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Time machine post from september 2012


I think it’s Uruguayan, that’s a first for me. The main girl was pretty cute, very skinny and frail, I would easily tear her in half and enjoy it at least 20 times. Decent story & decent execution, I just was Not That Into It, the Target Audience, I suppose, is simply people who Like Things more than I do. Haunted Abandoned House, one continuous 79-minute shot, skillfully done handheld camera (not too jittery or obnoxious), I was expecting to like this a lot more, but it was pretty boring. Not BAD though, maybe I just wasn’t in the MOOD. Sure the girl was being STUPID (“why don’t you just run out of the house!”) but that’s to be expected. Just not in the mood. However, IMHO, It’s part of a Horror Movie’s Job to put you in the mood. This isn’t 3 hours of Andrei Rublev or sommat. Still, not unwatchable. Better than Mainstream TV. You can’t even find a corny History Channel “documentary” anymore with the greek guy with the red face and crazy hair  because every channel’s too busy with increasingly retarded “reality” shows. So with TV, I’m “stuck” watching Fox Newz, and even THAT gets old after a while. It’s prob just a Tool Of Zog anyway, hahahahahaha. (Not that Movies aren’t!) Best part was when she loses her lamp and has to use the camera flash bulb to see in the dark, getting a half second of blinding light, then stumbling around in total darkness in between. Played to rather effective horrific effect, fortunately. Not gonna run out and queue the American Remake anytime soon, though.

I don’t have a “Gaping Wound”, I just have a Big Freezing Black Icebox where my heart used to be (remembering vaguely some stupid hit song from about 4 years ago), hahahaha. It’s entirely possible that I could then cause Psychological Baggage to a Nice Nawalt Girl, but I’LL TRY NOT TO. Not like I’m NOT HONEST when it counts. Would not tell a 1% Nice Nawalt that I’d Commit, just to get S. Would just get easier non-committal sex from the 99% Awaltz! KARMA, B!TCHEZ!!

So what do I care if our High-IQ Cognitive Elite are sifted out and shipped away? Don’t I believe that all people are NOT equal, and that Like Should Be With Like, and so shouldn’t the High-IQ’s have their own little enclave, like the J’s and the B’s and the Wimminz? Not NECESS, because I think Race Trumps IQ, and that each race HAS their OWN Cognitive Elite, and they will WANT these people to STAY WITH THEM to provide effective leadership, economic development, etc, rather than be STOLEN BY ZOG to SERVE ZOG & NOT YOU.

Will it get to the point where you have to Master Differential Equations & Organic Chemistry 3 to be a Receptionist? Answer phones, use Word/Excel, schedule appointments? Probably.

Or there will be a Telecom way to Outsource Reception to Cheaper International Labour. How could you outsource MacDonalds cooking & service?

What’s the LOWEST level of Skill OR Education OR IQ that you’ll be able to getawaywith to make an Average OR Living Income? No, not $30 an hour like those greedy public union scumbagz, hahahahaha.

Obviously, Trucking and Trades and physical un-outsourceable things are the best to go into, because it prob won’t be cost-effective to import TRUCK DRIVERS from Chindia. Right?

This brings me back to my original question which has been Destroying My Brain 4Yearzzz: is it ROI-y to get an in-demand degree (Chemical Engineering) from a not-in-demand college (SouthWestern West Virginia State), OR should you just become a welder or truck driver?  (This question is for men only – obv if you’re a Wimminz, you get a degree in something retarded like Special Education or Social Work or Hospitality Reception or How To Get Phat Elbowz)

Weak Battery. The battery does not hold a LOT of energy, it gets DEPLETED QUICKLY and EASILY, so you’re ALWAYS recharging it, but the Full Charge ends up always being pretty weak, and hopefully not getting weaker.

My VALUE-ADD (Fagspeak (tm BKC) ) here is that I’m KindaPrettyMuch (Fagspeak (tm BKC)) speaking to an audience of Prospective SINGLE FATHERS. Men who want to have heirs and raise them up GOOD, WITHOUT the inference of Wimminz. Not PROMISING to do this personally, especially because I don’t have the resources or maturity to raise a Good Heir by myself, and will be a LONG time before I get to that point. Just saying it’s a Valid & Honorable Idea.


I like Nice Buttz on my Young Wimminz, but I can also be a sucker for Nice Long Legz on my Young Wimminz. Gams. Walking Stickxz.

Production on Arghoslent’s “Hornets” beats production on same’s “Incorrigible Bigotry.” Slightly more “organic” on the guitars and drums. IMHO.

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alex linder giving a VERY intense speech at a rally in knoxville in 2007 re the murders of channon christian and christopher newsom. “alleged” horrific torture and rape and abuse and mutilation by a group of black thugs that never really got big MSM treatment. I never HEARD someone give a speech this intense.

CNN bit on it, no I don’t LIKE CNN. It’s just an EXAMPLE. “white supremacists” trying to say it’s a “hate crime.” And that the mutilations never actually happened. real anti-white hatchet job on the pro-whites.

okay they can prove that both were raped and murdered. the detail about his penis being cut off and her breast being cut off is not proven.

alex linder is secretly a jew and anti-william-pierce and pro glenn miller who squealed to the feds about the order????

ward kendall sez AL is a jew and that VNN is a cesspool of idiots and that they should accept NS

this linder is a real controversial lightning rod kinda guy!

