This is not necess What I Believe, but it is an Interesting Idea:

world the world be a better or worse place if wimmin gave more Pity/Charity bangs? This is related to my “Wimminz Greed Is Like Corporate Greed” hypothesis, where a tiny fraction of people (men) hoard most of the wealth (pvssy), but I hate talking about it too much, because it sounds like Wealth Distribution Pvssy SOCIALISM. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” BARF.

But I still am interested in the idea of a PVSSY WAITING LIST, where the men who have been WAITING&WORKING for it the LONGEST, get it FIRST. And if the system worked like that, ALL Men could get Satisfactory Sex, except the alphas who got Attractive Sex every day

might have to wait every other day. Then the Poor Betas would get it every other day, and they would be Overjoyed and 90000 times More Productive, and Cure Cancer and Fix All Social Problems and Colonize Outer Space and invent Great Technology that otherwise might never be invented.

Anyway IMHO, there are a LOT of Undersexed Betas and Omegas out there who would LUV a few Pity Bangs. Much better than NO bangs ever! ESPECIALLY if it were attractive wimmin who were Doling them out! Rather than Betas Struggggggling to get Gross BonerKilling Bangs from Gross 37 yo Fat Single Momz on OKC and Plenty of Filth.

Heh. I supposed Charity and Welfare are Acceptable as long as they are not Doled Out by the State at Taxpayerz Expense. But by the church or something. or your Superextended Family, haha.


If someone is a KindaSorta Potential Ally, My (and prob many others’!) rule of thumb is to GIVE THEM THREE STRIKES, and TELL THEM when they have incurred a strike. This way you can give people A Fair Shake, but still not let yourself get WALKED ON. Obviously within reason. If they do something Real Traitorous, One Strike is all that’s needed. And conversely, little Narcissism Of Small Difference Arguments or Opinions might

not even count as One Half A Strike. Just try to give people a Fair Shake. Sometimes it takes at least One Year of Seeing Somebody Semi-Regularly to really get a handle on them, to even begin to enter the Circle of Trust. They could be White, Black, Jewish, Wimminz, Albanian, Mestizo, Tartar, Pygmoid, Maori, Native, Azeri, they can call pass or fail the Three Strikes Test.

Although I think if you plug in Race X vs Race Y, then you can order the races with respect to who strikes out the fastest vs a given opponent.



This is risky and harder. You could take one of your FWB’s whom you’re obviously not in LOVE with, but whom you GET ALONG WITH well enough, and agree to use HER as your rent-a-womb, with the understanding that you would get primary custody. But it would be “weird’ (Everything’s “WEIRD” with Some Wimmin) for you to have SOME Relationship with the Wimmin, her agree to do this for you, and her agree

not to see the Child very much. She’s gonna want to see the child, and that’s probably a reasonable thing for her to want to do in this case, not being a straight up womb for hire. See how it gets complicated. I guess you could do a 70/30 custody deal. OR she could come over and hang out and see the kids any time she wants, because you’re not Divorced and Don’t Hate Each Other and are hopefully Still Just Friends, hahahaha.

What I’m trying to figure out is: ok so you’re not SO madly in love with the wimmin that you’d want to LIVE with her. But isn’t it best for the kids to have parents who LIVE together. Trying to find the best compromise there, so the parents don’t have to LIVE together. Maybe they could live NEAR each other, like Next door. But that’s obv hard if someone wants to move to NYC or San Fran for Careeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.


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