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Just a hypothetical. Could you theoretically Make A Master Race by combining the best of two (or more?) different races – combining multiple races’ strengths, eliminating individual races’ weaknesses? For example, breed Whites and Jews together so you can have the Intellectual, Civilization-Building, Moral, Beautiful aspects of Whites, and then get the Extreme Dedicated Ethnocentrism and Race Survival Instinct of the Jews, and maybe some of their Intelligence too. Some Reports Suggests Ashkenazi Jews are avg 10 IQ points smarter than Whites. If this is true, well I’ll take it.

It’s impossible to say the benefits would outweigh the costs. Because say while the genes were mixing in the zygote (heh I KNow How Babies Are Made!) more of the Bad Jewish Genes Slipped In and Less of the Good White Genes. Dominant and Recessive Genes n stuff.

So Obviously the safest, best bet is not to Race-Mix. But wouldn’t an Inferior Race want to Race-Mix with a Superior Race in Any and All Circumstances – both to bring down the Superior race, and bring UP their own? Hmmm VELY INTELESTING.


I think MEN are much more open to Freely Talking about Race than Wimmin. Breathe one word of this to a Wimminz and she’ll screech “EEEK A RACIST!”. Possibly Jews too. Jews WANT whites to think everything’s racist, when they’re the biggest racists of all – so they can erase the white race and increase their own control. Kahntrol hahahaha. So it stands to reason if a Man hangs out a lot with Wimmin or Jews, the man will become soft and more likely to Screech EEK A RACIST! and less likely to talk calmly and honestly & even handedly & seriously about Race without going eek.

(I am stealing this from the “Eek A Man!” Meme by some MRA. It could have even been My Personal Hero Bernard Chapin, I think it refers to how you can’t leave children alone with a man because All Men Are Pedophiles or sommat.)


i’ve been a big hater on hate in the past. That was probably just me being a big f@ggot niceguy and not wanting to appear creepy to wimmin, because wimmin hate haters, even nice marriageable girls that you want to monogamously marry hate haters.

but now that i’m not Living To Please Wimmin, I can say that a Little Hate is a GOOD thing! go ahead, call someone a N!993R or a F@990T or a K!K3 or a KVNT or a KVM-BURPING B!T(H. If someone’s actually contributing to the decline of society then you are RIGHT to HATE them a little bit. Note I didn’t say you’re justified in Violently Attacking them. I still don’t advocate unprovoked, nonselfdefensive Violence. But Hate them a Little, that’s fine.



I guess this (“The Hidden Wiki”) is the grandaddy of hidden dark internet deep web stuff. But the 3wkvp35awgt.onion or whatever site does not seem to be working at of dec 2012 hahahaha. I found a mirror. there are a number of drug selling sites. I refused to click on the “Underage” stuff, or the stuff that sells People’s Credit Card Numbers. GOOD LORD. Now I am back on the “clearnet” as they say. yeah ya know I just can’t get into that sort of stuff too much. I’m just amazed they can MAIL DRUGS so easily and frequently. These big dealers have been sending THOUSANDS OF PACKAGES OF DRUGS IN THE MAIL FOR YEARS and not gotten busted?

However as a Finance Minor, I am interested in the Robustness of The Bitcoin. Would Bitcoins be a good long-term investment, in other words?

and there’s intense stuff like syrian rebels and freedom fighters and antizionists and people hiring hit men. I wonder if there is any White Nationalist stuff, haha. a lot of the links were dead and “THE DARK NET” is kinda hard to search unless you’re a big Hacking/Security/COmputer Tryhard, which I am decidedly not.

But it is Scary how many Illegal Things ARE easily accessible. Say you had an enemy who wanted to send you to Pound You In The Arse Prison, s/he could just use your computer to download a bunch of Kiddie Pr0n, then post that all over public forums like 4chan or reddit, just post a few hundred pictures, make sure they’re on your hard drive, and WHAM I can only imagine how long it would take for U to get arrested. Do they wake the judge in the middle of the night to Authorize a Search Warrant? Do they need a Search Warrant?

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This is not necess What I Believe, but it is an Interesting Idea:

world the world be a better or worse place if wimmin gave more Pity/Charity bangs? This is related to my “Wimminz Greed Is Like Corporate Greed” hypothesis, where a tiny fraction of people (men) hoard most of the wealth (pvssy), but I hate talking about it too much, because it sounds like Wealth Distribution Pvssy SOCIALISM. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” BARF.

But I still am interested in the idea of a PVSSY WAITING LIST, where the men who have been WAITING&WORKING for it the LONGEST, get it FIRST. And if the system worked like that, ALL Men could get Satisfactory Sex, except the alphas who got Attractive Sex every day

might have to wait every other day. Then the Poor Betas would get it every other day, and they would be Overjoyed and 90000 times More Productive, and Cure Cancer and Fix All Social Problems and Colonize Outer Space and invent Great Technology that otherwise might never be invented.

Anyway IMHO, there are a LOT of Undersexed Betas and Omegas out there who would LUV a few Pity Bangs. Much better than NO bangs ever! ESPECIALLY if it were attractive wimmin who were Doling them out! Rather than Betas Struggggggling to get Gross BonerKilling Bangs from Gross 37 yo Fat Single Momz on OKC and Plenty of Filth.

Heh. I supposed Charity and Welfare are Acceptable as long as they are not Doled Out by the State at Taxpayerz Expense. But by the church or something. or your Superextended Family, haha.


