this is WAY TOO LONG, 1398 words, 6 and a half minutes for you Superslow readers. just being a huge spready trackback wh0re for the holidaze. HAPPY TRACKBACK CHRISTMAS! YOU GET A TRACKBACK, YOU GET A TRACKBACK, EVERYBODY GETS A TRACKBACK! (can’f figure out how to do the “related posts” plugin like Eradica but even if I do I will only do it for a very few posts haha not an ATTENTION WH0RE at least not nearly as much as The Average!)

The Tao Of Dirt has a series called “LETTERS TO A YOUNG MAN” which is sorta similar to “A BOOK FOR YOUR HEIRS” (tm BKC). Not RIPPING him off, I think a lot of men want to help the Younger Generation learn from their mistakes, because Wimmin and Public Skools aren’t gonna teach Young Men. Only Older Men can.

Heres a Link For Wimminz-The-Writer. Heh. I gotta read him more than once a month. Though I don’t agree with him calling Jack Donovan a “Fag”, this is just Narcissism of Small Differences (tm Freud, FP, & Ernest Crawley actually “invented” it, son of a COE Rector, prob not a you-Know-Who (tm Mindweapon) ) (heh just see the ABOUT page where I give a Blanket tm to all the terms of other people I steal!) and, unless he starts devoting a large percentage of his efforts towards smearing Donovan, I don’t really CARE. The Vast Majority of Wimminz’s stuff is just too damn good. But Full Disclosure, I do LIKE Donovan and think Wimminz should put a note in his About Page about why he doesn’t like Donovan, hahahaha. I WONDER if some of this comes from Bloggers having Personal Differences with each other, PROBABLY regarding BANNING, where one party is understandably soured because they feeeeel The Banner is being A Hypocrite because the Banning wasn’t Mutual; however I don’t think this really involves people out the “outside” ie Average Readers like Myself.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I AM A “FAG SYMPATHIZER” and thus could be easily accused of BEING A Homosexual Degenerate. Because my biggest problem with Homosexuals is not the disgusting unnatural abominable man-on-man-buggery of the Homsexual Sex Act, but of the Revolting Leftist Marxist Civil Rights SWPL Communist Agenda they SO OFTEN Espouse. Which is at least 90% of Homosexuals, so you might as well throw baby out with bathwater eh, and me being a Sympathizer just doesn’t jive with these numbers, thus I Am A Homosexual, right? Well Believe what you want, I can appreciate A Handsome Man, if my Decadent, Excessive, Obsessive, Abominable, Dishonorable obsession with Prime Of Youth Girls hasn’t sold You on my Heterosexuality, nothing will.


and a newer post by Wimminz. This is why he’s in My Top Tier. He writes great stuff without trying, he couldn’t write bad stuff if he tried.

quote ”
Israel Gunned Down Sandy Hook Elementary School 6 Year Olds? by Nordic Sage

This story is sprouting up everywhere:


Mike Harris, former gubernatorial candidate for Arizona, and GOP campaign finance chairman, is flatly stating the massacre of 20 children, and 7 adults, in a Connecticut Elementary School last Friday, was done as an act of revenge, by Israel aka Bibi Netanyahu.

Apparently Bibi’s panties are in a twist over the approaching appointment of Chuck Hagel, as Secretary of Defense..
” end quote

So Nordic Sage posted that 13 hours ago, now his Blog is GONE? PressTV is an IRANIAN Newz Network that is, AS YOU MIGHT EXPECT, Pretty Anti-Zionist, but I don’t necess have a problem with that, hahaha. So this final post was still “cached” in my WordPress Friendz/Follow list. Did He/She (I think it might be a WOMAN! Imagine THAT!) pull their blog voluntarily? Did Antiracists complain to wordpress that they were linking to IRANIANS and ANTIZIONISTS and “INCITING VIOLENCE” and the blog was pulled by Higher-Ups?

google who owns wordpress? Automattic Inc. Who owns Automattic?
Lotta names there, All SWPL, Large Amount Obv YouKnowWho-ish, probably some more where it’s Hard To Tell with the Surnames; Automattic founded by Matt Mullenweg. CEO Toni Schneider. Hmmmmm.

