r-selection Peoples assimiliating into a heretofore historically K-selected society. I’m naively optimistic it can be done. Like the 50-year old black man in a security guard uniform I saw standing in the freezing cold at the bus stop at 6:30 am. He’s doing HIS part. Congratulations, he has now achieved the Bare Minimum of Respectability, hahaha.

How about this: For Avg IQ, say the ranking goes like this, from highest to lowest: Asian Men, White Men, Black Men, Asian Women, White Women, Black Women. Meaning a secondary sorting based on gender, not race. Meaning Black Men are SIGNIFICANTLY smarter than White Women. Does it then follow that Black Men would be more likely to assimilate into a K-society? BUT, White Women are already K, so they wouldn’t have to SWITCH from r to K like the blacks. BUT we can see that White Women have very little trouble “switching” from Natural K to race-unnatural r when they are pushed by the r-Media and r-Marxism and r-Decadence of the New r-West. Interesting questions indeed!

But what if the Intelligence Ranking is more like: Asian Men, White Men, Asian Women, Black Men, White Women, Black Women. Now White Women and Black Men aren’t so far apart any more. One simple transposition, and then White Women are smarter than Black Men. And what if that is the case.

And aren’t some Asians more r-selected (warmer climates) and others more K (colder?) But All Asians are pretty Smart, right? So r vs K is not STRONGLY corrrelated with IQ. Especially if you consider that maybe Jews are more r than K, but they are also arguably Smarter than Whites!

And what about “Middle Easterners” or “Arabs”. Nonjew Nonwhites, hahaha. They’re pretty smart, prob close to whites, let’s say they are as much below whites as jews are above whites.

Basically I need some Rushton type guy to talk about The Other Big “Races” other than “The Big 3”, ie, Asians, Whites, and Blacks, ie, Indians, Jews, Arabs. Don’t think “Arab” is the best nomenclature, hahaha. I think you could consider Arabs and Jews both to be “SEMITIC” Peoples. Then I was reading on some conspiracy site that Whites are actually descended from Jews, and that the 12 Tribes of Israel each correspond to various Big European Tribes. INTRADASTING.

r/K might be more strongly correllated with individualistic vs collectivistic societies, than with IQ. Big Clannish Distrustful Racially-Obsessed Extended Families of r-selecteds, vs Smaller, Nicer, more Altruistic and ExtraFamilial Camraderie & trust of White K-selected societies.

Also, you’d ASSUME that Women of ANY race would be more K-selective due to their uterus, and men of ANY race more r-Selective, willing to bang anything that moves, BECAUSE the Women are so K-selective. So why are Wimminz of Any Race, but ESPECIALLY more western, white, K-selected Races, so Eager, Dumb, Short-Sighted to jump on the r-selection bandwagon of decadence and promiscuity and short-sightedness?


I got more frustrated with this one than I have with a movie in a long time. Because Refn has established himself as a Good Director in my mind, otherwise I wouldn’t even care. And the movie, up to the end, was pretty darn good, albeit not what I expected. It was actually VERY, VERY David Lynchy, as if Refn were paying Blatant Homage to Lynch, which I didn’t mind at all. More directors SHOULD! Brian ENO gives a good score. Hubert SELBY Jr co-wrote the script with Refn. Prob one of the last things Selby did before he died. Note to self, do more reading of and about Selby, seems like he would be RIGHT up my alley. (Of course “Requiem For A Dream” is in my Top Ten Movies.) John Turturro does great acting. The movie looks great. It created a nice mysterious dark Lynchlike tone. Then it craps out with a huge WTF ending. “THAT’S IT???!!!” Imagine if “Mulholland Drive” ENDED right before they went to Club Silencio; actually, right before the dykeout when they were both staring at the blue box. COME ON. So I’m HOPING there are tons of little intentional CLUES buried in the movie that MAKE it make sense. But even if there’s NOT, that was no reason for Refn to go BANKRUPT, as it was still a very well-made and provocative movie. I’m glad he bounced back though, with the much more “accessible” (and enjoyable!) Pusher 2 and 3.

Yep, that Selby looks Bleak As F00k. Enjoy! I do not read fiction unless I have a DAMN good reason to. (and in 2013 I think I’ve found that reason!)

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