too many Time Machine Posts lately. Here’s a NEW post (heh Dec 16) which will be 600 words, = 3 minutes of lifetime reading for the slows. Not Gonna post on CHRISTmas Eve or CHRISTmas, go spend that time with your FAMILY or wallowing in guilt for why you’re not spending it with your family. If you’re a White Nonchristian, just make sure you’re a EuroPagan and not some SWPL F4gg0t J3wish C0cksucker Antiwhite ATHEIST, CHR!ST they’re even more ANNOYING than Neocon Xtians!

Projected Mayhem I should read more often. Intelligent talk on Wimmin and Game and exactly how Decadent, Crazy and Borderline some are. Plenty of Great Cautionary Storytelling – Sharing personal and others’ experiences, withOUT Navel-Gazing or Oversharing, gets you Fired Up.

INCANTATION has their FIRST ALBUM IN SIX YEARS, “VANQUISH IN VENGEANCE.” Incantation is a BIG DEAL and has apparently, I’ve read, inspired a WHOLE NEW GENERATION of “Old School Death Metal” Imitator bands. This is fine, as there are much worse bands to Want To Be, and it’s good that Incantation gets this kind of RESPECT. If I were A Death Metal Songwriter I too would be inspired by Incantation, heck I’m Life-Inspired by them in general, Honesty and Integrity is their WatchworD. They SLAY F4GG0TS and PHONIES. I have seen them live at least twice, which converted and solidified me as a Diehard Fan. I should REALLY buy a SHIRT already. Hopefully this new album means a new TOUR, ALL METAL fans should see them. They USED to tour a lot, but yeah they’ve been On Hiatus for so long that  New Old Skool Death Metal Bands had to pop up and fill the void, but now The Originatorz Are BACK and I’m quite happy for it.

On first listen the New Album sounds marginally better than their previous album. The main Con of Incantation is that it’s been impossible for them to escape the shadow of their first three albums (and their song/album titles have slightly gone downhill from being Good Corny to Not-As-Good Corny). But I think I like the production on Vanquish better than the production on Primordial, although IMHO it could STILL stand to be rawer, like “Upon The Throne of Apocalypse,” BUT it’s Kewl than DAN SWANO is involved w the production, he’s kewl, and you wouldn’t expect him to work with Old-School American Death Metal, although he DID work on the Funerus album, AND when you look at the Origin Story of Incantation, you can see how they’re more than “JUST” Old Skool American Death Metal, in fact they were important in American Black Metal as well, ie Paul Ledney and Profanatica and Havohej and such. I think. Nowadays John McEntee does vocals which is kewl because he Basically Pretty Much IS Incantation (not to diss KYLE and his MOUSTACHE) and his voice sounds nice and deep on the new album. I’ll still always be a Craig Pillard man though, his voice was deeper than deep and is EXACTLY what I look for in a Death Metal Singer. Plus I hear Pillard might be “RACIALLY-AWARE”, I might have to look into that! Or that coulda just been some Hater Beta on a Message Board calling him a “Nazi Racist.”  In my book that can be a Compliment, hahahahaha.

Men who are both Polite AND Employed (not now making any correlation) will often Hold In their Colonic Gas so they’re not doing Silent But Deadlies around their Female Coworkers, and Sex-Integrated Workplaces are a whole other ball of wax I’ll address later, so when men go to the bathroom to Urinate the will often Flatulate Out all that saved-up Gass, so it is not uncommon for Men to be heard Farting in a Public Restroom even if they’re not Pooping. This is probably decadent and fetishistic, but I propose that Wimmin are so afraid of what other Wimmin think, that Wimmin do not regularly escape to their restrooms for Farting Marathons esp if there are other Wimmin in there. Or I suppose Wimmin could do SBD and then blame it on men. Don’t know, I’m not a Fart Fetishist. More of a Fart Fetishist SYMPATHIZER hahahahahahahahaha.

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