I recently took a white privileged mini-vacation to an American City in the Desert which has a reputation for decadence and sin and vice, hahahahaha, but I have a feeeeeeeling it’s no worse in fact prob better than Certain Other Cities on either Coast. Anyway I cherished the opportunity to People Watch and observe Multiculturalism outside of my Home Environment, which I don’t often travel out of. LOTS more Mestizos than I’m used to, and Asians. Southeast Asians. Real “TUNNEL RATS,” hahahahaha. Those would the two most noticeable things. the Blacks seemed about the same, maybe even Better Behaved than I’m used to. The “bad” news is that I was Haaaaaaappy and probably seeing everything though rose-colored glasses. Even enjoyed a nice, friendly, fun Multicultural Dinner with some Gainfully-Employed nonwhites, hahaha.

But what I’m interested in today is the Sex Work. You could say that the city and state are somewhat known for their Sex Work. I expected to be Approached by Hucksters with little slips of paper advertising Wimmin Escorts, and I wanted to compare Pricing and Ethnicities, in that the Whiter, Younger, and Cheaper the Escort were, the more interested I would be in “HANGING OUT” with her. Of course, I predict the Younger and Whiter, then the more Expensive. But I think I was in the wrong part of town, and did not get approached.

So the Main Thing is The Strip Club. I figured, well, if a Cheap Young White Hooker doesn’t throw herself at me, I’ll just pick the youngest whitest cutest stripper for One Lap Dance, and appease a little bit of my decadence, and maybe if she were willing to do Full-Blown Penile Penetration for $100 I might. (Wishful thinking, hahahaha.) Figured the Party City Strip Club might be “better” than Flyover Country Strip Club. Nope. So you pay for valet, you pay per man to get in, you have mandatory two-drink minimum, and THE SECOND we walked in, EACH MAN was BESET UPON by at least one stripper. They had the strength and numbers. I hadn’t been to A Gentleman’s Club in at least Four Years and was not Mentally Prepared. I had wanted to take a few minutes, select my Favourite Goil, buy ONE Dance and evaluate her Pricing for Less Legitimate Decadence, and GTFO. I regret to say I had Horrible Game and Simply Made POLITE CHIT CHAT which I’ve become accustomed to doing thru CUSTOMER SERVICE. It’s short boring Chit Chat because I don’t want to MAKE FRIENDZ with CUSTOMERS; but in this case I’m the customer and the stripper VAMPIRE LEECHEZ are trying to suck ALL the money out of my pocket. They’re even willing to walk you over to the $9 surcharge ATM, HOW CONSIDERATE OF THEM. A BOOK FOR MY/YOUR HEIRS: Each Short Stupid SONG counts as One Dance, and they will not stand up and confirm after every song, insert money to continue like an arcade game. Get Mentally Prepared and Just Say No. And THEN you will be given cold stares by all the employees even though you already paid like $50 JUST TO GET IN THE DOOR. f00king ungrateful f4gg0ts.

This is NOT how I’d run MY Gentlemen’s Club. The Kind of Sex Work I want DOES NOT EXIST. I would do “Honest Brothels” where it is more like a Consulting Office or something. Very Transparent about Pricing and Services Rendered; you got a Good Pick of the girls and got to pick the one you wanted just as easy as going to WAL-MART and buying the pair of WRANGLER JEANS you want; then you take her back for a fair price, no hidden charges, no BS, she doesn’t patronize you unless you want, the decor is not all sleazy until you get in the actual Sex Room.

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