Lemme preface this by saying that Gawker is the f00king F4GGIEST site since jezebel, which it NOT COINCIDENTALLY is part of the Gawker Family of Sites along with Lifehacker.

Gawker of course publishes antiwhite b00sh!t like “The Unbearable Invisibility Of White Masculinity” by some Soc Prof, holy crap the entire thing is F@gspeak, and they bold and enlarge the worst f@gspeak as the Representative Summary Blurbs for the article: “We use moments of tragedy to reassert the value in whiteness and the importance in protecting white bodies.” HAHAHAHAHAHA GOOD LAWD. and the comments are of course full of sympathizers chiding white racists for not recognizing their white privilege.

But that Tales From The Underclass thing I do kinda like, not gonna lie. Even if the Gawker Family is Total Poison Destroying Our Society. Whoops it’s called “HELLO from the underclass.” even MORE patronizing. what a bunch of CRAP from people that could not SURVIVE if THEY had to WORK FOR A LIVING.

hehehe there was a link on the page to a New January 2013 Lifehacker How To Ace Your Next Job INterview article. Make sure you get creative in making Excuses for your Gaps!

I might have to make Tales Of The Underclass (lord what a title) a regular thing. I have huge sympathy for the Unemployed and Underemployed, and no sympathy for the Lazy, and less sympathy for Gawker, so I might have to see how their insidious, horrid writers put their little spin on this “NARRATIVE” throughout the series. But I like hearing Real People’s Stories in the Comments. They do allow some Dissenting Comments. Like Nonwhites do Mass Shootings too.


INtro: William Pierce qua George Lincoln Rockwell. In Pierce’s intro to Rockwell talk (see Rockwell Brown U Speech 1966ish) Pierce shows proper respeck to Rockwell but questions his flamboyant appeal to losers and dregs of society (nicer words.) Men on the margin, if you will. Men who have nothing to lose, but the risk there is that they are of low quality / moral fiber, crazy, stupid, etc, whereas Pierce wanted to create a smaller more elite echelon. BUT Pierce kinda contradicts himself by his acquisition of Resistance Records (late 80s??) that MIGHT have marked the beginning of the end of National Alliance. With the intellectual classical music-lovers quite understandably clashing with the antiintellectual beer-chugging skinheads with 6,000,000 swastika tattoos.

Body: I like Drudkh’s White Consciousness with Atmospheric Pagan Black Metal but that they are also kinda mysterious and don’t give interviews or write about White Power as much as Ukrainian/Slavonic Pride and Nationalism. Though they might not Name The Jew or use Racialist Codewords (hehehe) you still PrettyMuch know where they’re coming from. Wagner wrote bombastic, transcendent, ground-breaking classical music, and again did not use Buzzwords, but you knew where He was coming from. Basically I’m looking to move past the Tired False Dichotomy of Black Metal vs Skinhead Punk vs Classical Music. Break the White Music Binary hahaha. And herald a New Age of Race-Conscious Music to capture people’s hearts. Heck Varg Vikernes is basically doing this, but I think I’m talking more about a Young Man’s thing, and not necessarily Metal. Even though I LUV Metal, hahaha.

Conclusion: Skinheads are not inherently bad but they might attract a certain White Trash element. Race-Conscious Music still needs to reach a Modern Critical Mass and Move Beyond Skinhead, RAC, Punk stuff, and Black Metal. IMHO stuff like Black Metal is AWESOME, but so is Wagner (Richard), who I’ve been enjoying a lot lately, and Wagner was Metta Race Conscious (heh) without being Obsessed with Race if you know what I mean. But I don’t agree with the Metal-Hating Racialists that Guitar Music is Gr01d Music (as Vikernes once infamously said, and I don’t think he agrees with that per se, as he continues to use guitars to make rather White Metal) Neofolk (or Neoclassical?) or Martial Folk/Industrial are rife with potential for Whites. Note to self, listen to more Skrewdriver, and see how his style developed from the beginning to the end. And Maybe William Pierce did bite off more than he could chew with Resistance Records, although I think he was just trying to take risks and reach out to the youth. Even if you didn’t think he would ever take that risk. Maybe have a Racialist Music Scene much like my Racialist Political Party I sorta described once – have degrees of secrecy. The outer layers only know of Traditional Conservative Values, the inner layers know the big Racialist Secret and use it as a Guiding Principle, but only Name The Race behind closed doors. Kinda Boil The Frog with respect to The White Masses Thinking About Race. Don’t throw swastikas in their face hahaha.

Although I like how Golden Dawn has that symbol that KINDA looks like a swastika!

Note to self, research Golden Dawn more as an example of The most Well Known, Successful Race-Oriented Political Party In The World Right Now, and how something like that might be able to take hold in the US.

Right after I watch 6,000,001 episodes of Star Trek then go to sleep! JK. See what I mean, You gotta Sometimes Make Sacrifices.


Outrageous, Controversial Idea: Race Conscious Whites and Race Conscious Blacks (And Jews I suppose) meet together and talk about how to make each race more race conscious and to establish their own ethnostates. But different races would be sorta working together towards this sorta similar goal: de-integration. segregation. With the mutual interest of knowing that this would be in each other’s own best self-interest. Yeah and then they can party and race-mix after the meetings.

Note to self, read more Sam Francis. And RevilooliveR.

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