– listen to more Allman Brothers, heh I just started getting back into them in Dec 2012 and I haven’t been listening to them nearly enough since I went on Allman Hiatus in like 2003 hahaha. SICK BAND BRO! Very Masculine, F@g-slaying “Jam Band”. And Now I think I am “open-minded” enough to begin listening to the Post-Duane stuff, hahaha. but yeah the Allmans get it JUST right. they NAIL it. And they make Dieversity miraculously work. I’m thinking about a Smooth Jazzy number like “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”, vs Foot Stomping Barn Burning Statesboro Blues stuff, and everything in between. My Two Biggest Jam bands were always Allmans and Grateful Dead, and right now I am def leaning towards Allmans. Should prob see the band live before more people die or quit.

– listen to more of Tom Waits “Heartattack and Vine” and “Foreign Affairs”.

To The Audience: I just Can’t Do “This” White Racial stuff CONSTANTLY. Almost TOO Serious, I can’t BE that serious ALL THE TIME. Not saying it’s not important. But I will prob always believe people of multiraces CAN Be Friends, that racial differences can be bridged if there are enough similarities in IQ, Political Viewpoint, Religion, Morality. I SYMPATHIZE with a lot of Dieverse Interests. I sympathize with WNs to an extent, I sympathize with Coloreds to an extent too. I truly GMOW hahaha. Just because I am Open to the Jewish Question doesn’t mean that’s all I think about. Sometimes I just want to STOP thinking about it and I will write about Pure Decadent Game like I was ROOSH JUNIOR. I’m not trying to set an example for the WN Community. I just find their ideas INTERESTING some of the time, AND I would PREFER to mate with a White Woman and have White Children, and I don’t think I’m CAPABLE of Loving Outside My Race. That’s basically it. And I get ANNOYED by Zionists, Marxists, and Chimpouts. Somehow that makes me have quite a bit in common with WNs, I guess, hahahaha. And maybe You do too! Maybe WN’s aren’t as SCAAAARRRRRY as the Ziomedia and ZioSkools have made them out to be! But I have to be An Activist for my OWN life before I can be an Activist for anyone or anything else. This has been a recurring theme in my life, hahaha. Help The Helper. HEal the Healer. Look Out For #1.

I am not actively trying to exclude Jews, Blacks, or Wimmin from Reading. Just the ones who behave like Animals and give their groups such bad names, hahahaha.

When I say hahahahaha, I AM Being Serious! hahahaha.

– maybe try to write some tighter, more pointed, incisive, articles, when I want to Do “Journalism.”

– Be vigilant for F@g Words and Wimminz Words and Weasel Words and PC Words and ZOG Words and Buzzwords and etc. f00k yes Language and Words are important as f00k.

– do my talk radio show or youtube video or audio file.

– go to a local Anticommunist Meetup, hahaha. Try to meet more real life people that are closer to my Weird Views. Not that you can’t be Friends with people who don’t share your views!


aka the things I remember partaking in this year and enjoying and remembering:
BOOKS: Bell Curve (no particular order for all these), Suicide of Superpower, 4 Hour Work Week, Confessions of a Reluctant Hater, Freedom Twenty Five. oh yeah listened to audiobooks of “My Awakening / Jewish Supremacism” by DAVID DUKE and “Turner Diaries” by William PIERCE, those two were HUGE.

BLOG: already told ya. oh yeah I resolve to read more of the blogs in my Second and Third Tiers hahaha cause they’re ALL good and stuff like Bill Powell or Frost or Decon Leftism are all worth reading on a regular basis. Heh. Maybe for my RSS reader, instead of orging by Month, do it by Quarter. Son Of Brock Landers jumped in at the very end of the year, his 28 Sherman is a DEF Great Find for me.

MOVIE: saw a lot as usual! Big Movie Buff. Started Netflix, that was huge. really saw very little at the Theatre, that’s a good way to be. stuff I remember: Metropolitan, Melancholia, 1984, Amazing Spider Man was actually pretty good; Pusher Trilogy & a Refn Marathon; Netscape enabled thankfully a lot of Auteur Marathons; Aki Kaurismaki esp Shadows in Paradise; umm Joe Swanberg esp Nights and Weekends; new Todd Solondz movie Dark Horse was pretty good.

TV: GIRLZ might be my show of the year. This whole list is BACK LOADED (F@Ggot Biz Buzzword) because my memory aint so good and I can’t remember movies or tv from more than 2 months ago and I don’t want to go back over my old notes from earlier in the year like a tryhard. Girls, Breaking Bad

YOUTUBE: Bernard Chapin will always be my Best Of Youtube For All Time. Girl Writes What I enjoy, her and Stardusk kinda marked the “end” of my MRA Period, which is not to say it’s really the end of that, or that they suck, in fact, they are awesome.

