WARNING: this post is the antithesis of pearls before swine. It is Swill Before Gentlemen, Total 4SSJUICE. “ENJOY!”

If Most People are Not Smart Enough To Work, How do Most People Have Gainful Jobs? Because you don’t HAVE to be actually Smart, you just have to be Tryhard and/or Extrovert. Or not be a White Man, hahahahahahahahahahahaha,

new laziness project is to Get Into Star Trek TV Serieses, Starting out with TNG, then DS9, then either Original or Voyager. In The Mood for some “brainy” Space Drama. Would finish up Battlestar Galactica but I have some Emotional Reasons for not, and that’s on me. Would rather start afresh with TNG. NOT BAD UH? Unless I can be convinced that it is more decadent and antiwhite than the shows I watch regularly anyway. I honestly LIKE “American Dad” ok?

Note: there is also the series “Star Trek: Enterprise” which started after Voyager. Forgot about that one. Had a 4 season run as opposed to the avg ST run of 7 years. Does that mean it’s worse.

And YES I do intend to give DOCTOR WHO a college try.

Wanted to briefly note the Kid on “Two and a Half Men” recently underwent a Christian Conversion and advised people not to watch decadent trash like his show; don’t know if he’s gonna put his money where his mouth is and walk away from the show; his new church might have some interesting ideas about The Fed; would like to see where they stand re Israel; BUT I didn’t like how he came to this church BECAUSE he wanted a “Black Church” AND it was right after he did a ton of acid. Not optimistic. But that doesn’t necessarily reflect poorly on this Church per se. They are not necess antiwhite marxists or sommat.


This is the Space Show I’m watching to make myself feeeeeeel smrt. wanted to start at the first episode and see how well it plays. NOT BAD! not sure if roddenberry was a jew. even though there were prob more goyim in tv in 1987 there was still huge prob majority chosen people. anyway the show seems intelligent enough. patrick stewart is clearly a huge alpha bad4ss, a good role model in times of weakness. first episode was sth about Farpost. The Omnipotent, Mysterious, Mischevious Q makes his appearance right away. Commander Riker has not GROWN THE BEARD yet. Whil Wheaton is young as hell. I like Data, very spergy, yet he appreciates and yearns to be human. I even like The Black Guy. COME ON. I grew up watching READING RAINBOW, I will always like LEVAR BURTON. Such a Nice Guy. If you’re too antimulticultural to like LEVAR BURTON, GTFO. Unless he pulls some serious marxist sh!t, but I doubt he or anyone will. so, cool pilot episode bro, I look forward to watching more.

Life Hacker Pro Tip, hahaha: when intimidated by how many tv shows you have to watch, just start watching at the SECOND SEASON. SKIP THE FIRST SEASON altogether. We all know a Show doesn’t GROW THE BEARD in the FIRST season, they’re still working out kinks. If you’re not sure you’ll really enjoy a show, say dexter or walking dead or the wire or deep space nine or shameless or what have you, just start on season 2. you can ALWAYS GO BACK. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Maybe you can watch too many movies on the computer and then permanently ruin your video card so then the computer crashes every 10 minutes til death, kinda like how Modern Wimmin permanently ruin themselves body mind and “soul” on 2 Manny Cox. I recall before my previous computer went bad I was watching movies and shows from these sites. Now I wouldn’t dream of it because it crashes every 5 to 10 minutes and I can’t browse job sites hahaha. I can barely read blogs.

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