If someone is a KindaSorta Potential Ally, My (and prob many others’!) rule of thumb is to GIVE THEM THREE STRIKES, and TELL THEM when they have incurred a strike. This way you can give people A Fair Shake, but still not let yourself get WALKED ON. Obviously within reason. If they do something Real Traitorous, One Strike is all that’s needed. And conversely, little Narcissism Of Small Difference Arguments or Opinions might

not even count as One Half A Strike. Just try to give people a Fair Shake. Sometimes it takes at least One Year of Seeing Somebody Semi-Regularly to really get a handle on them, to even begin to enter the Circle of Trust. They could be White, Black, Jewish, Wimminz, Albanian, Mestizo, Tartar, Pygmoid, Maori, Native, Azeri, they can call pass or fail the Three Strikes Test.

Although I think if you plug in Race X vs Race Y, then you can order the races with respect to who strikes out the fastest vs a given opponent.



This is risky and harder. You could take one of your FWB’s whom you’re obviously not in LOVE with, but whom you GET ALONG WITH well enough, and agree to use HER as your rent-a-womb, with the understanding that you would get primary custody. But it would be “weird’ (Everything’s “WEIRD” with Some Wimmin) for you to have SOME Relationship with the Wimmin, her agree to do this for you, and her agree

not to see the Child very much. She’s gonna want to see the child, and that’s probably a reasonable thing for her to want to do in this case, not being a straight up womb for hire. See how it gets complicated. I guess you could do a 70/30 custody deal. OR she could come over and hang out and see the kids any time she wants, because you’re not Divorced and Don’t Hate Each Other and are hopefully Still Just Friends, hahahaha.

What I’m trying to figure out is: ok so you’re not SO madly in love with the wimmin that you’d want to LIVE with her. But isn’t it best for the kids to have parents who LIVE together. Trying to find the best compromise there, so the parents don’t have to LIVE together. Maybe they could live NEAR each other, like Next door. But that’s obv hard if someone wants to move to NYC or San Fran for Careeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.


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That title doesn’t really have to do with THIS particular post. Just another good “mantra.” Although hateful & racist as f00k. I was in a real bad mood when that one came to me. Heh I semi-promised not to ‘RACE-BAIT” however even in a Good Mood I think there is indeed a Kernel Of Truth to that Inflammatory, Provocative, “Hateful” Racist Slogan.

(this post is the Least Time Machineish in a while: Jan 24 2012)

“Warning:” This Post Is A Little Racist. &IMHO that’s not a bad thing, haha.

Ok. Doomdigit’s Courage v Cowardice post at Eradica (heh not gonna link to it cuz I don’t want to even Look like a Little B!tch Begging for Trackbacks) linked to a Cracked article by John Cheese

talking about all the frustrating hoops he had to jump thru to play Diablo 3. Doomdigit implied this was indicative of people giving up their freedom and power to get an entertainment fix. sort of, hahaha. I skimmed the Diablo Cheese article which linked to another far more interesting article by him entitled “5 excuses that stand in the way of You Growing Up.”

Here he presents a “tough love” approach to shocking his audience, presumably Manchild-age Youngish Millennial Men, into Manning Up. Where some of this includes Working For A Living, I can get behind. But something in his Toooooone strikes me as a dishonest. I hope he proves me wrong. But this is the problem with Snark “Journalism” Editorializing (tm Private man) . You can never tell if they’re being honest or not. Not being SERIOUS is ok, as I myself enjoy never being serious, but I can guarantee you I always try to be HONEST. I DIDN’T COME HERE TO FOOL YA. To tell you lies. Or even to unknowingly tell you half-truths, hahaha.

There’s some good points in Cheese’s article but I can’t help but feeeeeeeel something crucial is missing. Then I think, this is Cracked magazine, which has somehow morphed from the Mad-Magazine Knock-off of My Youth into this Online Snark Editorial Blog, very much like Gawker or Jezebel and other total pieces of crap. Gawker should think of acquiring Cracked if they haven’t already, ha. It seeeeeeems Cracked is moreso trying to speak to Button-Mashing Men, a bit of a Lad Mag approach, BUT they Serve The Same Masters as Jezebel. You Know Who. The Plutocrat / Cultural Marxist Caste, haha.

part 2:

Eradica also brought my attention to a Return Of Kings article On Racism (“Racism is a Feminist’s Best Friend”). I think The Game community is “Growing Up” a little, to digest a little more of The Red Pill than they were 2 or 3 years ago, but I disagree with that little graph that puts “Getting Laid” as the most important in a man’s life, and “Race” way down at the bottom, and that Race is a divisive issue that will destroy the men’s movement, and Heartiste is full of anti-black race-baiters, and we need to purge racists from Conservatism, they’re really bringing it down. Interesting comment thread. There was a Conservative Black Man who had some good points…..but remember only .000001% of blacks turns out to be Thomas Sowell. He is not very representative of his race. Heh. to me it’s less of a Race Question than a J Question. I know I was gonna back off on the J word but I can’t. In an ideal world, Blacks would join Whites against J’s. But they don’t because J’s give blacks privilege and power, and that’s hard to refuse. In short, I dislike J’s way more than I dislike Blacks! Just My Opinion As A Whiny, Entitled White Male Keyboard Jockey White Butthurt Basement Dweller!

But I don’t think we should be TOO hard against Gamers for Not Being Racist Enough. It took me a long time of struggle and Cognitive Dissonance to Come Out Of The Closet As A Racist and to cleanse myself of the Brainwashing That Racism Is The Worst Thing Ever. Of course I’m a very unique special snowflake racist

THAT BEING SAID, I am still (perhaps naively!) hopeful that B Men can ally with W Men to fight feminism. And W Women and B Women for that matter, can join their men to Do What’s Right. However there are much bigger fish to fry than just feminism.

