talked about giving Fiction/Stories/Plays a go. I would PROB do Dystopias&Eutopias. Get people or at least mySELF FIRED UP over AN IDEAL WORLD. In some cases this might sound like “FANTASY”. I don’t have a prob with that. AND I acknowledge sometimes a little Escapism is not a bad thing, if we can escape an unideal world, and go recharge our batteries in a fantasy ideal world, and then the next day after a good 9 hours sleep, we can be fired up to boil the frog / baby step our way to that Better World One Day At A Time. Yes that sounds corny but IMHO Corny is sometimes Good. I didn’t come here to fool ya, hahaha. (I think I’m stealing that from Leonard Kohan, “Hallelujah” on “Live In London.”) These stories might not always have political or racial implications, sometimes it might be pure Nice Girl Fantasy Pedestal Porn. Sometimes it might deal with Fixing the Mistakes and Regrets of my path, What Ifs, Alternate History for if I have lived my life differently, done Smart things when I was young, how “small changes” would have had big good consequences later. Heh. Since those would be personal I would prob not publish the most personal ones. I am a Both/And Kinda Glass Half Empty Kinda Guy, hahaha. I think, in this case, you can have your cake and eat it too, in that you can be BOTH a Successful Fantasy Writer living 49% of your life in your fantasy world, AND be Successful and Well-Adjusted in The Real World Too. Don’t let Zios tell you otherwise! Just to clarify, those ones about Living In My Own Past and making my own Alternate history would be the Most Risky, and I will handle those with caution / sparingly.


Heh. I never said Nurture couldn’t overpower nature. Think of that kid in Syria that was forced to behead the Assad loyalist. Methinks before too long that kid is gonna be an unimpeachable WARRIOR MAN who LUVS beheading. If you brainwash/traumatize kids YOUNG enough and SEVERELY enough, no amount of nature or nurture can bring them back from that Severe Nurture later.

MY PLAN: So Basically raise kidz in Concentration Camp Conditions UNTIL 6 or 7. NO, don’t ABUSE them physically or verbally. Per Se. OK ConcCamp was the wrong word obv. Raise them in SPARTAN WARRIOR conditions. Put them into Boot Camp and make them get up at 3 am and Fight and Lift and Run and Brainwash them with emotional and scary propaganda to learn MORALS, if not Political or racial stuff. Now don’t be a savage psychopath and beat and raep the children or force them to kill each other or call them inferior subhuman scum. Just train them HARD. Like 900 ZOG Bootcamps so by the time the child is 7 years old he is an Elite Warrior. AND THEN you can back off and give him a “Normal” Easy Childhood. And since you’ve used Hardcore Nurture to overcome Lazy Nature, the child won’t WANT to watch cartoons or play vijyagaymz or eat candy. He’ll WANT to continue his physical, mental, and moral training, you won’t even have to punish or coerce him. AGAIN, DON’T BEAT OR ABUSE CHILDREN! I DON’T HAVE TO SAY THAT!

You don’t have to feeeeel guilty about it because you’re not abusing or beating your child! You’re not getting MAD at them and MOLESTING them. No, you’re just TRAINING Them hard. BIG DIFFERENCE. Now in the Movies at least, Drill INstructors often Verbally Abuse the cadets, but I would err on the side of caution and not do this to children. Children are innocents, you don’t need to BREAK THEIR SPIRIT, you just TAKE their spirit and mold it RIGHT AWAY! There’s no need to Break Them Down first!

Raise Kids to be Harcorde NINJAS to use the Fagspeak, from the earliest age possible, as intensely as possible, so this training STICKS for the rest of their life when you take the intense conditions away. It’s that simple.

The younger and more severe/intense the Nurture, the closer it approximates Nature.

Now if you can’t tell the difference between Intense Training and Abuse, you’re clearly not smart or moral enough to do this. Your children are a lost cause, continue dropping them off at day care and pubskoolz.

to be continued with part 2 in 2 days….

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