I originally wanted to post this ALL on NYE but it is WAY too long, plus I wasn’t sure what to post on NYD, so WHAMMO, break it up into two. STEMGINEERING SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMZ.


Heh. Of course I’m that arrogant. Narciss. So this year I started this blog, not like I’ve never Bloooggggged before, but I did take a yearlong sabbatical. But of course I’ll be reposting Old Blog stuff once in a while. Not too much!

This was The Year Of White Nationalism or at LEAST Racial Awakening, haha. And of The Jewish Question. Naming The Jew. Maybe I should just say “Zionists”. For the same reason I say Wimmin instead of Women, just so you know I’m not talking about talking about ALL Women, just 99% of them hahahaha. NAWALT, NAJALT, I don’t HATE any individual for being born part of group that has some ugly average tendencies. RISE ABOVE. Humans of all races and sexes and religions and IQs and Political Persuasions can rise above their “Human Natures”, IE, rise above the Inhuman and Animal and Surly Bonds and Base and Immoral and Decadent!

I became more aware of Neocons and Zionist Warmongering False Conservatives.

Heh. I “became aware” of Eradica, OK Eradica gets my BLOG OF THE YEAR AWARD. SLURRRRPPPPP!

Though I fellate Eradica, I am a Very different Blogger. A much bigger Niceguy, “comedian”, moderate and coward hahaha.

NEWS & J00Z (stealing that from Ryu although I’m pretty sure he’s borrowing it from somewhere else. a way of referring to The Daily Outrage (tm FP) or that all news is basically the same sh!t different day, all filtered through that all-telling mouthpiece of You-Know-Who hahaha, that 99% of News Is Predictable as Hell)


As I’ve said, it seeeeeeems we have more Skool Shootings and Shooting Sprees than when I was a Chirren. Blame mid 1990s Gun Kahntrol Lawz haha. Isn’t it a “shame” that I can’t even remember if the Loughner Giffords Arizona shooting happened in 2011 or 2012. I know it was in Feb! Well here’s a fact, in 012 we had james holmes the batman shootr and adam lanza the sperzerker newtown shooter. The latter notable because it was in the short list of savagery. A More Savage Mass Shooting. Although theoretically it’s just as bad to kill adults as children, it just seeeeems worse to kill children. It definitely gets people more emotional. It even got ME more emotional. Prob because little kidz are seen as Innocents. & I do agree with that. 6 year old kidz are too young to be decadent and destroyed by Media & Marxists & are usually all happy and honest and inquisitive and don’t even understand Death or Evil or Human Nature.

[ lemme throw in a quick quote from SOBL, my Big Blog Find of Dec 2012:
QUOTE: ” *Side note: how low are the people we all are friends with who made Facebook or Twitter statements automatically calling for gun control + blaming video games before the bodies were in the ground? The media and Democrat lawmakers are power mad leftist capos, so I would expect it from them. Doesn’t this reveal just how deep the infection goes for political obsessions? When Joan Soccer Mom starts screaming about gun control within 48 hours like they are Nancy Pelosi, the disease has reached epidemic proportions. ” /END QUOTE. ]

In My View, The Daily Outrage is another way the masses are desensitized and our Frog is Boiled. It’s NOT that we don’t get upset when a maniac massacres 27 little children. Oh yeah we’re upset at the time. The scary thing is that we Get Over It so quickly, with no Lasting Positive Change to come out of it, and we can safely predict that something even WORSE will PROBABLY happen SOON, like in 2013, and that will have no lasting effect other than being added to the Short List of Deadliest Postcolumbine Massacres.

The real question is, what kind of Govt Overreach Effects are happening as a result of these shootings in the past 15 years or so? Gun Control, Gun Free Zones, Gun Laws, etc. I can’t point to anything directly due to the Lanza thing, but shouldn’t* I be able to point to something due to the things of holmes, loughner, the cho guy at VirgTech? did those impact gun lawz at all? And why can’t I give a definitive answer “YES they led to THESE laws which CAUSED these later shootings.”

Other big events: The Election, Syria, Libya, some Egypt. Hurricane Sandy in US. continuing nuke controversy with Iran. Russian elections, French elections. Can’t remember what happened in england hahaha. Or the EU. Or Africa. Black warlords killing heaps of black civilians and giving babies aidz probably haha. what happened in china and india. Can’t remember specifics. Things probably moved along the same trajectory (Fagspeak, try “path” or “way”) they have been.

