That’s a song title but I can’t remember by whom. Possibly Superjoint Ritual. I SHOULD break this post up into 2 posts OK FINE I WILL!

ok maybe I should STOP writing about racial stuff because I am a NOOB and should at least read Stormfront and VNN for several months and report back later.

and also research White Genocide in South Africa. Whites being raped and murdered and mutilated by blacks.

Uhh huge falling out with Hunter Wallace betraying the trust of Greg Johnson
Johnson and Alex Linder might not REALLY hate each other and were friendly up until recently?
Huge controversy about Matt Parrott and his Mormonism and how pro jewish or anti jewish is he really
Robert Stark being mocked
Umm what I can glean is that VNN is super duper antizionist and I can appreciate that. Very unfriendly but also probably very prinicipled, to borrow Linders Friendliness vs Principled Matrix hahaha.
Quite honestly it’s f00king CONFUSING!
So yeah I could learn something by spending hours and days and weeks and months and years at VNNForumz. I never said I was Anti-Linder or anti-VNN, just that their Very Strong Opinions regarding White Writers is a little intimidating to The Newb!

greg johnson and hunter wallace fighting each other on a message board good lord
HW does not like Linder and calls him a neonazi

VNN seems like a magnet for drama within the Race-Conscious Community. Linder is a very controversial and charismatic, but also seems quite Courageous and Smart. Def Extreme though. But isn’t Extremer Better with Racial Consciousness?

Like I say, I’m Not There Yet, I might never be. I would not want to be in a position of influence or leadership if its just people arguing about how true you are and if you’re betraying people or not. what a waste. Hardly more productive than Bread and Circuses and Opium.

What’s the metric for how much you’re supposed to think The Holocaust Is A Holohoax before you become a White Race Traitor, in other words? I’m in the interesting position of Not Liking Jews, however I still think Jews were killed. But maybe Holohoax is saying the issue is not whether alot of jews were killed, it’s that, is 6 million jews even such a big deal compared to 11 million ukrainians + several million poles and millions of nonjews being killed. Though I prefer it when people address The Jewish Question rather that ignore it completely, it would be funny if I were accused of being PhiloSemitic just because I thought More Jews Died than “actually” did. hahahaha.

so much infighting. narcissism of small diffs “But THESE Differences AREN’T SMALL! They’re Huge and Traitor-Making!”

At any rate I Resolve to Lurk and Read More on VNN in 2013. But as of 2012 I prefer the Tone of Civility on Stormfront, hahaha. Because I’m a coward who refuses to Grow A Sack For My Children And The Future Of My Race.

And I can’t really be pro-hitler because of his crimes against poles and other whites. unless those are all jewish lies too, hahaha.
http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t775095/ “did hitler hate poles”
http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t275274/?highlight=poland+polish polish thread
http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t369043/?highlight=poland+polish slavic thread
http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t207986/ polish german cooperation in WW2

try Committee for Open Debate On The Holocaust
heheh I have an achilles heel for the “academic”, “pointy-headed” types that go out of their way to say they don’t “HATE” and who don’t use “Racist” Language indiscriminately. And for that I deserve to be called a traitor and a plant and a mole and a loser by Alex Linder, hahaha.

there are “even” jewish holocaust revisionists, which appeals to my sense of Tolerance and Turning The Cheek and being a Niceguy Shabbas Goy, hahaha. If I were really extreme I would not read one word Any Jew Writes Ever About Anything.


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