UPDATE: This shows how The Whole Modern White Race has become Huge Feminized Niceguys, always willing to give not just three strikes but 3000000; Oh, well, if they didn’t cut off the PENIS and the BREAST then it’s NOT A HATE CRIME, they can rape her and rape him with a CHAIR LEG and torture and pour chemicals into their mouths, but as long as they didn’t hack those body parts off, it’s not a hate crime. WTF! I even found MYSELF thinking like that for a few seconds, before I took a step back, slept on it. Yep, Alex Linder is absolutely right to use the “hate speech” he did. I was kinda shocked at first, because you rarely hear a white guy using The N Word like that, except on VNN hahahaha. Heh. Maybe more whites need to START hearing other whites saying the N Word like that. Maybe Nonwhites need to hear it too. Some whites aren’t just gonna lay down and TAKE IT UP THE 4SS and say GIMME MORE.

jewy mcjudasson does hourlong interview with kevin macdonald on “culture of critique” jewish influence on the west in 20th century. host is very patronizing.

heh I like people’s Biographies as much as their Philosophies. Like Kmac seriously wanting to be a Jazz Pianist. Doesn’t he know that Jazz is Black, hahahaha. But I get it, I like Jazz too. Was never that good at piano though! I think he’s got a good job now though!



1. start Chemical/Petroleum Engineering Program
2. Take ONE class per semester because SKOOL F00KING SUCKS
2a. Stay Away From Hamstery Wimmin bc they Rot The Soul
3. Get Degree when 40
4. Get Entry-Level Chem Engin Job with 21 year olds
5. Try not to get canned before death re increased health care costs for older employees
6. Work till death to stay out of hospital or nursing home or spare family having to change my ADDultDiaperz

But seriously. Maybe steer clear of the Fortune 500 and Best Companies to Work for, and focus on the SMALLER Companies (less than 50 employees) because they are not Handcuffed by the same Employment Quota Laws and might be willing to give a chance to an Older White Man who just wants to Work Hard and Do The Right Thing but who might not talk the best HR Marxtalk day in day out, just wants to not rock the boat and be a model order-taker.

any time you ever feeeel like a pathetic loser, stop thinking, jump up, get down and do 50 pushups. Sometimes our brains can be stupid and do more feeeeeeling than thinking, and turn thoughts into stupid feeeeeelings. So just get down and do 50 pushups until that’s all you can think or feeeeeeel. Like I should do it right now.


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Heh. I am not much of a socializer, let alone in large groups, let alone in majority nonwhite groups, so I was grateful for the opportunity to Socialize in a Majority Nonwhite Group, to test my White Supremacist Theories. Okay there was 9 people: 4 whites and 5 Nonwhites: 1 latino who looked much moreso white than brown; 1 filipino; 3 vietnamese. They were all very nice and friendly. As A Gullible White, I thought this meant maybe All Nonblack Nonarab Nonwhites NonMestizos must be Nice and Friendly! (When I say “mestizo”, I’m prob abusing the term, and what I mean is those hispanics who are visibly more brown than white.)

Then I thought, Hypothetically, what if a White were to move into Vietnamese OR Cambodian OR Thai neighborhood, vs moving into a Black hood? This got me thinking that you could probably Rank Races on how Violent and Unfriendly they had been to Whites. For example, I have this Mental Stereotype that Filipinos are generally very friendly and would be nonviolent to whites if a lone white were to movie into a Filipino hood. But I could be wrong!

And when it comes to Race, I Still can’t Jettison the notion (how’s that for some F@gspeak?) of RELIGION not having any influence. What I’m thinking of now are MEXICANS and FILIPINOS who are VERY CATHOLIC. This would then lead to them trying to live their lives in a “Christlike” manner so theoretically they would get along just fine with Catholic Whites also living in a Christlike manner.

Note to self: investigate “POLISH NATIONAL CATHOLIC CHURCH” which I just learned about while reading the intro to “Our Heritage Missal” (can’t remember exact name) at a Slovak (but still Roman!) Catholic Church which was a LOT more Gung-Ho Devout Pious Catholic than the usual Non-Ethnically-Affiliated Catholic Church I usually go to.

The Catholic Church prides itself on being “catholic” aka UNIVERSAL, aka people of all races are all God’s Children, all called to follow Christ, etc, and dividing ourselves into races is a false flag, tower of babel BS, don’t be deceived by The Deceiver. And I can’t say that this argument is BS! No, I’m not a RACE TRAITOR, I’m just a CATHOLIC!

BUT, and here’s the real point, I was wondering about Assyrian Christian (aka Chaldean Catholics) and Coptic Christians and Maronite Catholics and those various national/ethnic versions of the “Catholic” Church, ie, they’re Not Protestant, heck I’m not even sure they’re Eastern Orthodox. They’re Catholic but not necessarily strongly Roman Catholic / Papists….? If I had any energy at all I would do Homework After Asking these questions, hahaha.

But needless to say, I have a Special Interest right now in Churches/Religions that do address Racial or Ethnic Issues.


Better than I expected, maybe B+! Andrew Garfield was better than I expected, his prettyboyness did not overwhelm. Always like Emma Stone, I’d give it to her GOOD. Nice to see Martin Sheen, Sally Field, and Denis Leary. Struck just the right chord with the amount of corniness, sentimentality, and overwrought drama IMHO I expect from a COMIC BOOK MOVIE. Stan Lee is 90 years old and has a cameo. That J is so rich I can’t even imagine, but I sorta respect some like that with his Creative Empire. Decent Life’s Work. But I’m not a Comics fan, I can take or leave. Wouldn’t rule out becoming one in the future though. Like the ridiculous internal and external conflicts of The Superhero. Campbell Scott’s in here too! Great voice, you’ve heard him in many Zog Commercialz. Like to see if he starts resembling his father George C as he gets old. Gotta watch “Patton” again, hahaha. Can’t bring myself to watch the Tobey MacGuire / Sam Raimi Abortionz, and it this reboot is off to a solid start.

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trying to work on a general unified theory of infatuation aka True Love. This is the Niceguy stuff that Male Commitment is made of, and which Modern Wimmin Hate worse than Racists like me hate jews (hehehe), worse than Antiracists hate whites. This is what makes a guy willingly sign up for marriage. Lose his mind, in other words!

