Just a hypothetical. Could you theoretically Make A Master Race by combining the best of two (or more?) different races – combining multiple races’ strengths, eliminating individual races’ weaknesses? For example, breed Whites and Jews together so you can have the Intellectual, Civilization-Building, Moral, Beautiful aspects of Whites, and then get the Extreme Dedicated Ethnocentrism and Race Survival Instinct of the Jews, and maybe some of their Intelligence too. Some Reports Suggests Ashkenazi Jews are avg 10 IQ points smarter than Whites. If this is true, well I’ll take it.

It’s impossible to say the benefits would outweigh the costs. Because say while the genes were mixing in the zygote (heh I KNow How Babies Are Made!) more of the Bad Jewish Genes Slipped In and Less of the Good White Genes. Dominant and Recessive Genes n stuff.

So Obviously the safest, best bet is not to Race-Mix. But wouldn’t an Inferior Race want to Race-Mix with a Superior Race in Any and All Circumstances – both to bring down the Superior race, and bring UP their own? Hmmm VELY INTELESTING.


I think MEN are much more open to Freely Talking about Race than Wimmin. Breathe one word of this to a Wimminz and she’ll screech “EEEK A RACIST!”. Possibly Jews too. Jews WANT whites to think everything’s racist, when they’re the biggest racists of all – so they can erase the white race and increase their own control. Kahntrol hahahaha. So it stands to reason if a Man hangs out a lot with Wimmin or Jews, the man will become soft and more likely to Screech EEK A RACIST! and less likely to talk calmly and honestly & even handedly & seriously about Race without going eek.

(I am stealing this from the “Eek A Man!” Meme by some MRA. It could have even been My Personal Hero Bernard Chapin, I think it refers to how you can’t leave children alone with a man because All Men Are Pedophiles or sommat.)


i’ve been a big hater on hate in the past. That was probably just me being a big f@ggot niceguy and not wanting to appear creepy to wimmin, because wimmin hate haters, even nice marriageable girls that you want to monogamously marry hate haters.

but now that i’m not Living To Please Wimmin, I can say that a Little Hate is a GOOD thing! go ahead, call someone a N!993R or a F@990T or a K!K3 or a KVNT or a KVM-BURPING B!T(H. If someone’s actually contributing to the decline of society then you are RIGHT to HATE them a little bit. Note I didn’t say you’re justified in Violently Attacking them. I still don’t advocate unprovoked, nonselfdefensive Violence. But Hate them a Little, that’s fine.



I guess this (“The Hidden Wiki”) is the grandaddy of hidden dark internet deep web stuff. But the 3wkvp35awgt.onion or whatever site does not seem to be working at of dec 2012 hahahaha. I found a mirror. there are a number of drug selling sites. I refused to click on the “Underage” stuff, or the stuff that sells People’s Credit Card Numbers. GOOD LORD. Now I am back on the “clearnet” as they say. yeah ya know I just can’t get into that sort of stuff too much. I’m just amazed they can MAIL DRUGS so easily and frequently. These big dealers have been sending THOUSANDS OF PACKAGES OF DRUGS IN THE MAIL FOR YEARS and not gotten busted?

However as a Finance Minor, I am interested in the Robustness of The Bitcoin. Would Bitcoins be a good long-term investment, in other words?

and there’s intense stuff like syrian rebels and freedom fighters and antizionists and people hiring hit men. I wonder if there is any White Nationalist stuff, haha. a lot of the links were dead and “THE DARK NET” is kinda hard to search unless you’re a big Hacking/Security/COmputer Tryhard, which I am decidedly not.

But it is Scary how many Illegal Things ARE easily accessible. Say you had an enemy who wanted to send you to Pound You In The Arse Prison, s/he could just use your computer to download a bunch of Kiddie Pr0n, then post that all over public forums like 4chan or reddit, just post a few hundred pictures, make sure they’re on your hard drive, and WHAM I can only imagine how long it would take for U to get arrested. Do they wake the judge in the middle of the night to Authorize a Search Warrant? Do they need a Search Warrant?

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