RADIO: But I listened to a TON of David Duke and William Pierce this year. Runners up include Greg Johnson, Kevin MacDonald, some Robert Stark in there.

ALBUM: thankfully I can just go to lastfm for quick clear stats on this hahaha. but the Band Discovery of the Year was certainly Clandestine Blaze. I also “revisited” stuff I’d known about for years but didn’t really “get” when I was young, like Sentenced “Shadows Of The Past” or Incantation’s First 3 Albums. The stuff usually needs a Bridge To The Past, to the Music Taste Formation Period of your Teenz. For me at least. There’s some notable exceptions. Like CBlaze. But that comes from me liking Grim Traditional Black Metal, and Deathspell Omega, and then discovering I like Mikko Aspa as a Person.

BAND: uhh see above. Prob CBlaze. Overall Spotify was a “Godsend” for me even if it IS Ziorun. I don’t even need to p1r8 a lotta music anymore with that. Recommend all Music Lovers at least give it a try. Heh. and I know what I’m talking about with Music. Again here is a notable exception to the rule of diversity is death, I have the most interestingly eclectic diversity-that-works music tastes ever. This mighta been the year I sought out Russian Orthodox Church music, perf chanting monks. Yes I still enjoy KLEZMER too I don’t care what the Antizionists say. I can put together an awesome mix tape and would do an awesome radio show if I tried or had time. The only live concerts I went to were Down (NOLA) and Leonard Kohan and they were both great times. I missed Moonsorrow and was kinda p!ssed about that because I really didn’t want to park the car in that shady neighborhood. try to send a message of safety and security with your parking lot. Stupid Gay reason to miss a great modern band. Missed Wolves in the Throne Room because THEY’RE so gay they played 150 miles away and I didn’t want to drive that far. Another one of the few good Modern Bands that actually Plays Shows but it didn’t kill me. in 2013 I would like to See More Shows however, because there’s nothing like a good concert. Should do it at least once every Quarter. Oh yeah, I had HUGE DIO and CANDLEMASS Phases. Also I discovered ARGHOSLENT, that shoulda* happened YEARS ago. SICK RIFFS BRAH.

end of the year entry for best band name: FROSTHARDR, Norwegian Christian “Unblack” Metal Band. haven’t actually listened. if they’re anything like Horde they should be ok!

Not a horrible year (like 2009 hahaha), probably better than 2011 even, but not The Best Year Ever, just because I didn’t do enough and tried to spend as much of the year sleeping and lazy as possible. But no big tragedies or crises and I am THANKFUL for that, or at least I want to SAY I am.

Hope everyone had years that were more good than bad.

– play more music. buy a keyboard and a drumset. nothing fancy mind you, just something to practice and have fun with and get better at music. try to write a song, I have not Done A Hit Single since 2008. And yes it was a pretty good song hahaha but I wanna get Better/Stronger at Songwriting.

– start a business company. doesn’t have to be success. it can be a complete failure. just don’t sink too much money into it and do it for the Learning Experience (F@g Buzzword, Fagspeak (tm BKC))

– Gamble MORE (even if it is Degenerate, Immoral, Decadent, Zionist, Antiwhite) Play at actual Live Poker Tables. get good at the games and try to MAKE some money beyond Underemployment Hourly Wages. Heh. I am not horrible at Practice Online Holdem with Play Chips. Learn Blackjack. Learn how to “Win” at Slot Machines and Video Poker Machines.

– Learn more card Games. Bridge would be nice.

– Have a Harem of around Three Wimmin I can call at any time for Relief and Comfort. In other words, I might have to Come OUt of my Vow of Celibacy and just try a less decadently-sized Harem. Like Three. It’s not like I can’t Switch any of the three out for Upgrades! But do it nicely, abide by the Campsite Rule, Don’t Hurt Anybody, etc. I can ALWAYS go back to Voluntary Celibacy when I feeeeeeeel too ugh and icky and decadent. Decadence Detox.

– write and perform a Radio Play and do all the voices myself. Make it riveting and amazing that one person can do such a sweet story.

– try to contact “famous” people I admire and try to get them to help my Job. IE get Notarized Letters of Recommendation from David Duke and Kevin MacDonald. Or maybe somebody less “controversial” like Bernard Chapin. How about Allen West? Is he a Ziocon? Rick Santorum? him more probably, hahaha.

– maybe scam some powerful local neocons to get me a Good Job, hahaha.