To paraphrase a comment in that RoK article, how likely would for example, an Albanian man and a Serb man team up to Fight Feminism?

Note to self:

Yakob mentions African civilizations in “Greater Zimbabwe, Kongo, West Africa” as a sort of counteragument to the argument that Africans have never developed an advanced civilization on their own.   It would be responsible of me to research.

Heh. This is why I will not allow comments on this blog for at least another year, hahaha.


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Ryu mentioned something in a comment about David Lane encouraging white men to get white brides from russia. What I’d encourage is less “Mail-Order Brides” than Straight-Up SURROGATE MOTHERS. RENT-A-WHITE-WOMBZ. I never said this wasn’t gonna COST a lot of MONEY! So getting that money is the first step.

Now there’s the question of, should the Surrogate Mother ever be allowed to see the child? Tentatively, without giving it much thought, I’d say maybe once a year would be acceptable.But they certainly wouldn’t have the “traditional” mother-child relationship, in fact, that’s the whole point of a Surrogate Mother, because you want to Keep The Mother Out Of It, because Average Wimmin Make Bad Mothers.

Is it IDEAL to have a single father with no real mother? Hell NO, but I argue it’s better than a good father and a Bad mother who wrestles the children away from the good father!

Also if the Father eventually finds a Good Female Mate, I’m not saying he couldn’t bring her in as a Stepmother.

So how do we make men Wealthy Enough to Hire White Surrogate Mothers? There’s sources for that, hahaha. Learn Trades, make 350K a year, sock some away so that you can have a “mini-retirements” a la Tim Ferriss only your mini-retirements would last like 5 or 6 years to really skool and train that child in the formative years.

“Are there any true mainstream paleo-conservative forums out there? What I want is a board that is not neo-con, like Freak Republic, but a board which goes to the edge on Israel and multi-culturalism, which could on the other hand deny being racist, like Pat Buchanan does, so even a politician can get away with posting there.”

computer science vs computer engin vs finance vs accounting vs biz vs elec engin edjewcation advice hahahaha. Occidental Enclave looks pretty promising for my Little Racist Not A Big Racist Grump Grampa Common Sense Old Skool NonZionist Approach, which is PROB synonymous with “PALEOCONSERVATIVE” anyway. paleoconserv journal


people on OccEncl list their Y DNA and Mitochondrial DNA which probably sez sth about a persons genetics hahahaha. huge polish emigration to brazil according to ziopedia haha.
heh I do not link to Ziorun Ziopedia any more, We Need Our OWN Wikipedia, hahahaha.

some of those will only be of interest to poles

Heh I should take a genes/genetics class
let’s see how fast I can find a “good” one in the internetz

christopher hitchens debates white nationalist tom metzger

ho boy.
looking at some photos of Dead from Mayhem and shocked at how they do not jive with the description of him as a cold weird suicidal death obsessed freak. he seems like a Happy Funny Fun Loving Silly Niceguy.

not sure who the “David Duke Fan” is who keeps posting links to me on STORMFRONT but I have a few ideas hahaha. [I thought he might have been an Ally Blogger, but now I’m not so sure, since he just linked something else, and Kinda Misrepresented My Opinions. Heh. I hope he posts other links and is not Just My Dedicated Stalker, committed to Smearing Me on SF , when I’m just an SF Lurker not a poster, AND I’m MUCH more on their side than not on their side! Weeeeeird!]  Yes I’ve been reading a lot more Stormfront lately. I 80% like it, hahaha. they don’t shy away from the jew question that’s for sure. Although I’m sure the people who have been banned say that they are jewlovers, hahahaha.
Mikko Aspa gives interview about “Anti-Social Realism” and “UR Worth It” the art movement he founded hahaha along with the cofounders.

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(That title is much more accurate for an upcoming post. It’s simply a Great Slogan/Mantra to Blow Antiracists’ “Minds” & I didn’t want to forget it, hahaha.)


People who are against Cultural Marxism and Feminism and the Destruction of the Family Might Be Turned off if you then start frothing at the mouth on how those are all Jewish Conspiracies. I argue we can still Ally with Those People who are afraid to say the J Word, but are still rightfully against these Horrific Marxist Things. I might even back off on all the Race talk just to sound more “professional” and “serious”. Then once you have fully gained the trust of the person, you Boil The Frog with a little J Talk. no need to have it all out at once!

Because it would not be good if average people associated “Those who are against Cultural Marxism Are All EEEEVIL RACIST ANTISEMITES”, and then they go embracing Cultural Marxism, where before they were standing against it. But just because they were SCARED of being labeled an anti-semite? Nah, there are plenty of AntiMarxists out there who still need to be disabused of their PhiloSemitism, haha.

But will Jews tell Whites honestly if they (the jews) think Jews are White or not? The Jewish Realist (hehe) agrees that Jews are very ethnocentrist and do NOT see themselves as Whites, so Whites should not see them as Whites either.

Hence my whole CYLON comparison. Some people also point to the movie “They live” which I should watch.

So my Pro-White Forum Buddies like to claim that All Jews are Ugly, that you have The SerpentFaced Jew, and the Rat Jew, and the Pig Jew and all these other categories of Jewish Ugliness. Not to Divide My Brethren, but I’d offer that Prime Of Youth Jewesses can be very, very attractive – enough to inspire race-traitor LOVE in white men, who might not realize these pretty light-skinned girls are not really white.

