semi time machine, I saw this on dec 30 I think. 20 days ago. heheh. See if anyone remembers this movie a mere 3 weeks later. Predict no. Movies Suck and have no staying power and there’s 9000 new sucky movies released every week.

I actually didn’t HATE it, it was just 40 minutes too long. AND felt thrown-together at parts, like he gave up halfway thru. And Django and his wife were not compelling characters. Christoph Waltz carried the movie and (SPOILER) when he died about 70% thru, movie lost a lot of steam. Movie had its good parts, namely, Quentin IS capable of writing good dialogue. But the story ain’t really there. Style over substance I daresay. And I LIKED Kill Bill, I LIKED what I saw of “Inglorious Basterdz”. Even though it’s all about let’s kill the evil Germans, let’s kill the evil whiteys. Actually this movie wasn’t AS Racist as I expected. Or maybe I just was not offended by Evil White Slavemaster saying the N Word throughout.

Now when the movie was good, it was better than average, and when it was bad, it no worse than Average Bad. So I wouldn’t call it a complete TURD, but I was DEF disappointed. Sam Jackson was better than usual – I’ve gotten tired of him – but here he “pushed his limits” playing The Old Dark Crotchety House-N. A ridiculous role and he had plenty of makeup / mask type stuff, that was fine. Leo was charming as the Plantation owner. Jamie Fox was ok as the Titular Django but nothing spectacular. Again, Waltz stole the show.

Some of the music was good (nice pick of Richie Havens singing “Freedom”!) some of it was godawful (out of place gangster rap). Character development was disappointingly weak. Django is just a monosyllabic former slave, there’s no explanation why Leo is so Sadistic towards some of his slaves, he’s a good actor but I didn’t think the Sadism worked with the otherwise Charming character. It’s nice that Django is so chivalrous towards his wife, although the MRAs will be up in arms that he was doing all this for a woman, and the WNs will be all about the antiwhite portrayal of whites and how blacks do not have sense of honor and fidelity to their monogamous wife. I just thought the movie was long and drawn out and below Tarantino’s Average and got boring after Waltz is killed. Stuff to that point takes on a slow premeditated buildup and the buildup does not deliver. Within one minute both Waltz and Leo are dead. Come on. Weak.

On the whole, no more Anti-White than the Average Anti-White movie though. Nothing for Pro-Whites to get a huge bee in their bonnet about, hahaha. Produced by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, hahaha. I was expecting something really provocative and offensive and shocking, maybe like how “Pulp Fiction” was back in the day. But I got Tarantino on Autopilot.

Plus I’m sure not all White Slavemasters were awful Sadists. I SHOULD watch “Inglorious Basterds” just to see the Hatchet Job he did on Germanz. All I know about that movie is that the Blonde French Girl is really attractive and she realllllly does not look Jewish. Though plenty of Jews look white, very few jews look THAT white!

I have not been to a Movie at the Theatre in at least 4 or 5 months. You see the previews and the commercials before the previews and you see what f@gg0t bullsh!t it All Is. Stupid Movies, Stupid AD Slogans, forget about the Anti-whiteness for a second, even nonwhites should be insulted by this massive affront to human intelligence and integrity! The previews included “Gangster Squad” which seemed interesting for Sean Penn playing “Mickey COHEN” who CONTROLS the whole city, very interesting to see a Big Jewish Villain, why didn’t they just name him a goy name? I think Sean Penn actually IS a Goy, although a Gay Awful one, hahaha.

Then previews for Die Hard 5, Scary Movie 5, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Crappy Tom Cruise postapocalyptic thing called Oblivion, some weak horror thing “Dark Skies” and the most promising was “This Is The End” with Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Daryl Robinson, and Danny McBride playing themselves at the end of the world. Of course Danny McBride has to carry that bunch, he’s clearly the funniest. A bunch of crap in other words, and I will not go back to the theatre until there’s something new by LVT or Gaspar Noe or Woody Allen MAYBE. Maybe Refn’s next big movie. I didn’t even go to Dark Knight RISES.

I deliberately picked the Less “Multicultural” theatre out of the 3 closest theatres. And the Multiculturals aren’t even that badly behaved at the MOST Multicultural theater of the 3. I don’t know if I thought the movie would provoke Racial Tension, or if I just didn’t even feel like LOOKING at Albanians. That might have been it, hahaha. There were a couple blacks in my Django theater but they were very well behaved. They deserve an award, hahahaha.

It was either this or The Hobbit so I went on Metacritic and this beat the Hobbit soundly, like 81 to 61. Now movie critics are stupid and gay and evil but I thought they usually underrate things. And this movie had such significant glaring flaws (too long, Patchy Story, weak characters) that I can’t believe these critics couldn’t see that. Shoulda gone to the Hobbit. Which I also hear was not too good. Christoph Waltz was very good but not enough to make an average movie into a great movie. And I hear The Hobbit was not that great: too long and boring. Would not be surprised. I can’t believe they’re gonna make THREE movies out of that. Even TWO is too many. Heh. Not sure why I even WATCH movies any more. Probably just to Criticize them!

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