To CLARIFY on my Controversial And Very Popular Post about the CT Skool Shooting: NO, I don’t think he shot the kidz BECAUSE he was WHITE, and not getting TAIL. What I was TRYING to say, and I said it poorly, was that White Betas have a Harder Time Fitting In than Nonwhite Betas; Have A Harder Time Pulling Pvssy Because White Boys are More Feminised than Nonwhite Boys, and thus Pull Less than their Nonwhite skool peers; White boys get the Rawest Deal when it comes to Hiring and College Admissions; White Boys are most likely to Be Sperg; and then wrap that all up and you get white boys who are most likely to be simmering with psycho anger and playing 9000 hours of call of duty and having no friends and being huge hateful virgins who when they’re not playing call of duty, are scheming up ways to Lash Out against The Society That Rejected Them. “I’ll Show Them! I’ll Kill Them and Then I’ll Kill Myself!” and this all sounds like THE GREATEST IDEA IN THE WORLD to them.

IN SHORT, Go Read Eradica’s stuff on the topic, haha:

Eradica coined the GREAT term “Sperzerker” or “Spergzerker” to describe these impotent angry alienated sperg virgins, b!tch single mothers, public skools, “23rd place t-ball tournament trophies” hahaha, can’t get tail, can’t get a job, can’t talk to people, can’t function; plus my opinion is that our Modern Society is not good for Spergs, too overstimulating and forcing idiots in your face in school and work, only jobs available are customer service jobs, even with all the autism awareness and pc tolerance of spergs, this might be the worst time ever for a sperg to live, ironically! see Marie Cachet’s thoughtful article  https://mariecachet.wordpress.com/2012/11/12/5-autism-an-explanation-from-the-inside-en/ )

Of course, the related Sex and Race Experiment I wanted to do was, for High-School Aged Kidz, do Nonwhite Boys get more and/or better Tail than White Boys?

Semi-Related: I would say 10 minutes with a 10 would be better than 10 hours with a 1. So a Man’s “NUMBER” really isn’t a measure of his Sexual Success; what IS, is a COMPOSITE of: His NUMBER, multiplied by the 1-to-10 of each of these Wimmin, multiplied by the amount of hours he spent Inside Her Bod. Out crunches the REAL number. Like I say, if you bang 100 1’s going hogging, shamefully squeezing out sperm into disgusting Road Hawgs, you will not be as confident as the man who has Mindblowing Sex with a “mere” 10 perfect 18-year-old 10s, fully enjoying the pleasure of the Prime Of Female Youth and Beauty, as opposed to Rancid Table Scraps.

So keep that in mind. It’s Quantity AND Quality MULTIPLIED.

While it’s FUN to Shame Sluts, the grim truth is that BEHIND EVERY ONE RUINED WIMMIN IS AT LEAST TWO RUINED MEN. AND THE RUINATION IS NOT THE SAME. The Wimmin are Contemptable Womb-Judases, Emotionally Retarded Hamsters who can still Mate if they want to; while the Men are PITIABLE, PITIFUL creatures whose only sin was to be TOO NICE. They can NOT mate if they want to. (“MRA’s are angry because women can choose their mates; because women have the Right To Mate”)

Next time some Wimmin or Marxist pulls the Men and Wimmin are the SAME, Gender Is A Social Construction BS, say, OH YEAH, MEN AND WIMMIN ARE THE SAME. (bear with me!) IN ATTRACTIVENESS. WE CAN USE THE SAME METRIC TO MEASURE THE ATTRACTIVENESS OF BOTH WIMMIN AND MEN. (wait for it…)

So when a guy sees a really “Hawt” Wimmin and gives her a 9, we can find some Beefy Meathunk who Wimmin Likewise value as a NINE and makes THEM swoon “ooo lawd he’s so HAWT!”

Both Men and Wimmin use the 1 to 10 system to rate both men and wimmin – whatever they find attractive – and it’s a useful language for a heterosexual man – attracted to WIMMIN – to communicate with a heterosexual WOMAN (*** Huge Proofreading Error – originally wrote “MEN”, f@ggots will say I did a Freudian Slip)  – attracted to MEN – to communicate the attractiveness of each other’s mates, where if a heterosexual MAN were to put himself in the shoes of a heterosexual wimmin to describe how HAWT ANOTHER GUY IS, that’d be f@ggy as f00k!!!

Ok, so there’s the bait, now here’s the switch. Tell your marxist race traitor interlocutor that on average, WIMMIN can get MUCH more ATTRACTIVE MATES than MEN; That Wimmin have the “Right To Mate” while Men do not. The End. Use the 1 to 10 Mate Value System to “Equalize” Men and Wimmin JUST to point out how TRULY, VASTLY DIFFERENT men and women ARE.  Use THE SAME measurement system to PROVE how DIFFERENT Men & Women are. The End.

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