I was also thinking, A Vast Majority Of Whites do NOT Race Mix (but how vast?), EVEN THOUGH Race Mixing is CELEBRATED and ENCOURAGED by The Media; so why worry about it before a large percentage of people ACTUALLY DO race mix? The bigger problem is Other Races plain old OUTBREEDING whites! For example Albanians growing exponentially, while White Europeans Die Childless.

FULL DISCLOSURE OF RACE TREASON: I would be more likely to be Friends with a Nonwhite than a White Nationalist would be, probably; But I am much more Pro-White than the Average Millennial or Liberal or Wimmin. Again, I go with the analogy of The Traditional White Grampa. That’s all I am. He was a Little Racist, He recognized races were different, but he was civil with nonwhites when he needed to be, he didnt’ HATE anybody, he didn’t join the Klan or Violent Neo-Nazis. Although I wonder if Neo-Nazis are even REALLY that Violent. I would BET that even The Most  Extremist Swastika-Heiling SKINHEADS are much less violent than The Media portrays them!

maybe my calling/mission in life is to present a Reasonable Moderate Alternative for Whites to be Pro-White without the “Extremism” of White Nationalism….. but Not All WNs are Extremists! HOWEVER, I think the talk on forums like VNN or Stumble Inn would scare average whites. And even on the more “civil” Stormfront. Cause they’re always talking about how stupid GROIDS are. Now I don’t have a problem with the word GROIDZ, and I think all that is pretty funny and I can HANDLE all that, but maybe potential Allies cannot. (“Well, we don’t WANT them as allies then!” )

I’m stealing the Ally thing from Linder/VNN or was it Matt PArrott? So You have a hierarchy:
Comrades: people who are totally with you
allies: people who are open to you but not quite comrades yet
aliens: people who are not on your side but not hostile to you….yet
enemies: people who are hostile to you and are fighting you and you fighting them.

i go to twitter and a lot of “normal average god-fearing gun-toting small gummint conservatives” are also pro-israel right in their description. Makes me scratch my head.

OK, so save the JEw Talk for the Inner Party. The Highest Degrees. If we want numbers to Save Our Civilization we can’t talk about Jews with The Masses. But it would behoove us to lead the masses. I suppose since the masses are brainwashable, you could brainwash them against jews, but the way we’ve been talking about jews so far hasn’t seemed to work. Still too scaaaawwy and wacist.

Quantity AND Quality combined, hahaha. kinda like, should whites necessarily be breeding like blacks or muslims or albanians if all those babies are white trash? (probably yes?) would that generation then be signif more likely to race-mix? but would the pure numbers of new whites cancel out that race-mixing? Would a new white baby boom prove once and for all The Racial Question – that whites are different than blacks or not? Heh. Maybe I should encourage You to go out and create as many white babies as you possibly can with as many diff white women, even if you don’t have the means to take care of them.

BUT that sounds kinda sh!tty. I would wholeheartedly encourage white men with sufficient resources who haven’t yet found suitable white mates to become Single Fathers, however! Single Fatherhood could be This Generations’ way of carrying out The 14 Words, and then in future generations we will have better, more motherly wimmin. But for now, we have to adapt to prevailing conditions. Play the hand we’ve been dealt hahahaha. Not saying you can’t bang a decadent 18 year old white girl every once in a while! Just don’t worship Casual Cvnt like they worship Careeeeeeeers and Casual Cox and SWPLs!

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heh carolyn yeager thinks counter currents is homosexual as well as matt parrott. I mean she thinks he is. I don’t think he is. but despite bashing potential comrades, she does have some good things to say about History.

ok chechar is pro alice miller, clearly pro alice miller. who talks about parents being murderers of their children and the widespreadness of horrific child abuse thruout history, and then the uselessness of “psychiatry” to deal with it, and psychiatry is a joke and a farce and a hoax and a sin and a crime that should be eradicated as it is false and hurts people doesn’t help them. while pretending to help them.

GREAT Chechar article “On Morally Lazy Loserness for people who are too spoiled and entitled and should just blow their brains out because they’re too weak and immoral and lazy and spoiled to drag themselves out of bed and work for a living like every respectable person” I MEAN “On Depression”, Chechar presents and extremely thoughtful (and long, hahaha) review of Solomon’s “Noonday Demon”, which I have sitting on my shelf and tried to read several times but didn’t really get into.

So yes I like Chechar because he has a forte on Psychology and Psychiatry, which I’ve always been interested in, and of course he is very anti-establishment in his views, which I like as well. And his stuff is very well researched and written and convincing, rather than just me angrily lashing out: psychiatry is poison, meds don’t help people, they’re plutocrat medical establishment scam poison! Chechar tells you Why.

Chechar does not get enough love from me so here is some! I assure you I am very thankful for his huge body of work. It is pretty intimidating because he has like 5 blogs all filled with really long articles, but just start anywhere and start reading. Heh it will take a few months to stop being a Chechar Newb. He requires some effort but is def worth it. Would be nice if he publishes an english version of his book. his original language is spanish and I think he is from Spain but now lives in Mexico. I would frankly like to hear more autobiography from him, and not only his horrific child abuse, but just his day to day life as a pro-white anti-zionist living in Mexico.

Click to access translation-of-book-4.pdf

english trans of part 4 of his book. theoretical stuff not autobiographical stuff. hojas susurrantes, whispering leaves.

spanish language blog accompanying the book. will try to read with google translate.

heh. when chechar wrote some articles criticizing certainly arguments of say greg johnson or alice miller I took that to mean that he was Denouncing the Person and was Totally Anti-Them because I see that kind of throwing-out-the-baby-with-the-bathwater with other race-conscious writers. Someone writes one thing they disagree with and suddenly they’re a f@gg0t and a crypto-j3w and a race traitor and a coward and need to be Banished. What I really like about Chechar is that he can respectfully disagree with people just a little bit.

