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May 2006, Decibel Magazine, “NSBM Special Report” by J. Bennett.

As a longtime black metal fan with a new interest in WN, I come back to this article, which I first discovered in maybe 2010. Interesting for several reasons. It’s technically well-written and enjoyable, but it’s full of Sickening Smug SWPL Snark.

“The Only Kind Of Socialism That Works Is NATIONAL Socialism”

Maybe that IS true, and here I’m talking about The Meaningful Bonds of Intra-Racial Trust and Solidarity as a Support for The Economy. It becomes less about Darkie Parasites And Use Ur E. McShylock Zoggerberg  stealing hard-earned coppers out of your pocket, when you genuinely want to help out Your Brethren who are Down On Their Luck. It ties in well with Ethnostates; Or, Socialism is such an ugly word, but something Like Socialism can only be achieved in a Racially-Pure Ethnostate. Or maybe a Tiny, tiny minarchist Local Front Porch Community with Distributism and Social Credit.

So, we can try to “RECLAIM” the term “NS”, or we can invent a new term for the Black Metal, like “Ethnonationalist Black Metal”.

And some of the Black Metal is more openly Jew-hating, and some of it is more White Pride and paganism.

For me, in MY OPINION, the even more laughable black metal cop-out than “you can mock christians but NEVER jews” is “I’m against racism because The Entire Human Race Is Equally A Pile Of Sh!t” Tuffguy Hateful Misanthrope. These Misanthropes are Too Scared and Faggy to Go All The Way, and might as well be Whiny Faggy DSBM Lifelover fan, haha! Why don’t you go and CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT YOU some more, fag!

No, I like Lifelover and DSBM just fine. Although right NOW, if I HAD to listen to some DSBM, it’d prob be Silencer, or Trist.

But since I’m not a Tuffguy Huge Racist Bully, I prefer the more Positive White Pride Black Metal than the stuff with the more boisterous, “negative” ie anti-black/jew lyrics, like “RAC” lyrics on top of black metal music. Just a personal preference. I barely have time for music anyway. I’m thinking of something like Walknut for example.

I guess DRUDKH would be the perfect example, as they are the Biggest Band to have any kind of Rumoured Racialist Leanings, but they’re not SO Racialist you’d call them “NSBM”, EVER, rather than “folk” or “pagan” or “heathen” or “slavonic”.

Which reminds me, gotta do some research on the rumors that Nokturnal Mortum is FLIP-FLOPPING on their “National Socialism.”

You can tell a guy is PVSSYWHIPPED when he LISTENS to his GURLFRAN telling him to stop reading all this creepy RACIST stuff or I’ll DUMP you.

Like you’re some REDNECK with a REBEL FLAG on his PICKUP TRUCK, and you spend your Saturday Nights getting DRUNK and wanting to BEAT UP f4gz, n!ggurz, and k!kez!

Are All Ethnonationalisms Somewhat Similar? Could White Nationalists and Black Nationalists LEARN things from each other? Do all races NEED to fight each other, or can they just agree on Mutual Noninterference?

Let me reiterate another Profound Point that Always Bears Repeating:Contempt Is Not Anger Is Not Hatred Is Not Violence.These are ALL Separate, Unique things, but they have SOME overlap (not a LOT!) in SOME places (not many!). In other words, Violence CAN have some anger and/or hatred mixed in, but NOT NECESSARILY. Think of a 4-way Venn Diagram. Some anger is good; Heck even a little Hatred can be good! And even some violence is justified/appropriate (although I’m NOT advocating it!) ANd what I feel for Wimminz is mainly contempt, and a tiny bit of anger, and that’s 99% of it. 1% Beta Pedestal White Knight Nawaly Faggy Romantic Love, hahaha.

You don’t need to be SMART to MATE. If WIMMINZ were SMART, they’d SELECT Smart Men to Mate with, thus creating a Smarter Next Generation rather than a Dumber One. DYSGENICS.
(For Racialists: But maybe Whites have been Trained to be Self-Destructive and Masochistic like this!)

In Conclusion, IMHO, A True Sociopath wouldn’t WORRY so much about BEING a Sociopath, so I’m in the clear.

Another PhD Research Project: How MUCH have Jews historically followed a K-Reproduction strategy vs an R one, noting of course that these are TRENDS and not specifically Biological, Scientific Chemicals? So which side of the trend do They TEND to?

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