I RESPECT FFC for his classics like The Godfather (which I have to do a proper beginning-to-end Adult Viewing Of) and especially IMHO Apocalypse Now. You forget that his career has been very uneven and that he has done movies like “JACK” with Robin Williams playings the Benjamin Button type char. And he’s always on Hiatus and out of mainstream sight. I still think he’s A True Cinematic Artist, an Auteur if you will. Ambitious, Tryhard in a Good Way, and Not Afraid to Take Big Risks and Fail Big in Going His Own Way. I promoted Tetro up near the top because of my Vincent Gallo Mini-Kick, wanting to see his actual grim face after recently “watching” his voice role in “Metropia.” Not sure WHY I love Gallo so much: probably it’s that FACE and his seeming Honesty and Integrity, he seems DIFFERENT from the Average Hollywood Scumbag. I like his arrogance and his Own Way which he is def going. I saw Buffalo 66 at an impressionable age, thus that movie, his character, and Him made a lasting impression on me, and, like The Faithful Man I am, I haven’t forgotten. Faithful Long-Term Rel with Vincent.

I honestly didn’t care if the movie was Coppola (yes NOT “Copolla”)at his worst, I’d just be happy watching Gallo. (He somehow looks MORE “CREEPY” when he is Clean-Shaven!) But the movie was surprisingly NOT horrible! I expected the worse from the no-name co-lead, the 18-year-old boy playing Gallo’s estranged very younger brother, but that kid Ehrenreich or sommat was GREAT, should see HIM in more movies! The DP was great, the whole movie was beautiful. Didn’t realize it was gonna be in Black And White, and I liked that. Took place in Buenos Aires, which the extras remarked was gonna be a Challenging city to do B&W in, but they succeeded IMHO. Sold it very well. Made me want to visit BA.

Tangent: OBVIOUSLY lots of whites emigrated to South America – notably Brasil but prob Argentina and everywhere else too – so there is a strong White Presence in much of South America. Germans, Italians, Slavs, Anglo-Saxons, Scandinavians, you name it. I THINK there were ENOUGH Whites that they could and DID (source needed) breed successfully and briskly with one another. Of course there was widespread miscegenation too. But the overall impression I get, IMHO, is that South America is more White European and Less Mestizo than Central America (EXPECIALLY South-Of-Mexico Central America!). This doesn’t REALLY apply to the movie other than it deals with an Italian family that moved to Argentina, but that sort of Racial Ethnic stuff is of increasing interest to me.

After a while the story jumped the shark and got too ham-handed, but the talented actors carried it admirably, so it didn’t kill the movie that the story became ridiculous. Besides some of the themes in the story were not very ridiculous and very compelling: the arrogant but insecure genius writer who Fails To Launch, can’t finish anything, and is Dying On The Vine and Frustrated and living in the shadow of more accomplished geniuses in his family. Gallo is Classic Gallo: A Crazy, Bipolar, Difficult, Arrogant, Angry, Bitter, Selfish 4sshole. Maybe THAT’s why I like him, hahaha. But beneath all that there’s a Good Loving Man.

Also the little 18-year-old girl is Crazy Beautiful, enough to Marry and be 50% Monogamous To. Especially when she cuts her hair, but that’s just because I have a Short-Haired Girl FETISH. But ONLY when the girls are in the Prime Of Youth, which this girl def IS!! Even if you’re not a Gallo fanatic, you should rent the movie just to see her NAKED 18-YEAR-OLD T!TS (SPOIL!) with such radiant gleaming prime-of-youth skin.

Worth watching once if you like Gallo, Coppola, or Beautiful 18-year-old girls, Buenos Aires, Good Photography, but overlong, blatantly ridiculous story after about 50% thru. I liked the ending though, but many prob don’t. Wouldn’t watch it twice. Plus I was P!SSED I got a bad disc and it skipped over alot, including Gallo’s interview in the extras, although having to skip 2 scenes cut down on the overlength of it. Uhhh I’ll give it a B.

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