I don’t think it’s entirely bad, indeed, when there’s mutual infatuation I think that’s the best possible thing, One Man and One Woman Monogamously Loving Each Other till the end of their natural lives, having 10 kids and 100 grandkids etc, productive members of society.

OBVIOUSLY, as I’ve propounded before, having the Woman in the Prime Of Youth facilitates infatuation in the man. 18-22 yo Wimmin.

What I haven’t really thought about, is how the MAN being A Certain Age (kinda young) might also influence this.

Example: I saw a Wimmin recently I had not seen in at least 4 years, completely randomly. I had always sorta liked her, but not in an infatuation life-destroying niceguy way. But more than I like Average Wimmin. When I first met her she was in the prime of youth. (latter half.) I was not more than two years older than that. I always regretted not Getting After Her more Aggressively, but I was always having Drama with other Wimmin and General Social Drama and Life Drama and Stress and I just didn’t see her enough. I do regret not Capitalizing on the times I did see her though, she was always friendly to me. If I made 1% the effort I had made as a Niceguy Supplicator, well heck I could have had some fun with this other girl.

ANYWAY. I see her again in a pub now and I just about crapped my pants. She must be NEAR 30 but she still looked fine as hell, nice skin, same innocent look in her face, long-term dating level cute, if not Monogamous Cute, and MAYBE EVEN Monogamy Cute! At 30! WTF! I didn’t know if this was because she was genuinely THAT good looking, or because I had met HER while she was in the prime of youth, and it’s THAT image that STICKS, or if My Brain was in its OWN Male Prime Of Youth (Not Sure What Male Brain Prime Of Youth Is, but it’s longer than 18-22!) and THAT’s what made her stick. Prob both of those. But honestly it seemed her body and skin had not declined that much at all! Still Medium-Term Dating Cute! At 30!

So that opened up a basket case of Painful Memories and Regretz and Sorrow, so I did not go talk to her. I didn’t really care about what she was doing with her life, because she was prob 9000000x more successful and making more monay than I am. Although I’m not 100% sure she went to a Presitigious Graduate Skool! Maybe just a Third Tier Toilet. Not to give too much away, but I had met her at the type of First-Tier Highly Selective Bourgeois Brahmin Jewniversity, where if you are forced to go to a Third-Tier Toilet Grad Skool, then you are considered a complete f00king failure and should blow your brains out, you’re not only not a careeeer-worshipping tryhard, you’re also TOO LOW-IQ to get into a GOOD Grad Skool. Obviously I reject this whole deal, and not just because I didn’t Try Hard enough to get into a Good Grad Skool, because my IQ is EASILY High Enough, hahahaha. And the MAJORITY of Studentz DO go on to Good Grad Skools. They’re not there just to get Bachelorz Degrees. So she was in the Good Minority then, had something in common with me right there.

Basically my Research Question is, can a Man reach a certain age where he’s just TOO OLD To “Fall In Love” Ever Again? That if tomorrow I met an 18-yo Polish Virgin Girl perfect 10 bod, perfect 10 personality, I’d say yeah that’s nice, but not go Koo-koo like I did in the past?

For Girls, they too can get infatuated with males, but it’s only the first 1 or 2 or 3 guys they Let Into Their Spread Uterus. After that, they’re DONE. The Walking Dead, hahaha. This is OF COURSE the bigger SOCIETAL problem than Me Being Too Old To Get Infatuated, hahahahaha. So I just Bang 18 yo gurlz and Don’t Marry, NOT A PROBLEM. I was just taken aback by this Floodgate Of Emotion upon seeing a very unexpected person, who was Technically Way Too Old for me to Feeeeeel any Feeeeeeeelingz for.

So yeah. I can’t help but wonder, that if after like 7 to 10 infatuations, you just get burned out and can’t muster it up anymore. GOOD, say Wimmin, because Infatuation is Too Emotion and That Leads You Astray (You don’t say!). Whereas I say Infatuation is PrettyMuch (heh) synonymous with True Love and is a Signal To Yourself that you should assertively pursue that person as a Lifetime Mate and a Co-Parent To Your CHILDREN. It Beautifully Blossoms into Long Term Love than Sustains long after the person has lost the Radiance Of Youth. You don’t want anyone else, you’d travel long distances, wild horses would have to drag you away, etc.

So yeah I am really nicholas sparks, I am a huge niceguy who’s gets a huge4ss hard0n for that f@ggy bullsh!t! well when i was younger I did – my Final Infatuation Began when I was 26 yo, nothing new since then – now I just get off Analyzing and Theorizing about it!

Those type of Goils, you don’t MIND taking em out to a Nice Expensive Dinner before having the Epic F00kfest. It’s all part of the narrative, hahahaha. You don’t MIND Making Out with em, it’s not like sticking your tongue up a horse’s 4ss. You enjoy the Whole F00king PACKAGE.

So if you don’t Make It Work by age 26, Hang It Up, Write It Off, Cut Your Losses, and focus your ENERGY on more IMPORTANT things, like managing a SMALL Harem (2 to 4) of 18-yo Wimminz, making monay to be a Good Single Father, and making the world a better place for the Next Generation of Your Family and Your Super-Extended Family, wink wink nudge nudge if ya know what I mean!

but yeah that was exactly the type of think you gotta be mindful of, dr kabat zinn would say don’t let it bring up back memories and suck you down. Nope. Just got a fresh disc of STAR TREK and gonna ENJOY that. Yet still be Mindful of Strengthening My SuperExtended Family!! NOT FANTASIES of / worrying about DAMES!

I think I left off Battlestar Galatica on season 3, so start there if I want to start watching agian. I know they were on the planet (new caprica??) getting bombed by the jews I MEAN Cylons.