Tried to see if Other Bloggers had noticed this. Here is My White Buddy Mindweapon announced Nordic Sages blog in June 2012 and talking about the “SOFT CONTROL” of the Culture War being waged at Home, by WOMEN, who have become the primary Raisers of Children In A Western World where fathers are either Throw Away, Abdicated, or Working like a Slave and “hoping the children can raise themselves”, while Wimmin let the childrens’ Hearts And Minds rot. In other words, WOMEN ARE CRUCIAL. We can’t ignore Women. But I have long been interested in a “Stardusk/Barbarossaaaa” approach to fathering, where you ignore Wimmin altogether, and raise healthy aware conscious children as a Single Father, however I can’t see how this could be done without some wealth first. OR using Tim Ferriss Work-From-Home for only 4 hours a week and then the majority of your LIFE could be devoted to schooling, training, raising your Kidz. IMHO that would be pretty kewl. I think it could be DONE, but I still think the IDEAL is a Father AND a Mother. A Good Mother, hahahaha. Now don’t come at ME bro, I have a very good Father And Mother, although I have become a bit more Politically, Racially, and Sexually Conscious. I’m just Thinking out loud on how I would raise MY Children, In A Modern Western World where it’s much harder for a Man to find a Good Woman that it was X years ago for my father to find my mother, for instance.

Now Firepower did make the very good point that Revolutionary Bloggers don’t NEED to be Thrown in the Memory Hole or Ministry Of Love by Jackbooted ZOG Thugs, because the Jackbooted ZOG Thugs have already won, they already have full control, and Bloggers are just feebly waving their little t-rex arms, and the Jackbootz are just laughing amusedly, or, more likely, not even bothering to notice. Not just the Jackbootz but of COURSE the Public Eye Ruling Elites they serve. But, for the sake of ARGUMENT, say Adam Lanza was linked to such and such a blog or website, even though he ISN’T, he prob just played call of doody all day and stewed about getting rejected by wimminz and jobz, hahahaha. But What THEN, might you be taken in to talk to the Men In Black in person?

CAMPAIGN DONATIONS. Heh. I was so ignorant and naive I keep forgetting about these; and how Jews once again have Disproportionate-To-Their-Numbers Power here, financing large portions of both Dem and Repub candidates campaigns, making it possible for them to even run for office.

Well that’s all the serious talk I can muster, I’m still thinking about this Meaty White Country Girl, about 20, with Fantastic Teats I can’t get out of my mind. I thought her Fashion Style (Sweatpants, PINK! etc) was not great, and certainly she shouldn’t* have been displaying her Cleavage like that, but, she WAS PRime-Of-Youth, and the Teats WERE Fantastic, so I didn’t mind stealing glances. Wouldn’t legally marry or nonlegally monogamously marry, but I’d surely have her in The Harem for at least 20 bangs, or until she turns 23!

Heh that’s another reason I can’t be a True WN, because I’m a Decadent Sex Fanatic like Roosh V, who would gladly Bang Blacks, Browns, anything that moves as long as it was Prime Of Youth. Too Sex-Minded. Although IMHO I am More High-Minded than The Average PUA or Game Blogger, hahahaha.

Anyway Just 1 minute of that 20-year-old girl rubbing her T!t5 on your face would be more Powerful, Worth More, than a full-blown Bang with a Lower Cougar, or a “6” Drunken Party Slut. Quantity AND Quality is my watchword, hahahaha. QUALITY MATTERS.

googled young catholic western world decadence red pill manosphere, try to find some more “christian” oriented blogs but moreso CATHOLIC cuz that’s what I B. happy to find my own blog on the first page of results, hahahaha. then found this one, s/he (but probably he, but yes there ARE Women Bloggers out there, even on Traditional Religion, Non-Neoconz, etc) even uses the same theme as I, good job hahaha have a trackback SON (and a follow)!


heh trackback for Thinking Housewife too!

You can WordPress Follow blogs that don’t have a Follow Button or even on WordPress by simply pasting the URL into the box under the “EDIT FOLLOWING” link

Bill Powell gives his opinions on Career Options For Young Men.

ANNNND just wanted to say “Joys Of Yiddish” defines “Chutzpah” as having a noteworthy Arrogant 4sshole Element which I was not aware of, having viewed it mainly as “Passion” or “Animating Energy.” No there’s a certain Smirking Audacity, like “The Jew Cries Out as HE strikes YOU.” And so “White Chutzpah” might not be such a good idea, hahaha.

No Posts Tomorrow or CHRISTmas! HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Be Thankful For Your Family!

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