That title doesn’t really have to do with THIS particular post. Just another good “mantra.” Although hateful & racist as f00k. I was in a real bad mood when that one came to me. Heh I semi-promised not to ‘RACE-BAIT” however even in a Good Mood I think there is indeed a Kernel Of Truth to that Inflammatory, Provocative, “Hateful” Racist Slogan.

(this post is the Least Time Machineish in a while: Jan 24 2012)

“Warning:” This Post Is A Little Racist. &IMHO that’s not a bad thing, haha.

Ok. Doomdigit’s Courage v Cowardice post at Eradica (heh not gonna link to it cuz I don’t want to even Look like a Little B!tch Begging for Trackbacks) linked to a Cracked article by John Cheese


talking about all the frustrating hoops he had to jump thru to play Diablo 3. Doomdigit implied this was indicative of people giving up their freedom and power to get an entertainment fix. sort of, hahaha. I skimmed the Diablo Cheese article which linked to another far more interesting article by him entitled “5 excuses that stand in the way of You Growing Up.”


Here he presents a “tough love” approach to shocking his audience, presumably Manchild-age Youngish Millennial Men, into Manning Up. Where some of this includes Working For A Living, I can get behind. But something in his Toooooone strikes me as a dishonest. I hope he proves me wrong. But this is the problem with Snark “Journalism” Editorializing (tm Private man) . You can never tell if they’re being honest or not. Not being SERIOUS is ok, as I myself enjoy never being serious, but I can guarantee you I always try to be HONEST. I DIDN’T COME HERE TO FOOL YA. To tell you lies. Or even to unknowingly tell you half-truths, hahaha.

There’s some good points in Cheese’s article but I can’t help but feeeeeeeel something crucial is missing. Then I think, this is Cracked magazine, which has somehow morphed from the Mad-Magazine Knock-off of My Youth into this Online Snark Editorial Blog, very much like Gawker or Jezebel and other total pieces of crap. Gawker should think of acquiring Cracked if they haven’t already, ha. It seeeeeeems Cracked is moreso trying to speak to Button-Mashing Men, a bit of a Lad Mag approach, BUT they Serve The Same Masters as Jezebel. You Know Who. The Plutocrat / Cultural Marxist Caste, haha.

part 2:

Eradica also brought my attention to a Return Of Kings article On Racism (“Racism is a Feminist’s Best Friend”). I think The Game community is “Growing Up” a little, to digest a little more of The Red Pill than they were 2 or 3 years ago, but I disagree with that little graph that puts “Getting Laid” as the most important in a man’s life, and “Race” way down at the bottom, and that Race is a divisive issue that will destroy the men’s movement, and Heartiste is full of anti-black race-baiters, and we need to purge racists from Conservatism, they’re really bringing it down. Interesting comment thread. There was a Conservative Black Man who had some good points…..but remember only .000001% of blacks turns out to be Thomas Sowell. He is not very representative of his race. Heh. to me it’s less of a Race Question than a J Question. I know I was gonna back off on the J word but I can’t. In an ideal world, Blacks would join Whites against J’s. But they don’t because J’s give blacks privilege and power, and that’s hard to refuse. In short, I dislike J’s way more than I dislike Blacks! Just My Opinion As A Whiny, Entitled White Male Keyboard Jockey White Butthurt Basement Dweller!

But I don’t think we should be TOO hard against Gamers for Not Being Racist Enough. It took me a long time of struggle and Cognitive Dissonance to Come Out Of The Closet As A Racist and to cleanse myself of the Brainwashing That Racism Is The Worst Thing Ever. Of course I’m a very unique special snowflake racist

THAT BEING SAID, I am still (perhaps naively!) hopeful that B Men can ally with W Men to fight feminism. And W Women and B Women for that matter, can join their men to Do What’s Right. However there are much bigger fish to fry than just feminism.

To paraphrase a comment in that RoK article, how likely would for example, an Albanian man and a Serb man team up to Fight Feminism?

Note to self:

Yakob mentions African civilizations in “Greater Zimbabwe, Kongo, West Africa” as a sort of counteragument to the argument that Africans have never developed an advanced civilization on their own.   It would be responsible of me to research.

Heh. This is why I will not allow comments on this blog for at least another year, hahaha.


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