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Polish National Catholic Church is a Breakaway Catholic Church
something about Polish Immigrants to Murka being frowned upon by other White Roman Catholics? Or Poles not being adequately represented in the administration of the Roman Catholic Church? But obviously millions of Polish Poles have no problem with being Roman Catholic, plus the Polish POPE was Kinda A Big Deal, so, I’z confuuuuuzed.

but not necess an Eastern Catholic Church
well Poland itself is full-blown Roman Catholic anyway
but Eastern Catholic are definitely not Eastern Orthodox (Catholic) Church
which are famously not communed with Rome.

I’m sure I learned all of this in my Roman Catholic Religion class in high school buttiforget alot of the deetz. Bad Catholic! Note: The Super-Catholic Slavic Catholic church I visited IS a Full-Blown Roman Catholic church where I could have received Holy Eucharist had I not been in a state of Moral Mortal Sin due to my Moral Laziness (Sloth), Despair, Wrath, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, and Narcissism. Hahahaha.

Speaking of, before I forget, one of the Great Pickup Lines I came up with a while ago is “GIMME A BL0WJ0B.” You gotta try that one out. Just Three easy words. Especially appropriate when the girl has nice d!ck-suckin Lipps.

Note to self: do some research on “Traditionalist Catholics”, Monsignor Lefevbre and his SSPX (Society of St Pius X), the Liberal Modernizations of Vatican 2, how Rome might have screwed Lefebvre or might not have, depending on how nutty he was. But anything where you alienate Hamstery Churchian “Reformed Slutz” Wimminz and actually Demand A Personal Sacrifice is ok by me!

Will take the risk of personally identifying/”OUTING” myself by Exploring My POLISH Heritage and the Broader Polish-American experience, and of course, The Polish Experience. Still wouldn’t be as butt-spreading as the navel-gazing I did on the Previous Blog, WHICH, by the way, I will prob repost excerpts of The Good Non-Butt-Spreading Stuff every now and then so as not to throw out the baby with the bathwater – there was plenty of good stuff there, AND I intentionally Tried A Little on the actual Writing Quality, like doing Proofreading and Tightening and stuff. Now I obviously do NOT.

POINT: Inspired by Chechar’s talk of Secret WW2 History, and What The Allies Did During Peacetime was actually worse than What The Germans Did during Wartime, and the Rape of Berlin and Hellstorm and such; AND how Russia/Soviets were Allies at that time; AND in the Jewish Nature of Bolshevism and Communism in Russia; AND the evolution of Russia from Jewish Bolshevists to American Allies to Stalin to Krushchev and Cold War with the West, it’s all very complicated of course. ANYWAY, As A POLE, I don’t think there’s any Denial What Hitler’s Germany did to Poland, IE Slaughtered them like Pigs. Whites exterminating Whites. White Polish Gentiles getting sent to Gas Chambers and Human Ovenz just like they were Jewz. So you see I can’t Love Hitler TOO much. Even if I suspect the Numbers of The Jewish Holocaust are a bit EXAGGERATED. Do I think that the number of Jewz killed by Germans is…. small medium or large, if not 6,000,000? FOR ARGUMENT’S SAKE, let’s say the REAL number is 600,000. Can we say that Germans killed 600,000 POLES, and if they DID, I would be P!SSED at Nazi Germany, and should thus QED Allow Jews to get pissed as well, right?? Let them have a little bit of whining about their Holochaust? (Albeit 90% Less whining than currently, hahahaha.)

I just remembered I have “One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich” by Solzenitzyn on my shelf, and that I need to do some more HW on Solzenitsyn BUT I would prefer something a little more provocative than “One Day.”

How did the jewish presence in russian governance change over the course of trotsky to lenin to stalin to kruschev and beyond? To put it crudely it SEEEEEMZ like The Stalin Administration is “Less Jewish” than the Bolsheviks of the initial Russian Revolution, although Stalin was notable for being Brutal and Repressive as Fook in terms of Numbers Of Dead Russians and Gulags and such. Heh. You don’t LEARN this kind of History in High Skool, hahaha. You have to Autodidact it 4Yourself.

One thing’s for certain though: we CAN blame the ELEVEN million dead white ukrainians of the 1932 Holodomor on Jews, hahahahaha.

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Was thinking about Freemasons with their Degrees of secrecy, how it’s like an onion, and the lower-downs know less and the higher-ups know more, including dark esoteric secrets. in theory. Then I was thinking about Building A Political Party or Movement. If you take a “you’re either 100% for us, or you’re the enemy traitor approach,” IMHO, you’re not going to get the numbers you might need to take political power. Counterargument: a small army of highly-trained soldiers can accomplish more than an army MANY ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE BIGGER in number. But FOR THIS PARAGRAPH let’s put that counterargument aside. I propose a Party with an inner core who are basically Supersmart Ethnonationalists; but then they “SOFTEN THE MESSAGE” or “EUPHEMISE” or “WATER IT DOWN” on the ground-level so as to attract a large, broad, big-tent, larger-than-the-tea-party sized following, using Basic General Conservative Principles Millions Of People can agree with, and saving the Scariest Racist talk for the people who have been with the organization the longest and are the highest “degree”, and the Newbs don’t hear anything of that.

Regarding the Watering-Down: think of it more as NOT watering-down or diluting or making concessions or being everything to everyone, think of it more as Selective Omission of the most controversial stuff. For example, say you want to Restrict Immigration. Everyone from Goose-Stepping, Cross-Burning Neo-Nazi Terrorists to Cowboy Hat Tea Party Fox Newz Types can agree on that much.

The Dividing line WOULD have to be drawn on Zionism and Neoconism. The party would NOT be Neocon. It would not Bend Over Backwards to be Butt Buddies With Bibi. But rather than say you want to wipe israel off the map or “questioning the holocaust”, just keep a tight lip and appear Cool or Neutral towards Israel like the Divesting Leftists do….only of course you’d be far from a Leftist!

