JUNE 13, 2012

Shadow Everyone. All yr friends wot have Bigboys, Shadow Them, buy them lunch, learn to do what they do, it’s like Training only you’re bearing all the burden of the cost, nice value-adding crypto-bribe since you can’t legally bribe, and training is a thing of The LongDead Past, AdaptOrDie. Of COURSE squeeze a blurb onto your RES, if you can’t get a ResBlurb out of Something, it just ain’t WORTH IT & you should just Blow Yer Brains Out(figuratively!), it goes without saying, if you need to hear someone SAY it, Blow Yer Brains Out (figuratively!) Right Now, because yer not fit for SURVIVAL and DEF don’t Deserve a Survival Job!

When yer broad gives you hard time about constantly j3rking-0ff to p0rn, don’t get all beta or defensive, use it as a Teaching Moment: “Well BABY, maybe if you looked prettier, like HER, and did the things SHE does, I wouldn’t have to use pr0n every day, but as it stands now, yer getting OUTSHINED on several fronts.”

Men j3rk0ff to pr0n because the Wimminz they’re having Actual S3x with aren’t ATTRACTIVE enough, and thus aren’t providing good enough s3x to keep him away from p0rn. Very simple. No hidden agendas.

Ideally, the Wimminz you’re banging would be Hot enough and the S3x good enough so you didn’t HAVE to use P0rn. (Note: Wimminz don’t get “better at s3x” the more guys they s3x. they just have to be good-Looking. No learning curve in Taking D!ck!!)

Again snagged by an MSLSD Documentary, very sensational, this time on John Jamelske

of Syracuse NY who had a SEX DUNGEON/BUNKER where he Kidnapped/Enslaved no less than 3 girls over many years, banging them every day. They talked to HIM in jail and he seemed very delusion that what he was doing was a serious crime, thought he would just get community service.

To his credit, he didn’t Sadistically, Violently Torture the girls. He fed them Steak and Played Games with them and gave them a bucket to poop in and water to drink and never beat them, just wanted one bang per day until he set them free, alive and all. Really interesting case. You’d assume most sex-enslavers would torture or kill their victims. not him. Although IF he wanted to be REALLY Generous, he could have furnished the bunker/dungeon a little better because did look pretty inhospitable.

Never heard of this guy. Hit the news around 2003/2004.Wonder what his mental deal is. Sperg? Anal retentive? A bit of a hoarder. OCD? Delusions? He was also pretty emo, could be driven to tears pretty easy. Maybe Bipolar? He had a Wife and said he started kidnapping girls once his Wife got sick and couldn’t give s3x any more, so he had to “look elsewhere” to fulfill his needs.Obv you don’t need to KIDNAP Girls, you can have a perfectly legal non-kidnapped 50 18-year-old-girls HAREM! No need to break any (perfectly valid, reasonable, appropriate, doing-what-laws-SHOULD-do) LAWS! (Kidnapping & Sex Enslaving IS a kind of violence, although not as bad as Abortion or 3G1H haha!)

Caffeine Pills (Vivarin, No-Doz) to self-medicate Undiagnosed Adult ADD? Say break up 1 pill 3 pieces per day? ADHD but no hyperactivity? Inattention And VERY LOW Energy?

If “Free-Thinking” Wimminz want to break down Gender Binary & Norms by having S3x with Herb Betas (“See? We have S with WHOEVER WE WANT! Those MISOGYNISTS Don’t KNOW What Women Want! Sometimes We Think Sensitive Emo Boys are Sexy Too, So we have Random Sex with them!”) , then they should RELINQUISH their “right” to complain about him getting “creepery” or “clingy” “just from s3x”.  They just opened up Pandora’s Box, what do They expect? They should ALSO contractually agree to Severance Bangs after they get bored and dump him, and also an agreed-upon number of Photos and Videos for the Beta. That would clearly make HIM less “creepery”, would clearly Mutually Reward BOTH woman and man, yet the wimminz Don’t Do This, because it involves Too Long-Term of Thinking! You Wimminz Bring it all upon yourselves! You Get The Men You Deserve! You Get The Men And Behavior Which You Reward with Your Stank Sn4tch or which you Punish By Withdrawing Your St4nk Sn4tch, until your sn4tch becomes SO stank that it loses its power to Manipulate & Condition Men’s Behavior!

This is the Tragedy of being a S3x-Addict, is you’re obsessed with something that’s nowhere NEAR as INTERESTING as the Masculine Sciences you SHOULD be interested in! Because your Chakras are imbalanced! Ever hear a MAN talk about CHAKRAS? (outside of original religious meaning)

Girl has Short hair? TIUTA! Hipster Hat? TIUTA! Tattoos esp on arm? TIUTA! Nose Pierce? TIUTA! Dyed Hair? TIUTA! Feminist/Leftist? TIUTA!


(stole blatantly from Wimminz Blog, go read his blog. Great guy, great blog. Underrated.)

Perhaps “Laziness” is better conceptualized in Current Literature as “Procrastination”, “WORK AVERSION DISORDER” (haha), or simply Lack Of Motivation. The Carrot & The Stick are Broken and can’t condition you to Do Things. Reinforcement/Punishment Schedule is Out Of Wack. What Motivates People To Do Things. What is Good Reward, Good Punishment? Decent Entertainment, Young Tail, Tasty food, ph4t bl00ntz. But eat too much yummy food you get fat. screw pooch. kill golden goose. stops being a reward. being fat is HUGE, CONSTANT, DRAINING PUNISHMENT, prob WORSE than all that food was GOOD.Ok Napping/Sleeping.

Laziness-as-Sin perspective. Yes I LIKE, just want to go beyond. Enlarge. Laziness-As-ADD. Ok. Write Dissertation, turn into Book. fill Gap. Laziness in Western World. Synthesize all the perspectives!

Clearly the best Job for a LAZY person is a UNIONIZED PUBLIC/GOV’T EMPLOYEE! I will bribe you at LEAST $70,000 (over 30 year period) for sth like that. Who do you gotta KNOW. Will bribe them 70 grand. If private sector workers are all Jelly over the Public Bennies, get a Public Job! Unless you have to be Super Smart & Harvard Bourge to get Gov’t Job. But then they wouldn’t have reputation for Laziness! Huh? HUHHH??!!

Not as Hyper as this writing suggests.

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