as her previous movie, but still watchable and memorable, and I won’t stop watching her movies because of it. PROBABLY not gonna read her books or become a BIG FAN like many WIMMIN are, but I do wish she’d make more Feature Movies. But I wouldn’t want to LIVE with her and hear her talk Flaky Artist Talk all day in her Whiny Shrill Nasal voice, I’m not that much of A True Artist, hahaha. Not saying Sperg Wimmin Can’t Be even more Sociopathically Promiscuous than Regular Wimmin, although I think Some Spergs could be sold with a Spergy yet Frank discussion of Morality, unless they’re a hard-boiled Antimoral Sperg of course.

Miranda JewLie NEVER FINISHED HER DEGREE hahaha but her father is a Jewish PhD from a Good Skool. But do you really THINK it’s in SCIENCE? I SORTA Like that July’s characters in her two main movies are big losers, not Vauntedy-Vaunt-Vaunt Elite Skoolz Elite Nonprofitz.

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