“Failure To Launch”: trying to find what Marxist Psychiatry sez about this, the literature, and then come up with a Better Alternative Hypothesis. Twixters, Parasite Singles, Boomerang Kids. Emerging Adulthood, Adultolescence, ADDultKidz(tm). NEETs and Freeters. Not to be confused with Grass Eating Boys. But prob some similarity. A Shift In Values And Ethics. Men Giving Up, or Deciding that Work Isn’t Worth It. Of course, “even” working minimum wage at McDonalds in the Ghetto is Worth It if it keeps you off Hard Working People’s Dime is what these Loser Parasites don’t seem to understand!

What I’m trying to understand, from a Non-Marxist, Non-Boasian, Non-Freudian POV, is Why these Men Just Give Up. Who CARES if they’re not making GOOD money or getting GOOD Tail or raising GOOD Children, the only “incentive” you need is being an Honest Man who’s not LEECHING off of others. Stealing. Feeeeling Entitled to Steal.

I thought, what might really CURE these people are JOBS. Then I thought if a Doctor could prescribe JOBS to Lazy Losers. Would that be a good idea? Some Probs: Prescribing might help because lazy people aren’t gonna take the initiative to get the jobs themselves. They need to be forced into it. If not by law then by a Medical Doctor, hahahaha.

Thing is, the lazy people who DO have jobs don’t stop being lazy once they HAVE the job, they sometimes just bring that laziness to the job and are imcompetent and unproductive and unreliable and loser the company money and it’s better for the company to fire them. Then they become a lazy unemployed. Lazy Losers hurt the economy whether they’re employed or unemployed. So which condition Hurts The Economy LESS?? I’m leeeeeaning towards Employed. (I originally wrote “Unemployed” which I don’t think I meant. I MEAN That Even an Incompetent Unproductive Employed Lazy is better for The Economy than a Parasite Unemployed Lazy leeching off the work of The Employed. Employed Lazy Better Than Unemployed Lazy. Employed Hurts Econ Less.)

Heh. I’m not saying everything every psychologist/psychiatrist said about psychology/psychiatry is false because they’re “jewish”. just at least 40% of it. It would behoove us and the field for it to be Radically Revamped.

I might start saying jewish less because that type of talk might be best reserved for the Inner Party, but it turns off more “moderate” potential allies who MIGHT be useful in an Outer Party of Paleoconservatives.

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To The Guy Who linked this on Stormfront, saying that I was claiming “Most White Nationalists Want To Miscegenate With Jews”, and Stormfront Readers who then come here thinking I Am saying that:

I am NOT Saying that, I am simply bemoaning an experience I had with a J Fetish, and trying to find out if the MSM has said anything about this. Not surprisingly, they haven’t said anything compelling about it. I was speaking only for My Past Self and Not All WNs, and I don’t know how “David Duke Fan” came to that conclusion. I don’t know if he is an Anti, but he has been on SF since 2009, so I am willing to give him Three Strikes.

I certainly don’t consider myself an “ANTI”; While I don’t consider myself a Full Blown White Nationalist, I am in the midst of a Racial Awakening as we speak, as You all were once. I sympathize with much WN’s say, and I definitely would consider myself pro-white, my own race! I’m not like that Australian comedian that wrote a series of articles about how creeeeepy and racist Stormfront was! I’ve been spending a decent amount of time reading SF and have mostly enjoyed it!

A lot of this blog lately is me being Interested in WN and what parts of it I like, and which parts I don’t like. Now True WN’s won’t like this pick and choose, “cafeteria” approach, but I argue you don’t have to be a White Nationalist to be Pro-White. Especially if you ARE white!  However I do have a few opinions that border on “Race Treason.”  But I don’t want to mate with nonwhites and I wouldn’t want my children to either.

In short, I do not think “MOST WN’S WANT TO MISCEGENATE,” so don’t believe that claim.

I was simply saying that Jews can be a tricky subject for some, especially before some Whites awaken to the fact that J’s are NOT white, because SOME jews, particularly young white-skinned jewish girls, look just like whites, and, AS WE KNOW, many J’s do not go around trying to convince Whites that J’s are Not White.

Interestingly enough, I am also a David Duke Fan, and DD’s work has been instrumental in my own awakening.

And FYI, this blog is filled with posts that would be considered “Anti-Semitic” by Antiracists.

I haven’t even POSTED on SF yet! Don’t give me the High Hat before I’ve even POSTED!

I understand WN Forums need to Vet Poster’s Bona Fides to make sure they’re not Antis, that’s fine. But I tell you what, I am DEFINITELY NOT a “Clllumnist”, I AM A BLOGGER! Paid Professional “Journalism” Is Repugnant to Me, and I have a lot of fun Writing Racist  and Narcissistic BLOGS and NOT Making a Careeeeeeeer out of it! This is NOT f00king GAWKER dot com!

///// END ////

I Kinda want to Bang the Manjaw Manhands Wimmin in the Honey Nut Cheerios commercial where she is a HUGE B!TCH who says “UM YR A TALKING BEE” NO SH!T YA DUMB B!TCH! And then she grabs the box with her Huge Manhands and says “WHAT’S THE RUSH” when the bee tries to leave when he sees that she is a psychopath with dead insects in frames.