I watched some horrific video of some Syrian guy being BEHEADED by a Child wielding a Sword. I guess the child represented the Freedom Fighters whose Anti-Assad side our nation is behind. Are we supposed to think, “but Assad’s side is even MORE savage, so he deserves to be beheaded!”, or are we supposed to think, “beheading is inherently savage, we shouldn’t support any kind of savage”? Now I had seen “3 Guys 1 Hammer” so this wasn’t that bad. But I agree, beheading IS savage, and the amount of blood was tremendous. It is SAVAGE, but incredibly EFFECTIVE for spreading FEAR and TERROR and CONTROL. Sends a very powerful message.

I tend to forget that for the Prez, the Popular Vote was much closer than the Electoral vote, which makes me think this reelection was not a Huge Mandate from the People, and not representative of The Average American. However there is great Polarization among the Average Public but that’s been going on for….4 years? 8 years? 12 years? A Civil Culture War if you will. Us and Them. Left and Right. Left and Neocons. 99% and 1% haha. whites and nonwhites. and people seem to be Getting Along Worse, Not Better. Meaning it’s long past time to Change Course, but that is blatantly not happening.

So we live in a “TOXIC” culture (very fagspeak, try decadent or poisonous or rotten) in a decadent state in a decadent world. Our Outer Environment is not ideal. So we must strengthen ourselves to then make our immediate environment ideal, and keep from being poisoned by the poison. This could involved Ethnonationalism, or it could just involve Going Your Own Way, whatever’s good for you as long as you’re not hurting anybody else. Very LIbertarian haha.

For the New Year, I WILL (“stealing” this Unambiguous Language from Ryu, this is better than I resolve To or I’ll Try To, more manly and decisive, might make me more likely to ACTUALLY DO IT)

-become less lazy
-become less cowardly
– do more
– heh spend less time bloggggging (though I really don’t spend a lot of time on this, and not nearly as much as you’d think from the QUANTITY, no I just type fast and don’t try hard)
– and more time Tryharding on things that Deserve to be Tryharded on. To give Tryhard a Positive Connotation if you will. Like on the “professional” stuff, which in 2012 I’ve been a MORALLY LAZY QUITTER GIVER UPPER on. Can’t do that. Gotta try hard. Can’t give up.
– continue spending minimal time with WIMMIN, their company is poisonous to the mind and soul, hahaha
– email Mindweapon back, haha
– contact Varg Vikernes webmaster and try to get Varg more Involved or at least Writing More on the New True Right, Antizionist, Antimulticulturalist, he already fits in quite nicely, he just doesn’t know it, haha.
– take some free online classes just to learn stuff, espec business and STEM and medical. Might back “Actual Official” (ZOG) Skooling Skam a little easier. IE blow through physics and microbiology and org chem and all the hardest classes when the time comes. use flashcards, I don’t REALLY hate flashcards, I find them useful for Hard Classes. Might also help me make my mind up. I’m smart enough to do a STEM degree but I don’t want to compete with all the big4ss tryhards for jobs. Be a STEM grad with the mentality of a BUSINESS STUDENT, hahaha. So I might do double major of STEM and Business, which will make me look smarter and better than business students, and then just not apply for STEM jobs but just business jobs. Heh. Find the companies in the Lowest Decile of 500 Best COmpanies To Work For and set my sights no higher than THAT. GOOD ENOUGH.

– sweet baby jesus I have to get in SHAPE. I am in worse than average shape, when I would like to be in way above average shape, better shape than ZOG Jackbootz at least! but yeah even to make a “lifestyle change” resulting in permanent Just A LITTLE Bit Better Physical Health would be better. I KNOW we should be in THE BEST SHAPE EVER, CONSTANTLY TRAINING AND IMPROVING, but IMHO even Small Improvements are better than NO Improvements.

– hang out with the arabic tryhards in my Hard STEM classes, form study groups, ask them questions, network, outperform them, study all day at the library with them. maybe if I actively spend more time around Potentially Successful STEM College Students, I might be a Successful STEM Worker one day. Peer Groups and such. Plus I am blessed that in my area, a lot of the arabs are christian not muslim. this is not typical. I got lucky.