Just an Idea. I’m an Ideas Man, it says so on my Res and CL, hahahahahahaha. That’s why I’m Entitled and Have A Right To Work a Living Wage Job, exit the Working Poor of Lower-Working Class, and enter the Proud World of Middle-Working Class!

_____A few weeks ago I said something like I appreciated Freud’s idea of Narcissism of Small Differences even though I Know What Freud Was, IE a Marxist Zionist Antiwhite Jewish Supremacist. Was I trying to Prove my Savvyness to The Jewish Question? Or was I Being Beta — Browbeaten to Always Take The Defensive, always assuming some Wimminz is gonna immediately Snap Back at you with some snarky, weak counterargument, so you neurotically spazz through a litany of But I Know’s and Before-You-Say’s? That kind of defensiveness is Beta and Weak and Gay; and honorable MEN aren’t gonna jump down your throat like that. My Beta Preemptiveness was Classic Feminized Western Male (tm Chechar) Behavior, which comes from being inundated by Western Females and Western Female-Empowering Culture.

I suppose the solution is just be calm and confident in your tone. That will disarm some Sh!t tests in advance. And then if they give you a sh1t test anyway, you already HAVE your countercounterargument, then just deliver than in a calm, confident, and now marginally more arrogant and superior tone. Because all it IS is sh1t tests! Tests given by WIMMIN to test how MANLY you are!

But there’s two kinds of sh1t tests: one where her hamster tells her she might be into you, and she’s testing you to see how manly you really are.

Then the second, worse kind: when she’s already boxed you into the Beta Box, and now she’s just Busting Your Ballz because Wimminz Naturally have an aversion to, Want to be hostile towards, want to shame and shun, Betas! And if beta sticks around for a few minutes trying to wave off stupid sh1t tests with supplicating little t-rex arms, the woman is simultaneously disgusted by the beta AND stimulated by herself shaming and shunning him. It’s more Ball-Breaking than Sh1t-Testing Per Se.


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heh now many posts are time machine, this is jan 6 2013.

[ Feb 17 2013 Real Time News: I am thanking The White God for discovering which is my new fav site of the month. You know I enjoy the Trolly Lulz of Encyclopedia D or 4chan, where everyone calls each other j3ws or f4ggots and makes offensive jokes all the time, BUT I do not like how ED or 4chan has a large population of antiracist liberals who, despite using “politically incorrect hate speech”, still at the end of the day, worship You Know Who. seems a good solution to all this, &is full of racial realists, possibly white nationalists, wn sympathizers, antisemites, paleoconservatives, pro-whites, etc, but with a nice sense of humor, keeping the stupid teen jokes and lulz you will prob not find at Stormfront (I do not appreciate how EDers and possibly 4channers have spammed/DDoS’ed/trolled Stormfront in the past.)

Examples of good threads I bookmarked:

funny jew pictures based off the classic template, they do some great things with an already great picture heh don’t want them trolling ME/h/res/41969.html

a wyatt mann comics. It took me a minute to get that name. you’ve seen his work before. pretty racist stuff, hahaha.


important discussion on Dr Pierce’s personal life, namely, how good of a father was he to his two sons, did he abandon them, etc. do you have to neglect your own family to be a leader for your race. the role of family within race. IMHO you should prob put your immediate family first, and I HOPE Dr Pierce made peace with his children. note there are some “Antis”, it’s not a Total Echo Chamber CircleJerk.

I want to thank Hyperborea Rising

for being my gateway to 4ch0n, as I found the site in his links list, I think he posts there. He seems like a good guy who posts on both My Favourite Blog Eradica, and also on Varg Vikernes’s Sweet New Blog Thulean Perspective, and I’m not SCAWED to directly link to him, haha.

“Internet Culture” documenters describe 4ch0nnet as a racist, antisemitic 4chan for people banned from 4chan etc, trying to shame it for being racist. However this is almost exactly what I’m looking for at this time in my Awakening.

So yeah I recommend it for any whites looking for a good pro-white forum with lotsa lulz. cutting edge.

note: I do not get into other aspects of “Chan Culture” like Hacking and LulzSec and Security and Script Kiddies or whatever, any of that computer hacking crap; OR anime; OR my little pony; however I can tolerate it. more or less.

note: def not to be confused with, who probably think wacists awe scawy and evil

but yeah there are so many chans out there you’d have to be a total basement dweller to know all about all of them. I am just glad to find one that appeals to Little Racists like me and you! If you don’t know What Chans Are Like, ie Random pictures of Tranny Porn every once in a while, it might be confusing.

Also this blog is somewhat on Autopilot with all the Time Machine Stuff, heh hopefully will fix that within 1 month. or at least add in Non Time Machine stuff like this.

HAVE A NICE DAY, don’t take sh1t, be a strong moral honorable Warrior Man, be a good Little Racist, take care of yourself and your families.


the youtube embeds will prob not appear in the email, but they SHOULD(no *) appear on the actual blog.


The Cap, Don’t Pay for your Kids College, could also be seen as, don’t take out huge loans or any loans for college unless you’re gonna become something GOOD like a CHEMICAL ENGINEER, otherwise the money is WASTED AT BEST and will more than likely KILL you. Lose for the family, lose for the children. Everybody loses. Cap sez the money would be better spent on a SPORTS CAR or a TRAVELING AROUND THE WORLD than on COLLEGE….and HE’S RIGHT.

Cap gives his unvarnished opinion on why BUSINESS and MBA degrees are worthless just like gay marxist quadraplegic turtle therapy (Tm cap) He sez “volumous” instead of “voluminous” thus he deserves to not be gainfully employed enough to move out of his parents basement hahahaha. jk I like The Cap, wish I knew him when I was 16 thru 19. He wants to REHAB DWELLERS. Get Dwellers out of the BAsement! Keep Kidz from Becoming Dwellers in the first place! Humanz are by nature pretty selfish, but IMHO the Most Selfless Kind of Selfishness is Looking Out For The NExt Generation. Not just long term Your Life, but long term THEIR lives too. We can all do it even if we don’t have any children of our own per se. Cap does it, I don’t think he has children. This is how I interpret The 14 Words, and it’s “pretty much” exactly what the 14 words SAYS: SECURING a FUTURE for your CHILDREN. Now I play fast and loose with the White Part because I think all races are entitled to secure a future for THEIR children. But Whites especially, because whites are doing a piss-poor job of it compared to other races.