This MIGHT be the same Wimmin from the Credit Card Commerical you saw over Commercialmas where she buys the Fantasy Princess Toy House for her daughter, and the cashier says “Have A Magical Day!” And she says “MKAY” like a B!TCH and has trouble squeezing the huge product in her SUV. (Citibank, Citigroup). she looks better in the Citi commercial. Yes she’s WAYYYY past prime of youth, into straight up MILF/Cougar territory. I am more decadent and perverted than the average White Nationalist, but less sex-obsessed than the Average Beta Chump.

her name is Jacy Dumermuth (aka Jacy Gross and Jacy King).

yes it is the same woman in both commercials. me and my nonwhite fetish hahaha. come on. she looks more like a man than she looks like a nonwhite! my d!ck is trying to kill my race!

“white men fetish for jewish women” (jezebelz screech snarkily & get paid for it)

the jewish fetish girl thing seems to have been brought about by a december 2009 details magazine “piece” featuring a broad with a star of david Tramp Stamp, and all this is pretty indicative of The State Of “LADS MAGS” in 2009, but still some interesting food for thought in there. and the last time the “phenomenon” was mentioned in the Mainstream Media

funny story about same day lay on curvy jewish butterface hahaha

[this might have been the sentence that turned on  the Stormfront Guy:]

so that’s me unfortunately. that will def get me kicked out of VNN, and Hanged, but I do think there is a connection between my “jew loving” and my “jew hating.” I think it’s due to The Tribe being such a Tiny Percent of the Worlds Population (less than 3%??) yet having SO MUCH POWER, AND their Young Wimmin looking the Whitest of any non-white race, such that they can EASILY Pass with the less racially-aware.

Heh. My defense is that my Jewish Fetish is not nearly as bad as it once was, I’ve got it under control, and I do have proof positive of also getting equally, if not more, fired-up over White Girls. SO there’s some hope for me yet.


UH OH, somebody looked up “bkctmoapghow” on google and I don’t THINK it was me. UH OH. I don’t think it records me, i do it all the time but it never recorded. Of course it brings up tons of results, like every single post or tweet. maybe i am being stalked by White Nationalists. Or Jewish Nationalists. Or by 18 Year Old Pale Slavic Girls who want to slip and slide all over me in the sauna, hahaha.


Because Of my prejudice against Wimmin and Pro-Men, I am prob more willing to allow White MEN to race-mix than White Wimmin. Because White Wimmin are Mud Sharks mating with Ghetto Criminal Blacks, while White Men usually get (rightfully) sick of White Wimmin and mix with ASIANS who are superficially more loving and feminine and stand-by-your-man. Heh. But I’m not sold on them, I think they can be huge scammers too, hahaha. They’ll just divorce theft you when they’re 25 rather than 35 hahahahahaha.

[ok that might have been the paragraph that was SOOOOO Offensive. OH WELL, it’s my OPINION. I am willing to cut white men more slack for Sleeping With Asians, than I am White Wimmin for sleeping with Blacks. IN AN IDEAL WORLD, however, neither of these unions would produce poor mixed babies. but to make ANOTHER Offensive-To-Everyone, Racists AND Antiracists, Generalization: I think a Mixed Baby with a White Father and an Asian Mother has Better Chances At A Good Life than a baby with a White Mother and a Black Father.]

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WARNING: this post is the antithesis of pearls before swine. It is Swill Before Gentlemen, Total 4SSJUICE. “ENJOY!”

If Most People are Not Smart Enough To Work, How do Most People Have Gainful Jobs? Because you don’t HAVE to be actually Smart, you just have to be Tryhard and/or Extrovert. Or not be a White Man, hahahahahahahahahahahaha,

new laziness project is to Get Into Star Trek TV Serieses, Starting out with TNG, then DS9, then either Original or Voyager. In The Mood for some “brainy” Space Drama. Would finish up Battlestar Galactica but I have some Emotional Reasons for not, and that’s on me. Would rather start afresh with TNG. NOT BAD UH? Unless I can be convinced that it is more decadent and antiwhite than the shows I watch regularly anyway. I honestly LIKE “American Dad” ok?

Note: there is also the series “Star Trek: Enterprise” which started after Voyager. Forgot about that one. Had a 4 season run as opposed to the avg ST run of 7 years. Does that mean it’s worse.

And YES I do intend to give DOCTOR WHO a college try.

Wanted to briefly note the Kid on “Two and a Half Men” recently underwent a Christian Conversion and advised people not to watch decadent trash like his show; don’t know if he’s gonna put his money where his mouth is and walk away from the show; his new church might have some interesting ideas about The Fed; would like to see where they stand re Israel; BUT I didn’t like how he came to this church BECAUSE he wanted a “Black Church” AND it was right after he did a ton of acid. Not optimistic. But that doesn’t necessarily reflect poorly on this Church per se. They are not necess antiwhite marxists or sommat.


This is the Space Show I’m watching to make myself feeeeeeel smrt. wanted to start at the first episode and see how well it plays. NOT BAD! not sure if roddenberry was a jew. even though there were prob more goyim in tv in 1987 there was still huge prob majority chosen people. anyway the show seems intelligent enough. patrick stewart is clearly a huge alpha bad4ss, a good role model in times of weakness. first episode was sth about Farpost. The Omnipotent, Mysterious, Mischevious Q makes his appearance right away. Commander Riker has not GROWN THE BEARD yet. Whil Wheaton is young as hell. I like Data, very spergy, yet he appreciates and yearns to be human. I even like The Black Guy. COME ON. I grew up watching READING RAINBOW, I will always like LEVAR BURTON. Such a Nice Guy. If you’re too antimulticultural to like LEVAR BURTON, GTFO. Unless he pulls some serious marxist sh!t, but I doubt he or anyone will. so, cool pilot episode bro, I look forward to watching more.

