Ryu mentioned something in a comment about David Lane encouraging white men to get white brides from russia. What I’d encourage is less “Mail-Order Brides” than Straight-Up SURROGATE MOTHERS. RENT-A-WHITE-WOMBZ. I never said this wasn’t gonna COST a lot of MONEY! So getting that money is the first step.

Now there’s the question of, should the Surrogate Mother ever be allowed to see the child? Tentatively, without giving it much thought, I’d say maybe once a year would be acceptable.But they certainly wouldn’t have the “traditional” mother-child relationship, in fact, that’s the whole point of a Surrogate Mother, because you want to Keep The Mother Out Of It, because Average Wimmin Make Bad Mothers.

Is it IDEAL to have a single father with no real mother? Hell NO, but I argue it’s better than a good father and a Bad mother who wrestles the children away from the good father!

Also if the Father eventually finds a Good Female Mate, I’m not saying he couldn’t bring her in as a Stepmother.

So how do we make men Wealthy Enough to Hire White Surrogate Mothers? There’s sources for that, hahaha. Learn Trades, make 350K a year, sock some away so that you can have a “mini-retirements” a la Tim Ferriss only your mini-retirements would last like 5 or 6 years to really skool and train that child in the formative years.

“Are there any true mainstream paleo-conservative forums out there? What I want is a board that is not neo-con, like Freak Republic, but a board which goes to the edge on Israel and multi-culturalism, which could on the other hand deny being racist, like Pat Buchanan does, so even a politician can get away with posting there.”

computer science vs computer engin vs finance vs accounting vs biz vs elec engin edjewcation advice hahahaha. Occidental Enclave looks pretty promising for my Little Racist Not A Big Racist Grump Grampa Common Sense Old Skool NonZionist Approach, which is PROB synonymous with “PALEOCONSERVATIVE” anyway. paleoconserv journal


people on OccEncl list their Y DNA and Mitochondrial DNA which probably sez sth about a persons genetics hahahaha. huge polish emigration to brazil according to ziopedia haha.
heh I do not link to Ziorun Ziopedia any more, We Need Our OWN Wikipedia, hahahaha.

some of those will only be of interest to poles

Heh I should take a genes/genetics class
let’s see how fast I can find a “good” one in the internetz

christopher hitchens debates white nationalist tom metzger

ho boy.
looking at some photos of Dead from Mayhem and shocked at how they do not jive with the description of him as a cold weird suicidal death obsessed freak. he seems like a Happy Funny Fun Loving Silly Niceguy.

not sure who the “David Duke Fan” is who keeps posting links to me on STORMFRONT but I have a few ideas hahaha. [I thought he might have been an Ally Blogger, but now I’m not so sure, since he just linked something else, and Kinda Misrepresented My Opinions. Heh. I hope he posts other links and is not Just My Dedicated Stalker, committed to Smearing Me on SF , when I’m just an SF Lurker not a poster, AND I’m MUCH more on their side than not on their side! Weeeeeird!]  Yes I’ve been reading a lot more Stormfront lately. I 80% like it, hahaha. they don’t shy away from the jew question that’s for sure. Although I’m sure the people who have been banned say that they are jewlovers, hahahaha.
Mikko Aspa gives interview about “Anti-Social Realism” and “UR Worth It” the art movement he founded hahaha along with the cofounders.

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