He just wants to help kids live somewhat good lives and not be slaves. Make the world a better place for the next generation. heh. but now I’m confused, I guess he is pro-accounting but not pro-finance as far as Picking A Major is concerned? I can see accounting but I thought Finance was also Good.

This is what I came here to talk about. Uncle Bern blasts a even-more-godawful-than-usual article form Jezebel, where they have a guest sex advice “writer” Karley Sciortino aka “SLUTEVER”, who is a “professional” SWPL A5SSpreader who plasters the internet with her naked body and intimidates misogynists with the power of her sexuality and how EVERY girl has a period where she sleeps with LOTS of “rock and roll boys who don’t shower”, and how if you call a slut a slut that means you’re just Jelly cuz “YOU’RE NOT GETTING LAID”. and she actually is attractive enough to bang, but she signifies a new high water mark of Decadent SWPL Hamster. Good Lord It just keeps getting worse! Makes Lena Dunham look like Mother Teresa! This is the kind of stuff I’m talking about. She might be putting on an act, but the fact that she is VERY Comfortable with showing her naked body and talking about all her own Lifetime Sex Partners (A LOT), makes me think she IS As Decadent and Rotten and Desouled as she seems. Pass her along to your Wimmin Franz to test them, to see if they Like Her, cause she is a Real Bad Apple. What a Disgusting Cvnt!

I wish she were You Know Whoish instead of apparently Italian! Heh score one for nurture over nature. I think it’s getting closer to 50/50 for that. Harder and harder to tell. whenever I think Nature is stronger, Nurture scores a point. And vice versa. So I’m happy with 50/50 atm.

It also points out that the Jezebel Readership is more “stodgy, frumpy, hardcore feminists who don’t get laid enough” and that Slutever readers and possibly Nonhardcore Feminist Activist but just Average Professional SWPLs are not so Frumpy and just want to Have A Good Time. Do Whatever Feeeeeeeelz good, as long as you’re not hurting…..yourself! But if you do hurt yourself that’s okay to! You’re entitled to a X-year long bender of drugs and c0x and abortionz and it’s nothing to be ashamed of!

Point Is: The Media Elites want you to think THIS IS NORMAL when it is Highly Abnormal and Immoral and Decadent.

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IF you’re curious about “Depressive Suicidal Black Metal” despite how F@GGY and WEAK it sounds – and there is a LOT of chaff to sift thru, and THAT will make you depressive suicidal REAL quick, haha – then a Good Band to Start with is TRIST from Czech. T (it’s one guy, that’s his name) is The Real Deal. I like to think of it more as CHILLOUT BLACK METAL. That is a MUCH better name for the GOOD DSBM bands. Like Trist. Heh. Kinda sounds like Hypothermia but a little better.

So I’m sold on the argument of the Gun Nutz. That Skool Shootings started increasing in the mid 1990s once there were big federal gun control laws passed creating no gun zones and such. So psychopaths who want to kill lots of people will go to a gun free place like a skool or campus or church. And also something tells me they won’t have a problem with getting their gunz illegally. Dunno. Just seems like SIMPLE COMMON SENSE to me. If someone can’t legally get a gun and they’re crazy enough to want to shoot people, they’ll find a way to get gunz. Now say the teacher had a gun and they could have shot the Sperg Psycho after he only killed 1 or 2 people rather than 27 and then the ziomedia would be saying how GREAT GUNS are, hahahahahah jk no they wouldn’t.

Following The Cap’s Advice, I will continue to Not Try and be a Morally Lazy Loser till I’m 35. Makes getting my STEM degree seem less intimidating hahaha. I HATE (as in, really annoyed by, not I wanna shoot them!) these f@ggot 18 year old TRYHARDS that take 20 credits of Hard Stem Classes every term. These are the kinda kidz that when Final Exams are over and Classes are Over, they’re STILL Studying in the Library 12 hours a day. SERIOUSLY. But I don’t really hate or blame them. Maybe they’re being Pushed. Maybe they’re serious about getting that Real Power. Maybe they haven’t reached the conclusion yet that it’s OK to Cheat the Cheaters. I certainly was Morally Opposed to Cheating when I was their age.

The Antiwhite Race Traitor Self-Loathing-White Leftist Seth MarxFarlane STILL can come up with some good jokes IMHO. My fave right now is
Peter: You AGAMEMNON (With) Me?
Quagmire: Huh?
Peter: Yeah I dunno either, I just heard that word and didn’t know what it means, so I decided to use it!

thinking again about Stories to get people Fired Up. Nourish the Soul. Defeat Laziness. Inspire Action. Books are fine if they’re good and not boring. Even 1984 or Turner Diaries got boring. you almost NEED something like a Big Movie or a Prole HUnger Games Novel to really Pump people up. I was thinking that Ideas Like Ours are not exactly getting money thrown at us by Ziowood Projewcers to make Pulse-Pounding Epic Moovies. However you don’t need money to buy talent, you can still make a good movie on a shoestring budget if you’re smart enough. Examples, though these do not promote Our Message: Paranormal Activity, Joe Swanberg.

