WOW I’ve been mentioned in the thread of a MANBOOBZ article, this has to be “some kind of ” (f@gspeak) milestone:


I found an MRA blogger who sympathised with a man kidnapping and keeping prisoner women (multiple) because he thought men deserved sex daily….

And another post about how the CT school shooter killed children cause he was not getting “tail”…

(warning: English words and sentences are optional)

/\ ps he seems to be one of the posters exiled from the now that it has exiled controversial posters….

P.s don’t read their India rape story, it’s worse than AVFM’s story….


heh I’m not gonna link but that’s what he says. OK BUDDY. Fortunately or unfortunately they did not find me interesting enough to keep talking about me in the comments.  Not like the Involuntary Celibate who wants The Gummint to Pay for Comfort Wimmin. Which, BTW, is NOT something I support, however I do support Comfort Wimmin being legally available to incels, or anyone else that would prefer a quick financial transaction for sex rather than stupid conversation.  Funny I don’t think I really “sympathized” with the sex dungeon guy, I just found him interesting. also I never said lanza shot the kids because he wasn’t getting “tail” although “tail” is one of my fav words, hahaha. It was maybe 20% of the contributing factors, but mainly I think he did it because he had no father figure, had a cold and crazy and soulless mother, (those two being the biggest factors) had no social skills whatsoever, played violent video games all day every day. Of course there’s another “theory” the shooting NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED, the whole thing is “news theatre” INVENTED like a TV show by the press. No victims, no lanza, no shooting, people in newtown CT don’t even know about it. (IMHO this is pretty farfetched. But interesting!)

anyway those fat f@ggot f00ks who spread their 4sses for any unshowered guy in an art rock band or a social justice think tank will find TODAY’S POST WAY more Misogynistic and Creepy And it just PROVES my creepiness that I can’t even TELL how creepy it is! F00king F4gg0ts.


you should take advantage of the time that your d!ck is actually inside wimmin to just go all out and say some unspeakable things. say the most racist and antisemitic and antiwimmin things you can possibly imagine. what are they gonna do? force your d!ck out of them? if anything they will be more into you for being a Bad Boy who doesn’t care what anybody thinks….even though in Polite Company, being a Racist or Bigot is the worst thing you can possibly be. Use those “precious moments” when your d!ck is actively inside pvssy as PRIME BRAINWASHING TIME. Blow her mind open with all sorts of Red Pills. Try to be at least somewhat smart and educational, not have all your talk be about what a Decadent Little Traitorous Promiscuous Poisonous Wh0re she is. Just a little bit!

Damn this is a great idea. As you are Pounding the girl and she is in La La Land with the O Face the things you say will stick better. Wimmin are naturally much more suggestable than men, meaning they can easily be turned against you….or turned back! some suggestions of “Mantras” to ingrain in their minds at this ingrainable time:

(yes I am aware of “THE MANTRA” in the WhiteOSphere, done by Horus the Avenger or Bob Whittaker or White Rabbit Radio, basically: “Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, but America/Europe for EVERYONE!; Antiracist is code for Antiwhite” etc. can’t really argue with that haha.)

“Everyone’s a Little Racist. You’re A Racist Too. Being A Racist Is Good.”
“Love Your Race. Love Your Race.”
“Don’t Believe Marxist Lies. Don’t Believe Marxist Lies.”
“Don’t Murder Your Children. Don’t Murder Your Children.”
“Men and Women are Different. Men and Women are Different.”
“Don’t Ride The C0ck Carousel. Don’t ride the C0ck Carousel.”
“There is more to life than your Careeeeer. There is more to life than your careeeeer.”
“Family is more important than Career. Family is more important than career.”
and so on. Something short and simple, a mantra if you will. I really like the Mantra Method.
“Don’t give your uterus away.”
“Promiscuity Destroys Women’s Capacity to Love.”
“Promiscuity is not good for women. Men and Women are DIFFERENT.”
“Don’t Have Sex Before The Tenth Date. Don’t Have Sex Before The Tenth Date.”
“You’d Make A Horrible Mother. That’s why men don’t want to marry you.”
“Repent for your sins and Convert.”
“Throw Away Your TV.”
“Women should not be as promiscuous as men.”
“A Promiscuous Woman is a Worthless Woman” (tm Chapin)
“A Woman’s Peak Age is 18-22, NOT After.”
Marry Young, and start having children young. Having Children Young is more important than College and Career.
“Nice guys are only nice because they haven’t had as many Sex Partners as You and thus they make the mistake of falling in luv with their sex partners like YOU did before you became a wh0re.”
“Don’t be a Race Traitor Mud Shark. Don’t Sleep With Blacks.”
“Don’t Go Away To College.”
“Family First, then MAYBE Career. If you still want. & You prob won’t.”
“Family First. Career Later.”
“Don’t Be Such A Conformist. Don’t be such a SHEEP. Think For Yourself. Stop Getting Brainwashed.” (hehehe)
“Women aren’t allowed to have A Wh0re Phase. It Ruins them Permanently.”
“Don’t Ever Take It Up The 4S5.”
“Don’t ever take a sexy photo.”
“Don’t take l04dz on your face.”
“Don’t Be A SpermBurping Gutter Slvt.”
“Make Him Wait Ten Dates.”
“It’s GOOD to be A Racist. It’s BAD to be an antiracist. You (I?) Will become a racist once again.”
Pound, Pound, Pound! O-Face O-Face O-Face! Yes Daddy! I WILL Become a racist!
“The World Will Be a better place when Average Men and Average Wimmin have approx the same number of LIfetime Sex Partners.”
“Wimmin Ought To Have Less Lifetime Sex Partners Than Men. Orders of Magnitude Less.”
Get creative, don’t “ABUSE” them, just teach them Hard Truths!

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