– “network” more. Get a good job or at the very least, into an “accredited” MBA or JD or Masterz of Science program just from TALKING to somebody with Admissions Power, cause I don’t want to write essays or take GREs or GMATs or LSATs or do ANYTHING, I just want to BE IN and sign up for the classes done. I’d almost be willing to Pay for the classes then, hahaha. you shouldn’t* have to TRY AND PAY.

– find Cheap Flights and go somewhere new at least once in the year. Be it the Zion Babylonz of NYC or LA or Austin or San Fran, or just somewhere nice I’ve never been before, like North Dakota or Kalispell or the Grand Canyon or the Cascades or William Pierce’s COmpound in West Virg. Or go to Private Man’s Red Pill Manosphere Spring Break in Florida, that’s a great idea, kudos to him. The “Manosphere” (ie anything remotely related to men, whites, or antizionist conservatives) needs to do more Fun Conventions for the Rank And File.

– go to the Shooting Range. I don’t even know how to USE a GUN. Ideally I would get comfortable with a GUN and then become a legal CCW owner. I’ll take the classes. That is not ZOG Overreach IMHO. Guns are Dangerous and you shouldn’t be waving guns around if you don’t know how to use them responsibly. All this talk about guns after the huge shooting in CT makes me want to finally get with the program and cross the line in the sand, to make a statement of intent, and actually BECOME a Responsible Gun Owner. It’s not like I’m going to GO AROUND SHOOTING PEOPLE! Or even just innocently getting raging drunk and PLAYING with the gun(s). That’s honestly kinda irresponsible too.

– listen to Bumzur “Umskiptar” more, haven’t really gotten into that one yet. When it’s good it’s good, when it’s boring it’s boring.

– get a paid internship with a nonzionist nonneocon conservative org in DC, perhaps Bozell’s Media Research Center, with a bunch of Prime of Youth Leet Kollige Kids. hope MRC is not Ageist and Collegist, hahaha. Might be a good place to meet a young, pure, rightish-minded wife/wives as well. Men can ONLY form that kind of Heirmaking, Wifemaking, FAMILYMaking Attachment to COLLEGE Girls, aka PRIME OF YOUTH girls. YES, Conservative ORganizations exist, but they only hire Entry Levels thru Internships just like the SWPL Zionists, and you prob gotta go to the same SWPL Zionist Elite Colleges to. Winner Track not Loser Track. F00K IT, I’ll just CALL Brent Bozell right now on the PHONE and CHARM him with SALES TACTICS like these Rich College Kidz don’t even KNOW.

– get into more arguments with my ideological enemies, and try to make them effective arguments.

– gently and friendily try to “BOIL THE (Ideological) Frog” of Friends and Real-Life people I DO know to disabuse them of their quasi-leftist worldviews, which are probably based on noble good intentions of Kindness and Charity but in the Real World it just doesn’t WORK like that, SON. But don’t be That Annoying Political Guy. Your Friends don’t like being PREACHED to. Be Friendly to your Friends. Work on them over the Long Term because it’s not like you’re TRYING to lose them as friends, they’ll be AROUND for a long time. Just be a little Pebble In The Shoe.

– Become a strong alpha WARRIOR MALE.

– Have A FOUR-Way with Four At-Least-7’s. Men are allowed to be more Decadent than Wimmin because: Men Don’t Have Uteruses AND Men Can’t Get Preggers AND Women Choose Men Much Moreso than Men Choose Women.

– get a stupid gay f@gg0t CERT to put res, like A+ or Net+ or Linux+ or MCSE or MSE. calculate ROI of what is the EASIEST certs to get Multiplied By being the most MEANINGFUL/VALUABLE/HOT/ATTRACTIVE. Not gonna memorize “A 9000 foot tall stack of Cisco Books” (quote classmate who was gungho about getting Cisco cert) in 2013, maybe 2014.

– watch more Business News Channels, even CNBC in a pinch, read more Business Magazines/Papers, JUST to be able to Speak Managerspeak Fagspeak better in Interviews and prove that I have a Smart Business Mind and am a Great Teambuilder, possibly management-track, worthy of a Good Job. Just to get more comfortable with Business Ideas like Stocks and Supply and Demand and Shares and Finance and Interest and Banks and such. Doesn’t mean I have to Worship it and turn into Lloyd Blankfein. Just trying to get a Good Office Job with Minimal Customer Service and Minimal BackBreaking and Maximum Staring At A Screen and Doing Nothing. The kind of thing you usually need a Masters Degree for, hahahaha, and I want to bypass spending $50 grand on the Masters with my Demonstrable Business Savvy. The “Ruling Elites” (How About I use that word instead of YOU-KNOW-WHO) want people to be in debt so they can be easily controlled, so weird new debts that never existed now exist to a tragic degree. And disproportionately crush some demographix more than others.

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