But I was thinking some of the Stories we want to tell will have Big-Budget elements: wars, huge civilizational changes, future utopias and dystopias. I figured a good way to do that would be to do PLAYS or RADIO DRAMAS or RADIO PLAYS or something like Lars Trier’s “Dogville” where you just have the actors on a blank black stage, no props, no sets. Then have good actors deliver good writing and a good story. You don’t need 9,000,000 dollar cgi and renting out lavish settings.

heh. maybe cause I was listening to the 1950s Mystery Radio Shows on Sirius Radio and thinking wow this is corny as f00k but also pretty fun. Why can’t we bring this form back and do something REALLY Fun and Less Corny with it? We could use it to win hearts and minds!

You could theoretically do it ALL BY YOURSELF, although it would help a lot to get one extra person to help do voices. and that’s prob easily doable unless you’re a TOTAL Omega Virgin NEckbeard Sperg Virgin Butthurt Basement Dweller Unemployable Introvert Creep and don’t know ANYBODY. Heck. do it over SKYPE with you other neckbeard internet buddies. You could even have YOUR MOM do it in a pinch, hahahaha.

PLAYS. RADIO DRAMAS. Narrator will Stoke your imagination to get the setting, maybe some sound effects, but main thing will be dialogue. and narration to make sure the proles get the message. As Winston Smith says, they have the numbers, if they only REALIZED this strength, they COULD change society overnight.

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LONG POST. feb 1 2013.

Ryu. What a guy. Answer for everything. I like his confidence, boldness, Leadership, & Vision. Maybe A WIDDLE SCAWY, but now I dig that.  def loves his race, &if you’re white, you have every reason to like Ryu, and if you’re not, you have every reason not to. Heh. Prime Specimen of a White; guys like him make You Proud To Be White. Ifn yer white that is. If you’re not, you have plenty of reasons &cheerleaders for being proud about not being white. Meanwhile, everyone who tries to make you Proud To Be White is labeled a hatemonger &neonazi &aryan nations etc. While it IS Right to Monger a Little Hate, especially against The Tribe, hahahaha, how do you make Average Everyday Joe White Proud to be White? Or is he part of the Chaff that’s bringing the white race down?

Thinkin. because Ryu mentioned there are some Blacks &Nonwhites who are apparently betraying their own races &trying to court white racial realists – nonwhites saying white is right, &they prefer company of whites. Exactly the type of nonwhites I might* be willing to ally* with, in other words.

Ryu argues that in situations of life &death, these Nonwhites WILL ultimately “go to the mat for” their OWN race and NOT the whites they claim to love. So they are good for nothing, and so are the whites that allow these “friendlies” into their ranks, &this is a way of separating the white wheat from the white chaff, and it’s happening right now. It might be happening to ME. Say I, as I listen to “Leonard COHEN Live at Isle Of Wight 1970”, hahaha. Whose side am I really ON anyway? Would I be willing to Throw My Whole Race under the bus, just so I can be a fan of Leonard COHEN? But I honestly do love Leonard COHEN, and don’t want to give him up. 90% of other jews I could do without though. Ha, Ha, Ha.

was watching MSNBC or HLN or some Televitz, did story on guy assoc with AryanNations who shot up  Jewish CommunityCenter in LA, killed Filipino-American mailman. Ihad never heard of this guy, Buford Furrow or something. Biff Farrell. Big Balding guy with big glasses & stache who looks like child molester, hahaha. but they brought out some of the jews who said some OMG stuff like “you can’t JUST get over this, you have to have time to Embrace Being A Victim, because you ARE a victim!” then they talked about how aryan nations never recovered. ishould* look it up, happened late 1990s. this is how prowhites are character-assassinated! WWDrWLPD???

Good Leadership is hard to find, especially with White Racialists/Racists, &I wonder if there’s been a “Leadership Void” since Dr Pierce passed in 2002. Who will take his place? Kevin Strom? Greg Johnson? Alex Linder? Chechar? Varg Vikernes? David Duke? Kevin MacDonald? Carolyn Yeager? Don/Derek Black? Hunter Wallace? Harold Covington? The American Nazi Party President who I’ve only seen one video of? IMHO I think Ryu would be pretty good candidate. Mindweapon too! Men under 50 (I assume) who still have lotta fight &energy.

Conchobar, “ERADICASPHERE”  guy big on White stuff, &I was surprised to learn he was such a YOUNG man, early twenties. makes me haaaaappy and hooooopeful!

So I def hate blacks less than A Good White Nationalist should*, &have even suggested WORKING WITH Race-Awakened Blacks. Maybe I was just being IDEALISTIC &looking at a VERY remote possibility. For as unlikely as it is, Whites would be better off not pursuing it. The rewards could never exceed the risks, even if it DID work out.

atm I’m more concerned about The Forces that’ve ALLOWED Blacks &Nonwhites to BECOME the destructive forces they are. I don’t need to tell you, YKW!!!

I agree OmegaVirginRevolt should try to distance himself from that name. Black Pill is nice, go with that instead, not both.

Feminized Western Male so Feminized &Crushed by Sexual Frustration, because he can’t get Any, BECAUSE he’s so feminized, that he becomes OBSESSED with sex as be-all end-all. Sex with any Pretty Young Thing, no regard to race, so that your Main Goal in Life is to be Sex Addict, “Negroid Playboy” to quote commenter on My Favourite Blog, hahaha. FeminizedWhiteMen aspiring to nothing more than being a Groid Playboy is Not Good.

Would problem be solved by Game &White Men actually GETTING laid? NO, because many men DO learn game and DO get the Sex they so desperately want, &successfully transform themselves….but how many graduate beyond that, beyond Just Sex As Their God? Some, but not all.

like OmegaVirgin, I’m IN SOME WAYS a BIT of omega. I don’t think he is PROUD of it, just as I am not PROUD of it… but should* I even MENTION it, even in the case of being HONEST? I can see being Honest with your allies, but why should you be honest with your enemies, or people who haven’t proven themselves as your allies? I know I’ve said Honesty Is The Best Thing Ever, but is it really? Why be honest with enemies or NonAllies? THEY don’t need to know I’m an Omega Loser! F00k no!

