* use first and foremost, even exclusively if easiest

* others: careerbuilder, monster, craigslist, usajobs, draw on Your personal expertise!

* within 10 miles of ZIPCODE [massive Entitlement Issues haha]

* Full Time Only, $X0,000-$Y0,000 only (but more is ok too!)

* No Masters Degree. Refer to resume and find appropriate jobs.

* Tweak resume (objective, or any other parts) to FIT the job, without lying or making stuff up.

* good search keywords: area OR assistant OR junior OR entry OR “entry-level” OR clerk OR “blabla community college” OR HighProfileLocalNationalCompany OR AnotherOneOfThose OR “data entry” OR “GummintSkool” OR “administrative assistant” OR “marketing assistant” OR “community college” OR university OR nonprofit

* Those keywords should give great idea of types of jobs I’m looking for

* Some Ideal Companies specifically: blabla Community College, blabla University, BigCompany1, BigComp2, BigCOmp3, Anything in Fortune 500 list, anything in Forbes “Best Companies To Work For”, Local City Governments: VaisyaCity1, BrahminJewCity1, BRahminJewCity2, LessBrahminLessJewButStillBrahminCity1; County Governments: Vaisya County, Brahmin County; State of ButtBangerz;

* No Sales, but Customer Service up to 60% OK.

* Strongly Introverted, less Customer Service the better!

* but still strong customer service and communication and problem-solving skills

* Use your discretion and expertise in emphasizing these! Because ALL jobs demand these same basic skill sets, Which I DO Have!

* email me doc, docx, or pdf of any resumes, cover letters in which you are especially proud of what you’ve done, I would like to use them later. Feel free to be creative and play with document formatting to make it aesthetically pleasing, as long as you don’t fabricate accomplishments on the resume!

* If possible, Email Hiring Decision Maker with short intro email, attached resume & CL.

* try to have IVA work 4 or 8 hour shifts. How about 4 hours, once per week.

* email me with questions AND very brief report AND attachments of Awesome Res/CL Changes

* take out home address on resume; leave phone num & email (o wait I can do this haha)

* if you’re really confident in your English, feel free to CALL the contact listed, show interest and initiative to get interview. If you think you can actually pretend to BE me, go ahead, if not, tell them you’re my partner. assistant? intern? no, PARTNER.


Mon 12 17 12 now on “The Whole Milk (Vitamin D) Project” give it a WHIRL. Very debateable whether MILK or DAIRY is PALEO, prob NOT, but it more likely IS a good source of Proteins and Good Fats, a Decent Fat-Protein Combo if You Will, so for that alone I decided to try it out. Not like I’m drinking a f00king gallon a day, that would not be good. More like a half-gallon a week. Drink a slug with Breakfast, put some in my Coffee, etc. If I start getting super fatter I’ll cut it out again.

Looking for a good “Men’s Spa” close by. A Turkish Bath House if you will. Where Nude Old Men sit in the Steam Room then in the Dry Sauna with their Danglerz dangling. NO WIMMIN. I’m aware it sounds G@y but I won’t be sucking any D, I just want to enjoy those two rooms. Yet there’s a million places for Wimmins to get tanningz, manipediz, “FACIALS” etc.

Forgot how sweet SLEEP (St0ner Metal Band) is. Never been a big fan of High On Fire, they’re OK, but my heart will always be with SLEEP. Actually High On Fire is Above Average Metal, but SLEEP is Just Legendary. IMHO. There’s a real differentiator in there. I like the RELIGIOUS aspect. If smoking w33d until you can barely WALK and then Staggering Around to the St0ned Rhythms of Huge Epic Riffage which plaster a sh!t-eating grin across your st0ned face that you can’t even FEEL YOUR FACE cause you’re so Bl0wn-out sounds like a good RELIGION to you! No “Stoner Metal” will EVER come close, IMHO.

Some hardcore christians who are obsessed with their religion have concluded that Zionism Is Right and that Anti-Zionists are deluded. Meanwhile other very hardcore christians are very Anti-Zionist and see Zios as evil Satan Spawn in IsraHELL.

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