Life Hacker Pro Tip, hahaha: when intimidated by how many tv shows you have to watch, just start watching at the SECOND SEASON. SKIP THE FIRST SEASON altogether. We all know a Show doesn’t GROW THE BEARD in the FIRST season, they’re still working out kinks. If you’re not sure you’ll really enjoy a show, say dexter or walking dead or the wire or deep space nine or shameless or what have you, just start on season 2. you can ALWAYS GO BACK. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Maybe you can watch too many movies on the computer and then permanently ruin your video card so then the computer crashes every 10 minutes til death, kinda like how Modern Wimmin permanently ruin themselves body mind and “soul” on 2 Manny Cox. I recall before my previous computer went bad I was watching movies and shows from these sites. Now I wouldn’t dream of it because it crashes every 5 to 10 minutes and I can’t browse job sites hahaha. I can barely read blogs.

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Lemme preface this by saying that Gawker is the f00king F4GGIEST site since jezebel, which it NOT COINCIDENTALLY is part of the Gawker Family of Sites along with Lifehacker.

Gawker of course publishes antiwhite b00sh!t like “The Unbearable Invisibility Of White Masculinity” by some Soc Prof, holy crap the entire thing is F@gspeak, and they bold and enlarge the worst f@gspeak as the Representative Summary Blurbs for the article: “We use moments of tragedy to reassert the value in whiteness and the importance in protecting white bodies.” HAHAHAHAHAHA GOOD LAWD. and the comments are of course full of sympathizers chiding white racists for not recognizing their white privilege.

But that Tales From The Underclass thing I do kinda like, not gonna lie. Even if the Gawker Family is Total Poison Destroying Our Society. Whoops it’s called “HELLO from the underclass.” even MORE patronizing. what a bunch of CRAP from people that could not SURVIVE if THEY had to WORK FOR A LIVING.

hehehe there was a link on the page to a New January 2013 Lifehacker How To Ace Your Next Job INterview article. Make sure you get creative in making Excuses for your Gaps!

I might have to make Tales Of The Underclass (lord what a title) a regular thing. I have huge sympathy for the Unemployed and Underemployed, and no sympathy for the Lazy, and less sympathy for Gawker, so I might have to see how their insidious, horrid writers put their little spin on this “NARRATIVE” throughout the series. But I like hearing Real People’s Stories in the Comments. They do allow some Dissenting Comments. Like Nonwhites do Mass Shootings too.


INtro: William Pierce qua George Lincoln Rockwell. In Pierce’s intro to Rockwell talk (see Rockwell Brown U Speech 1966ish) Pierce shows proper respeck to Rockwell but questions his flamboyant appeal to losers and dregs of society (nicer words.) Men on the margin, if you will. Men who have nothing to lose, but the risk there is that they are of low quality / moral fiber, crazy, stupid, etc, whereas Pierce wanted to create a smaller more elite echelon. BUT Pierce kinda contradicts himself by his acquisition of Resistance Records (late 80s??) that MIGHT have marked the beginning of the end of National Alliance. With the intellectual classical music-lovers quite understandably clashing with the antiintellectual beer-chugging skinheads with 6,000,000 swastika tattoos.

Body: I like Drudkh’s White Consciousness with Atmospheric Pagan Black Metal but that they are also kinda mysterious and don’t give interviews or write about White Power as much as Ukrainian/Slavonic Pride and Nationalism. Though they might not Name The Jew or use Racialist Codewords (hehehe) you still PrettyMuch know where they’re coming from. Wagner wrote bombastic, transcendent, ground-breaking classical music, and again did not use Buzzwords, but you knew where He was coming from. Basically I’m looking to move past the Tired False Dichotomy of Black Metal vs Skinhead Punk vs Classical Music. Break the White Music Binary hahaha. And herald a New Age of Race-Conscious Music to capture people’s hearts. Heck Varg Vikernes is basically doing this, but I think I’m talking more about a Young Man’s thing, and not necessarily Metal. Even though I LUV Metal, hahaha.

Conclusion: Skinheads are not inherently bad but they might attract a certain White Trash element. Race-Conscious Music still needs to reach a Modern Critical Mass and Move Beyond Skinhead, RAC, Punk stuff, and Black Metal. IMHO stuff like Black Metal is AWESOME, but so is Wagner (Richard), who I’ve been enjoying a lot lately, and Wagner was Metta Race Conscious (heh) without being Obsessed with Race if you know what I mean. But I don’t agree with the Metal-Hating Racialists that Guitar Music is Gr01d Music (as Vikernes once infamously said, and I don’t think he agrees with that per se, as he continues to use guitars to make rather White Metal) Neofolk (or Neoclassical?) or Martial Folk/Industrial are rife with potential for Whites. Note to self, listen to more Skrewdriver, and see how his style developed from the beginning to the end. And Maybe William Pierce did bite off more than he could chew with Resistance Records, although I think he was just trying to take risks and reach out to the youth. Even if you didn’t think he would ever take that risk. Maybe have a Racialist Music Scene much like my Racialist Political Party I sorta described once – have degrees of secrecy. The outer layers only know of Traditional Conservative Values, the inner layers know the big Racialist Secret and use it as a Guiding Principle, but only Name The Race behind closed doors. Kinda Boil The Frog with respect to The White Masses Thinking About Race. Don’t throw swastikas in their face hahaha.

Although I like how Golden Dawn has that symbol that KINDA looks like a swastika!

Note to self, research Golden Dawn more as an example of The most Well Known, Successful Race-Oriented Political Party In The World Right Now, and how something like that might be able to take hold in the US.

