Having a Harem/Rotation allows Men to be more Objective and Impartial when choosing among murdererz; he doesn’t delude himself that he’s in pedestaLuv with one particular murderer just because she’s the only one who lets him BANG her. Banging Multiple Murderers at a time allows the man to be more rational, logical, cool-headed, make better long-term decisions benefiting himself and his genetic legacy.

(see what I mean about This New “Murderers” Nomenclature? Pretty catchy uh?)

Not ONLY will having Oneitis give that One Murderer much more control over you, this dictatorship is the BEST CASE SCENARIO! Worse, and more common, is, she’ll just DUMP you for being a needy beta and then you won’t even GET sex from her any more! She thinks you’re so worthless she doesn’t even WANT to CONTROL and USE you!

Also Think about the COMMENTS Murdererz make. These COMMENTS are obnoxious, patronizing, have no “VALUE-ADD” (hahaha), impolite, naive, annoying, dumb, gay, pseudo-pedantic, that being said, pretty much, yeah but it’s good to just do what feeeeeeelz good like decadence, murder, promiscuity, etc etc etc ad nauseum. Just Keep Your Dumb Mouths SHUT! Shut your Mouth ON MAH D!CK, B!tch!

You should stop watching Pornos cause that is a form of Pedestalization and holds you back from actually engendering the decadence portrayed within. If you weren’t so scared and grumpy and creepy and uncharismatic around Real Life Murdererz, you too would soon find out that you can get Rotations of them to Do that kind of Decadence on your D!CK and then you’d never have to watch pornos ever again!

No, I’m not talking to YOU, or ABOUT myself. Per se, hahaha. I think it’s good to Recognize Decadence when we see it, and then RISE ABOVE it.

Hmm New Evoken album, “Atra Mors”, seems pretty Sick! New Lunar Aurora album “Hoagascht” also seems pretty good too. Genre-molding bands that have been around for MANY YEARS and have maintained a very inspiring level of Consistent Quality  -even if it means taking long, well-deserved, well-used Hiatuses, before coming back with Comebacks that Live Up To Expectations. NICE.

I first became a DOOM fan because of bandz like Evoken, Skepticism, diSEMBOWELMENT, so it was always weird for me to think of Candlemass as “Doom”. My first real Doom Album was Morgion “Solinari” which is STILL a favourite, and they really like Candlemass, but were a little more “Epic” maybe. Not trying to Crap on Candlemass, anything But, just sayin (heh) that it’s a VERY DIFFERENT kind of DOOM than Funeral Doom or Death-Doom or more extreme Doom like EVOKEN or MOURNFUL CONGREGATION, for example. Anyway go out and buy an EVOKEN T-Shirt, they could put your money to good use, put food on their tables, diaperz on their kidz, etc. Nothing but integrity, honor, and honesty with these guys, and they keep raising the bar for DOOOOOOOM. And not even CLOSE to being Hipster/SWPL/Green/Brooklyn/etc. They prob work dead-end jobz.


I like using the word “FAGGOT” cause I thought it was the MOST politically incorrect word, and made Wimminz/Murdererz screech “Creep! Rapist! Violent Bad Man! Anti-Semitic Homophobe! Hate Crime Committer! Beta Virgin!” but then I realized that to call things “gay” meaning “stupid” is gradually starting to come back into vogue; and that I hear more and more Young Wimminz using the word “GAY” in that manner without fear of being labeled a Hateful Homophobe, and then recently I even heard some young murdererz using the word “Fag” or maybe even “Faggot”, and that really made me take notice. How things have changed even in the past 10 years! Of course, these were Albanian/Immigrant young wimminz, maybe 18 years old. Now, I don’t think the Albanian immigrants are especially anti-american, but they definitely retain The Albanian Culture of being Loud, Vulgar, Obnoxious, and Hyper-Masculine, the latter of which is kinda positive, if but for the first things! And even if their kidz are born in the US, this Albanianism definitely carries over. Now, technically, Albanians ARE Whites, and they actually CAN be Really Nice and Honest. Anyway. Just want to keep an eye on Young Wimminz using “Homophobic Invective” vis-a-vis the various Identity Categories.

Should Americans WORK WITH Islamists towards a common goal of decreasing Israel’s power? But we don’t want to Exterminate All Jews, we just want Israel to be Held Accountable for its Oppressive, Bullying Behavior. Right? And I’ll admit that I don’t understand why both Jews and Arabs want that same TINY piece of land immediately around Jerusalem. So who do Islamist Fanatics hate More, Israel or the US? Jews or Christians? Of course Israel couldn’t exist without the US, “The Citadel of Israel’s Power.” How could the US go about distancing/divesting itself from Israel, weakening the friendship if you will? No more slumber parties with Bibi, hahahaha. Maybe even a Stern Rebuke: Bad Ethnonationalists! BAD!

I am so ignorant of the Middle East that I didn’t even know Saudi Arabia was a Completely Artificial Fabricated State, by the Insanely Rich Royal Family, with absolutely no regard towards Ethnonationalism & Ethnic Groups. And I just ASSumed that since Mecca was like uh pretty much THE Muslim Holy City n stuff, that Mecca was PrettyMuch “Muslim Jerusalem”, thus Muslims would want Mecca and Saudia Arabia as THEIR Homeland, so what do they want Israel for. Heh. Need to bone up on my Middle East History, hahaha.

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