– IF I ever start putting a Woman on a Pedestal, well let’s just say Infatuation because Pedestal has too many negative connotations, and IMHO Infatuation is a GOOD thing, The Glue Which Binds a Husband and Wife together Long Term and makes for Good Families etc…. anyway I don’t EXPECT to get that tingly scary feeeeeeling but if I DO, then I’ll ACT ON IT IN A REASONABLE TIME FRAME rather than flush a f00king YEAR down the crapper because of it. If this means Moar Rejection, FINE, SO BE IT, I can HANDLE Getting Rejected in 2013 way better than I could in 2012. NO BIG DEAL TOOTS.

– Do more honestly creative stuff like MUSIC and FICTION/STORIES. This “Nonfiction” stuff is great (haha) and I thought I’d never get back into Fiction because Nonfiction is Objectively Superior, but I now see that Both have their place. Like Reason and Emotion. This doesn’t mean that Some things aren’t Always Immoral! I ain’t no Moral Situationist/Relativist/Hamster!

– lift big weights, eat more paleo hahaha see health.

– not give up so easily, get more hustle, not use Sleep and Naps as my Opiate Drug.

– Use the Steam Room and Sauna on a regular basis, ridiculously refreshing.

– get better about Staying In Touch with Old Friends, like email Mr X once every Y months hahaha

– find a better church. yeah the people are all nice but I think I want a Much More Serious Catholic Approach

– get a Gene Test done and discover my Haplotype and where in the world in history this haplotype is most prevalent and then research that area, prob near Poland haha.

– pick up studying Polish Language. that will be my FUN language. For Mindweapon Purposes I wouldn’t mind learning Arabic, Chinese, Russian. All in 2013 hahaha.

– watch less TV
– read less news, the news and TV is Worse Than Worthless, there are better ways to stay informed on what’s going on in the world, and you don’t have to spend an hour every day to do it

– heh open up comments on this blog at least some of the time; have a “Dedicated Comment Post”, one post open to comments and people can go there.

– read Stormfront and VNN Forums regularly so I don’t go shooting my mouth off like a Total Newb

– get a grasp of “The Holohoax Thing” because atm I have some Cognitive DIssonance on how 6 Million Deaths could be Falsified or Invented. I could see exagerrating 5 million actual deaths to 6 million and THAT alone would be pretty shameful. Heh. but I guess this is why they call it Holocaust Revisionism not Holocaust DENIAL, hahaha.

– try not to be a whining f@ggot too much

– work harder to become less of a loser. stop being such a big loser at life.

– less blogging and writing and time wasting, more careeeeeeeer work. NO, NOT Careeeeeeeer, just Good Old Fashioned JOB Work. Just looking for a Decent Job, obv I’m not in the Careeeeer Cult. YES, I AM EMPLOYED, for all you philistines that thought I was Totes Unemployed. But I am Underemployed and had almost GIVEN UP on trying to move from Underemployment To Gainful Full Decent Living Sustainable Employment Job. I can still say f00k Careeeeeerz, Kareeeeeeerz are for f@ggot b!tchez. OBVIOUSLY.

– more Gratitude Actions to those who have helped me, namely my Fam.

– eat more organic foodz, not because I’m a hippy communiss f@ggot, but to cut down on Toxins. I buy the Toxin Argument.

– hire the indian virtual assistant slave to at least try it out. if it feeeeeelz icky then I can always stop.

– buy silver or gold
– work on investments in general, like LAND (that I don’t have to pay property tax on haha) and ETFs.

– clean up clutter and junk and throw it away. I did a lot of good in that dept in 2012, hope to do even more in 13.

– practice dale carnegie sales tactics and be able to do extravert things on autopilot without burning thru my Introvert Energy too quickly. just tune out and socialize mindlessly.

– buy a new suit, buy TWO new suits. like go to the suit store and get MEASURED.

– blog less, DO more

– Confront Fears More Often, who cares if I FAIL, many times it’s just OVercoming the Fear that is the main thing, that’s a big Victory.
– Stop being my Own Worst Enemy

– eat less Carbs and Sugars

2012 wasn’t bad, I dealt with a Major Life Infatuation Failing, I bought a MUCH-NEEDED, MUCH-APPRECIATED Laptop Computer which I’d been planning and saving for YEARS, I got an A in Calc 1, I also took Management Software Applications and C++ Coding 202. That latter was nice and challenging but a lot of work and yes I got an A. Calc 1 was also a lot of work and challenging and I also got an A. Will take Calc 2 next year. Other possibilities: Calc 3, Linear Algebra, Diff EQ’s, Managerial Accounting, Finance, Quantitative Finance, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry hahaha.

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