Right after I watch 6,000,001 episodes of Star Trek then go to sleep! JK. See what I mean, You gotta Sometimes Make Sacrifices.


Outrageous, Controversial Idea: Race Conscious Whites and Race Conscious Blacks (And Jews I suppose) meet together and talk about how to make each race more race conscious and to establish their own ethnostates. But different races would be sorta working together towards this sorta similar goal: de-integration. segregation. With the mutual interest of knowing that this would be in each other’s own best self-interest. Yeah and then they can party and race-mix after the meetings.

Note to self, read more Sam Francis. And RevilooliveR.

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semi time machine, I saw this on dec 30 I think. 20 days ago. heheh. See if anyone remembers this movie a mere 3 weeks later. Predict no. Movies Suck and have no staying power and there’s 9000 new sucky movies released every week.

I actually didn’t HATE it, it was just 40 minutes too long. AND felt thrown-together at parts, like he gave up halfway thru. And Django and his wife were not compelling characters. Christoph Waltz carried the movie and (SPOILER) when he died about 70% thru, movie lost a lot of steam. Movie had its good parts, namely, Quentin IS capable of writing good dialogue. But the story ain’t really there. Style over substance I daresay. And I LIKED Kill Bill, I LIKED what I saw of “Inglorious Basterdz”. Even though it’s all about let’s kill the evil Germans, let’s kill the evil whiteys. Actually this movie wasn’t AS Racist as I expected. Or maybe I just was not offended by Evil White Slavemaster saying the N Word throughout.

Now when the movie was good, it was better than average, and when it was bad, it no worse than Average Bad. So I wouldn’t call it a complete TURD, but I was DEF disappointed. Sam Jackson was better than usual – I’ve gotten tired of him – but here he “pushed his limits” playing The Old Dark Crotchety House-N. A ridiculous role and he had plenty of makeup / mask type stuff, that was fine. Leo was charming as the Plantation owner. Jamie Fox was ok as the Titular Django but nothing spectacular. Again, Waltz stole the show.

Some of the music was good (nice pick of Richie Havens singing “Freedom”!) some of it was godawful (out of place gangster rap). Character development was disappointingly weak. Django is just a monosyllabic former slave, there’s no explanation why Leo is so Sadistic towards some of his slaves, he’s a good actor but I didn’t think the Sadism worked with the otherwise Charming character. It’s nice that Django is so chivalrous towards his wife, although the MRAs will be up in arms that he was doing all this for a woman, and the WNs will be all about the antiwhite portrayal of whites and how blacks do not have sense of honor and fidelity to their monogamous wife. I just thought the movie was long and drawn out and below Tarantino’s Average and got boring after Waltz is killed. Stuff to that point takes on a slow premeditated buildup and the buildup does not deliver. Within one minute both Waltz and Leo are dead. Come on. Weak.

On the whole, no more Anti-White than the Average Anti-White movie though. Nothing for Pro-Whites to get a huge bee in their bonnet about, hahaha. Produced by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, hahaha. I was expecting something really provocative and offensive and shocking, maybe like how “Pulp Fiction” was back in the day. But I got Tarantino on Autopilot.

Plus I’m sure not all White Slavemasters were awful Sadists. I SHOULD watch “Inglorious Basterds” just to see the Hatchet Job he did on Germanz. All I know about that movie is that the Blonde French Girl is really attractive and she realllllly does not look Jewish. Though plenty of Jews look white, very few jews look THAT white!

I have not been to a Movie at the Theatre in at least 4 or 5 months. You see the previews and the commercials before the previews and you see what f@gg0t bullsh!t it All Is. Stupid Movies, Stupid AD Slogans, forget about the Anti-whiteness for a second, even nonwhites should be insulted by this massive affront to human intelligence and integrity! The previews included “Gangster Squad” which seemed interesting for Sean Penn playing “Mickey COHEN” who CONTROLS the whole city, very interesting to see a Big Jewish Villain, why didn’t they just name him a goy name? I think Sean Penn actually IS a Goy, although a Gay Awful one, hahaha.

Then previews for Die Hard 5, Scary Movie 5, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Crappy Tom Cruise postapocalyptic thing called Oblivion, some weak horror thing “Dark Skies” and the most promising was “This Is The End” with Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Daryl Robinson, and Danny McBride playing themselves at the end of the world. Of course Danny McBride has to carry that bunch, he’s clearly the funniest. A bunch of crap in other words, and I will not go back to the theatre until there’s something new by LVT or Gaspar Noe or Woody Allen MAYBE. Maybe Refn’s next big movie. I didn’t even go to Dark Knight RISES.

I deliberately picked the Less “Multicultural” theatre out of the 3 closest theatres. And the Multiculturals aren’t even that badly behaved at the MOST Multicultural theater of the 3. I don’t know if I thought the movie would provoke Racial Tension, or if I just didn’t even feel like LOOKING at Albanians. That might have been it, hahaha. There were a couple blacks in my Django theater but they were very well behaved. They deserve an award, hahahaha.

It was either this or The Hobbit so I went on Metacritic and this beat the Hobbit soundly, like 81 to 61. Now movie critics are stupid and gay and evil but I thought they usually underrate things. And this movie had such significant glaring flaws (too long, Patchy Story, weak characters) that I can’t believe these critics couldn’t see that. Shoulda gone to the Hobbit. Which I also hear was not too good. Christoph Waltz was very good but not enough to make an average movie into a great movie. And I hear The Hobbit was not that great: too long and boring. Would not be surprised. I can’t believe they’re gonna make THREE movies out of that. Even TWO is too many. Heh. Not sure why I even WATCH movies any more. Probably just to Criticize them!

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