Me being Omega Loser is not Society’s fault, not Women or Wimmin or Blacks or Alphas or Family or Skools or Gummint or even You Know WHO, it’s ALL on ME, and just in case you forgot, 20% of this Blog’s Mission Statement is Helping People Improve Themselves, including my Self.

Ok enough WEAKNESS!

Conclusion: Ryu should* start a Youtube channel and give Electrifying Speeches. Including Practical Advice for Men.

Well it’s’not Calc2 haha: Get up early, work out until you’re muscular, strong& athletic, eat well, read read read, don’t be LAZY, learn practical skillz, work on projects, hone yourself into the strongest warrior you can possibly be, journey that never ends. Constantly Hone Yourself.  simple to describe, hard as f00k to DO.

I am inspired by Ryu saying positive things about Hate – atm I’m becoming convinced A Little Hate Is A Great Thing. Thank the j-wg-d for this serendipity.

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newer “material” in this post, jan 31 2013

David Allan Coe lived in A CAVE. Well, according to YouKnowWhoipedia at least. But just the very idea. of him living in a CAVE after the irs took his house is AWESOME.


re A Man becoming somewhat less of a “woman hater” after reading the “no more mr nice guy” blog which has been Huge Boulderz In Both Shoes:

Besides, if A Man is not going to Not Hate Women one gay out of the year, it might as well be Valentines Gay!

Maybe A Man HAS been too harsh on Wimmin. (A Man has been catching up on Season 2 “Gay of thrones” and found an interesting way to escape the narcissism of saying I I I I I I I I over and over again! Might not work though. He tried something similar with his previous blog and concluded he liked Being Honest About His Opinions.) Maybe Quite A Lot of Wimmin Are Not Like That. Maybe even generally speaking, Women As A Group Aren’t As Average Promiscuous As A Man’s  accused them of being. All this talk of women have 5-ways with 4 different guys at once, and women vastly outnumbering men on partner count, well at least average wimmin vs average beta men, all this talk is exaggerated.

maybe beta men are having a lot more S than A Man’s  been suggesting. Maybe Wimmin have been having a lot less S than a man’s suggesting. Maybe Wimmin don’t “Hate Betas”. Maybe, Maybe.

Where is a man’s PROOF? Everything is ANECDOTAL, or taken from Mainstream Media which IS Objectively, Nonanecdotally Poison, but it’s NOT real women in real life, even though it may have some influence on them.

So A Man’s (heh yes this prob is not gonna last) gonna try something new for the next three months (hahaha), do a little Lifestyle Design Experimant. That whatever A Man would Normally Assume as a Woman’s Partner Count and/or Promiscuity, take that and cut it in half. Give them the benefit of the doubt (three strikes) unless they prove themselves as promiscuous and it directly hurts a man.

Flies in the face of A Man’s “Presume Promiscuous Until Proven Pure” rule!

However A Man never hopes to never be shaken in his belief that Female Promiscuity is Itself Inherently Bad. Bad For Society and Civilization. Bad for Families and Children.

While it might not make Wimmin more Picky like some PUAs say, a man thinks we can ALL Agree that it is a Big Risk Factor for Female Cheating, Female Crazyness, being a bad Long-Term Mate Investment. THAT’s the real problem with Female Promiscuity.

This is not to say Men should be as Promiscuous as Possible. They can just get away with a little more because they have to work for sex, it’s a lot harder for men to Choose their mate rather than get Stuck with a Unsatisfactory Mate, AND Men Have no Womb With Which to get Preggers.

Then A Man went through His Life List of Women He Had Felt Were Worthy of Long-Term Monogamous Commitment, and asked himself if Their Past Promiscuity would be a Dealbreaker. It might not
even! But A Man can assure you, it would not be a GOOD thing, and the less promiscuous they were, the happier A Man would be.

But If Most Women Aren’t THAT Promiscuous, then it’s not worth worrying about unless she reveals herself to be Above Average Promiscuous.

Just don’t settle for Crappy or Suspicious Wimmin, and you’ll be FINE! A Man’d like to think it’s pretty easy to tell when a Wimmin is trying to SCAM you; and then at that point, you say, “GET THEE BEHIND ME, SATAN!” and go on your merry way, sans scammer. Certainly don’t get married or get into a long-term monog rel with a Substandard Wimmin You Have Big Doubts On, just because you’re SCAWED of being LONELY. Even Being LONELY would be 6,000,001 times BETTER. Something truly worth celebrating.

Do a Thought Experiment where you no longer automatically assume All Wimmin Hate Betas. Maybe Lots Of Women LIKE Betas. If you’re not getting great tail at the moment, you have nothing to lose anyway!

it’s HARD to get definitive objective empirical answers on number of sex partners per year anyway. The Big Study of like 4 Big Universities said the Vast Majority of students, no diff bw male and female, had 1 OR LESS Partners per year. And these are people in the Prime Of Youth. That’s not very promiscuous!

of course there are Theories that Wimmin don’t get REALLY Promiscuous until AFTER college.

Whatever. A Man stoutly (heh) refuses to EVER believe that Promiscuity is Not Bad. A Man is just experimenting with the Notion (heh) that Maybe Women Aren’t As Promiscuous As A Man Thought. And won’t get all angry about it unless a Specific Wimmin attempts to Burn A Man with her Promiscuity. Which, if Women aren’t as promiscuous as A Man once thought, then the likelihood of this decreases.


this came on A Man’s Spotify Starred List and was just the right song at the right time, the hand of g-d, so  a man moved it to the “Super starred” playlist of the best songs of the best songs. a man doesn’t usu like “overproduced”, but a man is not sure this is that. In A Man’s Opinion, it’s heavy as f00k, plus the blast beats and Peter Tagtgren were very pleasant surprises for this band.

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